Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A Week Goes By

Ahhh, it feels like forever since I've blogged. And I guess a week is a long time.

As usual, it's not that we don't have anything going on. On the contrary, we have SO much going on right now (just like all of you!). The holidays bring so much excitement and joy and fun, but they also bring lots and lots of things to do! There is just never enough time (I feel like this is becoming my mantra in life).

So last week, my little sister and her baby boy left us after EIGHT blissful days here. Ahhh I'm sad thinking about them being gone. But it was SO fun having her around! And Clay! What a DOLL! Eek! You know, he reminds me SO much of Jay as a baby. Scrawny (but LONG) and wants to eat all. the. time. God bless Michelle- she does a great job. But I remember those days of nursing around the clock. They were long and thankless. But he's finally getting to that point where he is really starting to "give" back- smiling, cooing, sleeping for longer stretches.

Throughout the last week, Miss Molly has had some big moments. She said her FIRST (deliberate!) word- DA-DA! What?!?!?!?! And it was on his birthday! Lucky duck!!! He was holding her and she just looked at him and started saying da-da-da-da! Maybe a fluke, but every time he would walk by or hold her she would say it! She even said it to my blonde-haired brother in law (who is similar enough to Anthony)! Ha! But don't you worry, the very next day she said ma-ma-ma-ma as I walked by the room and has said all day every day since! Phew!

She's also taken 5 crawls! FIVE! She averages 1-2 right now (Praise the Lord!) but I imagine in the next few weeks we will have an official crawler! I was really hoping she'd wait to do it until after the holidays (and the Christmas tree wasn't up and the presents weren't out!), but homegirl is about ready to GO! Yikes! 

Also, she's pulled herself up to standing twice now. I don't remember my other two doing it this young (but thanks to the blog I looked back and Charley was standing a lot and Jay was pulling up to his knees at this point). My goodness it surprised me! Where is my perfect little stationary baby going!?

This is at the doctor's office. She hasn't been sleeping well (think crying, fidgeting, uncomfortable) for five straight nights. I took her into the doc to get her ears checked and his response was, "They look perfect. As a matter of fact, these are the best ears I've seen all week." Perfect. 
At least she's cute and smiley!! 

And Jay is super into writing and counting right now. He can count to 100 on his own (and I got a video of it but that's the sort of thing only a mother and grandmother want to watch!). He's also really into writing things. I'll tell him a word and he will write it- I spell it out 99% of the time- but I'm so impressed with how much he wants to write! I am loving it!

This is 11, 12, 13, 10

17,18,19, and then I wrote 20- he was over it! :)

And then there is Treasure. She has been hysterical lately (as usual). She is just on the go and really really coming into her own. She talks non-stop and is SUCH a little momma. She honestly loves taking care of things around the house (helping to cook, cleaning, picking up toys, bossing everyone) and loves taking care of her siblings. She bathes Molly, feeds her, plays with her, and then keeps Jay in line and does all kinds of stuff for him. I think he's figuring this out and is totally using this to his advantage- "Hey Charley Kate, will you get me a juice box?" "Treasure, bring me my toys!" Yikes! She loves to do it, though. A mother in the making for sure!

Girlfriend is into accessories these days. At least she has the layering necklace thing down!

Everyone says she is my mini-me. 
I must be training her up right...
A latte and Target shopping! Perfect! 

So sad this is blurry!!!!

And Anthony and I had a date night and went to the first (of what feels like a JILLION!) Christmas parties! It was his company party this round, and it was a 20's theme. I'm not gonna lie- I freaking loved it and feel like I was born in the wrong decade!!!!! One word- FRINGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yup- it's a bathroom selfie. But I was trying to get my headband and feathers to show my sis.
And I'm kind of obsessed with the "look" of it with the pearls! 

Have we talked about how Anthony hates dressing up?!
This is his "costume"

Can't wait to see what the next week holds! Hopefully I'll blog again before the week is up (maybe unlikely because Jay just popped up with a 102 fever and sore throat! Praying it's not strep!!!!!). 

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