Thursday, November 13, 2014


So we just got back from a fun-filled trip complete with five days of sunshine in California! We visited my little sister, and let me just tell you, it was one of those good-for-the-soul trips.

Anthony is out of town all week on a mission trip in Haiti. Words cannot even express how proud of him I am. He is seeing things that people should never have to see- and definitely should never have to live through. The team he is with is making a huge impact in many areas. But more importantly than helping physically, he is sharing Jesus with them. He is bringing people to Christ and showing this devastated country (where over 90% of the people practice voodoo as the main religion) that there is Hope among destruction. I am so thankful for his servant heart. 

But with him being gone for a week, I decided to pack up the kids and head west to see my little sister and have my kids meet their newest cousin! I knew it would be hectic traveling with three kids, but I also knew it could be done. My big kids are great listeners and I knew they'd be fine on the plane. Molly HATES the plane, but I figured the result of getting to California and spending five days with Michelle was worth the struggle on the plane. So it was decided and tickets were bought! 

And then my mom said these beautiful words, "Courtney, I don't want to intrude on your visit, but I'd be happy to go with and help if you wanted." Did I want help?!?! OK! I am not one to ask for help- ever. I am determined I can do things by myself. And I hate putting other people out, but this offer was just too good to resist! So I said yes and another ticket was purchased! Woohoo!

We hopped on the plane on Saturday. The kids each had their own toy bags and iPads, and we were off! CK sat with my mom, and Jay, Molly, and I were across the aisle. CK slept for a chunk, Molly had bottles at takeoff and landing (and nursed in between). She took about an hour nap (!!!), and sweet Jay just played toys and iPad and his Where's Waldo book. It was not terrible, but wrestling with Molly was not fun either. But we survived the 3.5 hour flight and made it to Michelle's!

We spent the next four days playing with Clay, laughing, enjoying the beautiful weather, walking, going to the beach, and just hanging out.

The two littlest grandkids! Molly LOVED holding the baby!

SUCH a weird day when my kids are hanging out with Michelle's! 
ACK! We are truly grown ups!!!!!!

 The thing about Miss Charley Kate, is she has always loved her Auntie ChelleChelle. She has been glued to Michelle whenever she sees her. Charley Kate also LOVES babies. And when I say LOVES, I mean, can't-get-enough-always-all-over-them LOVES. So put Michelle and a new baby in one room and CK spent very little time with me. :)

And since Jay was usually snuggled up with my mom (and I really mean connected at the hip!), that left lots of time for me to hang with my Molly Bug! Love that happy little girl!

The beach was perfect. The big kids LOVED playing in the sand and the (freezing) waves. It was way too cold to get in (at least for us wimpy Texans), but we had a great time all bundled up anyway! This was Molly's first time in the sand and she LOVED it! It was so cute- she'd just rub her little feet and hands all in it. Precious!

It was a perfect trip. No agenda, no must-dos, just go with the flow hanging out. The kids all slept terribly (up late, up early- Molly up in the middle of the night for hours each night!!), but naps were had by all and it was worth it to see Michelle and Clay!

I am so thankful Michelle let us come out to play. And my mom was a total rockstar grandmother and helped tremendously. It would have been so much more exhausting if she wasn't there. She knows my kids and my routines so well and would just step in as needed and it was amazing. Or she would take Clay and let my kids have their Auntie ChelleChelle time that they love so much!

So so thankful for this lady! I couldn't have made it without her!

Loved visiting this girl. 
I. Miss. Her. So. Much. 

We had the best the best time. I absolutely love making memories with these guys. Heart is full.

Oh, and just to keep it real.... you do what you gotta do to survive while waiting for a late plane in the middle of nap/nursing time. Babies playing with plastic knives and phone cords? Why not?!


the blogivers said...

Sounds like a successful trip (minus the sleeping, but like you said, still worth it)! Glad you got to spend some QT with your sis :)

Tracy said...

You rock momma! Seriously love how you can be so chill, I can learn a lesson from you!