Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Wednesday Confessions

A few weeks ago when we were traveling back from California, I was so desperate for Molly to be happy that not only did I let her play with a phone cord in the airport, but also plastic knives. She was so entertained. And we were in LA and you should have seen the looks I was getting.

I got Jay and Charley Kate a very berry ice cream (frozen yogurt) treat at Costco. I totally counted this as a "fruit" serving for Jay. You think I'm kidding.

When we were traveling, I tucked our boarding passes into my back pocket and went to get the kids food before takeoff. In the middle of juggling Molly and my bag and wallet and the food and receipt, I somehow threw our boarding passes away with the receipt!!! I had to sheepishly run up to the desk right as they were taking tickets to ask for more. Mom brain.

I'm totally addicted to getting packages in the mail and love waiting to see when they will come every few days after I've ordered something. This makes a really fun game for me, and a husband who is not so amused.

Another traveling gem (are you seeing a theme here?)- I stuck the kids birth certificates into a folder and in the bottom of the stroller as we were checking in and strolling through the airport. I gate checked the stroller and we boarded the plane- and I TOTALLY forgot about them. I was sick to my stomach the whole flight thinking of random people pretending to be my kids. I wasn't going to tell anyone (ie my husband) because I was so embarrassed/upset. But a few hours after landing (and checking the stroller to find it missing the birth certificates), I got a call from a United rep saying they found the folder of birth certificates and were holding it in baggage claim at LAX for me!!!!! I might have cried happy tears! (And I still haven't mentioned that to Anthony...)

 Last travel story- Jay had a terrible headache on the plane on the way home. The only medicine I had on me was Excedrin. So I broke the pill into thirds and tried to convince him to swallow it. I eventually made him drink the water and stuck the pill into his mouth- which he promptly burped loudly and spit back up! The chick sitting by the window in our row (who was passed out) bolted awake with a horror-filled look on her face thinking this kid just barfed! While I felt bad for her (not really), I am still DYING laughing thinking about it!!

And the worst.... we went to dinner at our favorite little local Mexican dive one night. Molly was clearly sitting there pooping, and I knew we'd have to change her diaper shortly. I looked into my diaper bag and realized there were zero diapers and two wipes left! So once she was finished, I took her to the bathroom, cleaned her up with the two wipes (and some wet paper towels), and fashioned a cloth diaper on her using a restaurant napkin. Needless to say, we finished dinner quickly and left a nice tip. Still traumatized by that one.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Molly at 6 Months!

And just like that, 6 months have flown by. I seriously feel like I blinked and a half year went by. A half year, people!!!

I don't know if it's actually Molly and her sweet little personality, or if it's me taking time to slow down and soak in every single bit of baby that I can, but I can honestly say, these last six months have been the happiest of my life.

I could go on and on about what a wonderful little baby Molly has been (and let's be honest- I'm about to go on and on!). She has the most precious demeanor, the sweetest personality, the best sense of humor, and a wonderful peace about her. I absolutely adore this child and just can't get enough of her! Even on the nights when she's up 1,000,000 times, she's always so happy and sweet!

So at 6 months (seriously- CANNOT believe it's been this long already!!!)...

-She is totally independent sitting up- she loves to sit and play and I LOVE this stage!
-Can go from sitting to her tummy and then scootch around- but isn't close to crawling. At this point her brother and sister were close to crawling (tummy up on hands and knees) and actually crawling (Miss CK!), but not this girl. And I'm A-OK with that!!
-Is in size 3 diapers and 6 month clothes.
-Is a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad sleeper- and I blame myself for this. I am SOOO tired that after she fusses in her crib and I go up there approximately 12 times between 7:30 and 10:30, I just bring her into our bed where she sleeps relatively well. Then, when she wakes during the night, instead of working to get her back to sleep (like I did with my other two), I usually just nurse her back to sleep. I know, SO SO SO BAD. But here's my perspective this time around- she won't do this forever. I get more sleep this way than trekking up and down the stairs a jillion times a night, and oh yeah, I just don't care. We'll get there.
-Is a GREAT napper! Takes two naps a day- a catnap on the go in the mornings (anywhere from 15 min to 1 hr), then takes a long one in the afternoons (rendering us homebound all afternoon!). She usually goes down around 2ish and sleep anywhere from 2-3 hours.
-Goes to bed earliest of all the kids at night- usually around 7:30ish. It's hard to push it any later- unless she had a late nap that day.
-Wakes around 7:30-8 in the mornings. Usually the last to rise.
-Has a GREAT sense of humor- laughs at everything. She will watch Jay and Charley Kate and just start giggling at whatever they are doing. It's the cutest thing ever! She has a dimple on her left cheek that I just want to eat! So cute!
-Is happy happy happy as long as she is perched on my hip.
-Has pretty much gotten over the separation thing so far- at least with my mom and Anthony.
-She does this thing where she shakes her whole body when she gets excited! When she sees food especially! Ha!
-LOVES to eat. Nurses every three-ish hours, and eats between. The other night she took down an entire cup of yogurt for dinner! She is great about table food and seriously eats everything. But HATES pureed baby food! Spits it out EVERY time!
-Is so incredibly go-with-the-flow. She wakes up and gets changed/fed/dressed and gets thrown in her carseat. She just does whatever we are doing and is so happy about it.
-Loves her family and her pets! They always make her laugh and smile.

Molly has been the most wonderful addition to our family. She is just such a bright spot in our lives. And I'm so thankful that her big brother and big sister are so kind and loving to her. They are gentle with her and just love on her- and you can tell because she loves them so much. They dote on her all day long.

