Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Wednesday Confessions

Hello there. It's been a while....

Last week during one of our crazy days where I played bus driver for my kids and my sister's kids (and we had an unexpected doctor trip ANDY Anthony had a dinner that night), I fed my kids fast food twice in one day. Whataburger for lunch and McDonald's for dinner. You can judge, but I was on straight up survival mode. It wasn't my proudest moment. 

A few weeks ago we went to the zoo, and Charley Kate walked almost the entire trip barefoot. Pick your battles people. 

I have recently resorted to two caffeine drinks a day- every day. One in the morning and one around 2:00. I'm not just talking a DP. I'm talking a legit caffeinated drink. I am so tired. 

We got in the car to grab some lunch as a family one Saturday. We all got out and I fussed at CK to put her shoes on (she takes them off every car ride- it annoys me to no end!!!). Well this time she took them off before we even made it to the car- meaning we had NO shoes for her at the restaurant! While some families would have gone home, we just carried her around everywhere. So bad! 

I scheduled a doctor's appointment with our pediatrician "just to talk." Seriously, my kids have had some random things lately, and I needed to get his take on everything. The first-time-mom me would have never done this. The seasoned mom me doesn't care!

I hate doing kids' laundry. Put me in the bad parent club or whatever. I'm sure there are articles out there about "embracing each tiny sock," but I can't stand folding all those small pieces of clothing. 

I went "shopping" at my sister's house the other day. I shopped in her closet for a birthday present for my niece, and I shopped in her freezer for dinner that night. I love sisters. 


The Joiners said...

Ha, if someone told me to embrace each tiny sock, I would definitely have to punch that person in the face :) Thanks for keeping it real!

My confession is that I give the twins "dessert" (a few teddy grahams or something similar) every night after dinner regardless of what they do/don't eat for dinner and how they behave.

Tracy said...

Love this!

Jenni said...

It's funny how our kids are somewhat parallel. I feel like Jay and Connor are similar and it seems like Levi and CK are, too....Levi drives me bonkers taking off his shoes and socks in the car! And good for you for following your gut and setting up a Dr. appt....I hope everything is ok!!