Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Wednesday Confessions

A few weeks ago when we were traveling back from California, I was so desperate for Molly to be happy that not only did I let her play with a phone cord in the airport, but also plastic knives. She was so entertained. And we were in LA and you should have seen the looks I was getting.

I got Jay and Charley Kate a very berry ice cream (frozen yogurt) treat at Costco. I totally counted this as a "fruit" serving for Jay. You think I'm kidding.

When we were traveling, I tucked our boarding passes into my back pocket and went to get the kids food before takeoff. In the middle of juggling Molly and my bag and wallet and the food and receipt, I somehow threw our boarding passes away with the receipt!!! I had to sheepishly run up to the desk right as they were taking tickets to ask for more. Mom brain.

I'm totally addicted to getting packages in the mail and love waiting to see when they will come every few days after I've ordered something. This makes a really fun game for me, and a husband who is not so amused.

Another traveling gem (are you seeing a theme here?)- I stuck the kids birth certificates into a folder and in the bottom of the stroller as we were checking in and strolling through the airport. I gate checked the stroller and we boarded the plane- and I TOTALLY forgot about them. I was sick to my stomach the whole flight thinking of random people pretending to be my kids. I wasn't going to tell anyone (ie my husband) because I was so embarrassed/upset. But a few hours after landing (and checking the stroller to find it missing the birth certificates), I got a call from a United rep saying they found the folder of birth certificates and were holding it in baggage claim at LAX for me!!!!! I might have cried happy tears! (And I still haven't mentioned that to Anthony...)

 Last travel story- Jay had a terrible headache on the plane on the way home. The only medicine I had on me was Excedrin. So I broke the pill into thirds and tried to convince him to swallow it. I eventually made him drink the water and stuck the pill into his mouth- which he promptly burped loudly and spit back up! The chick sitting by the window in our row (who was passed out) bolted awake with a horror-filled look on her face thinking this kid just barfed! While I felt bad for her (not really), I am still DYING laughing thinking about it!!

And the worst.... we went to dinner at our favorite little local Mexican dive one night. Molly was clearly sitting there pooping, and I knew we'd have to change her diaper shortly. I looked into my diaper bag and realized there were zero diapers and two wipes left! So once she was finished, I took her to the bathroom, cleaned her up with the two wipes (and some wet paper towels), and fashioned a cloth diaper on her using a restaurant napkin. Needless to say, we finished dinner quickly and left a nice tip. Still traumatized by that one.


Amanda said...

Restaurant napkin diaper!!!...I.AM.DYING!!! BAHAHAHA!! Well done, my friend, well done.

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