She had her six month appointment today and measured:

Height: 27 in (89%)
Weight: 15 lbs, 15.5 oz (48%)
FOC: 16.75 in (61%)

Jay at 6 Months:
Height: 27.5 in (84%)
Weight: 17 lbs, 7 oz (49%)
FOC: 17.5 in (53%)

CK at 6 Months:
Height: 27.25 (90%)
Weight: 15 lbs, 5 oz (40%)
FOC: ???

Can't wait to see how fast the next six months fly by! Yikes!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A Day In The Life (With Three)

I wish I could snapshot a day every few months so I can remember what my life was like at different stages. I want to look back and remember, and I want my kids to know what we did all day long when they were little. So this blog post will be our day- start to finish- on just a regular, ol' "typical" day. No school or weekend stuff- just a regular day.

7:15! All three kids slept in this morning and they all woke up around the same time. Molly first (in bed with me- let's just keep it real), then Jay and CK came down to say hello. Some good snuggles this morning!

"Wake Up/Play Time"... Around 7:30. This is when the lights get flipped on, the pets get fed, windows opened, and breakfast gets made. This is probably my most productive time of day as far as Molly is concerned- this is when she will sit and play without my attention for the longest span of the day!

7:45... Breakfast today. CK and Jay's request. Pretty lame today and abnormal. The usual is almost always oatmeal for CK and me (and now Molly!), and bacon and a bagel or yogurt for Jay. Always eaten on the floor, in front of cartoons. Yup. 

8:15ish... How I get ready in the mornings. Yes, Molly is playing with hand sanitizer. It was closed and you do what you gotta do to get ready, people! 

9:00.... Off to run errands on this cold morning! I love the Burb, but those kids are WAY back there!

9:15... Bed, Bath, and Beyond for a new toaster oven and dust buster. We ran into my oldest sister there (!!) and she used Jay to reach something high. Ha! 

10:00.... Typical crazy shoppers- Jay being silly, CK with a new hat on, and Molly. Our second stop was at Marshalls!

10:45... Next stop is into the mall to hit Stride Rite for CK and meet friends for playing/lunch. But I needed to nurse Molly before we went in. So here I am nursing her. I am not brave enough to actually get the action shot... 

11:00.... Shoe shopping with three kids. Molly eating her bow, Jay hiding under the bench...

CK getting her feet measured and trying on some new shoes. 
SIDENOTE: Mom of the year.... I wasn't going to have her feet measured, because I knew her size (she's been a 7 for a while now). But on a whim I decided the lady could- and she was an 8.5!!!!!!! Charley Kate, I am SOOOO sorry I've been cramming your feet into too small shoes! Ugh!

12:00... I forgot to take pictures at the play place, but here is Jay and one of his best buds at lunch at the mall. I did NOT support McDonald's today, but his friend and my friend (his mom) wanted it. I chose Chipotle! (not sure of the crazy faces here, but whatever)

12:30... Molly finally gives in and passes out- she was up for over 5 straight hours! 

12:45- Carousel rides at the mall! Charley Kate is on top and that makes me nauseous just watching her go round and round... 

... and so does Jay and Brooks spinning in the tea cup! These kids did NOT get my stomach!

1:15... in the car waiting for mom to load it up to head home. We acquired another kid so I had to get our extra booster all set up! 

1:30... Some relaxing time. Watching the new Paw Patrol episode! 
(I'm about to break the news to CK that it's nap time- this will be followed by a huge temper tantrum and scream-crying)

Meanwhile this girl is up and playing on the floor after her hour nap (in her carseat and stroller of course)

1:45... Finally win the battle with CK and get her down for a nap. She's in Jay's bed under the covers, but she's there and passed out. Unfortunately today is gymnastics and I have to wake her in 45 minutes. Argh. 

While CK naps and Jay and Brooks play, Molly gets some one on one time and a yogurt snack! 

2:30... Wake CK, change her for gymnastics, load the car with all four kids, and speed down Memorial to get to gymnastics on time. But wait- I am POOPED today (I'm looking at you Molly and your AWFUL sleeping patterns) so I drive through Starbucks (abnormal) for a pick-me-up. I must say, the Chestnut Praline Latte is delicious! 

2:45. Gymnastics! CK on the middle mat (by the coach) and Jay on the right mat at the far end. 

The babies play together while the moms chat!

3:45- Drop Brooks off at home, pop into our monogram shop to pick up a few things, then head to my oldest sister's to play and hang out. Molly likes their new swing! 

The cousins play (toys, trampoline, kinetic sand- you name it!). Not pictured is all of the kids- all 9 Houston grandkids and the three oldest daughters and my mom are all there. This is not atypical. We usually rotate between houses! My house is most popular in the summer because we have a pool!
(PS- we totally overstay our welcome and don't leave until 6! That's what sisters are for! Ha!)

6:30 and Daddy is running late. So we do baths before dinner instead of after while we wait for him. Gotta pass the time... 

Jay has declared he is over baths and only showers. But he doesn't like to play alone downstairs either, so he plays in the bathroom while the girls bathe and then hops in the shower while I dry them off and dress them. 

6:45- my dinner helper. Her spot. Every single day. 

Jay plays close by in the play room while I cook... 

And this girl sits on her perch (my hip) while I cook. Every single night. 

7:15- Daddy is home and changed and we are (finally!) eating dinner! Yes, it's a taco night. Lazy but it's one of the few meals every single kid will eat every single bite- so we have it more often than I'd like to admit! 

Not pictured... Bed time! I take Molly at 7:30ish (yes, my dinner is cut short- her afternoon nap was about 2 hours shorter than normal today!). Anthony finishes dinner with the kids then takes them up for bed. I get Molly down, he gets big kids down. I come downstairs and clean the kitchen and pick up all the toys. I start laundry. During all of this I go up three different times to get Molly back to sleep (Grrrr).

It's now 9:30 and I'm sitting on the couch relaxing for the first time today. Time to blog a little then hit the hay. But first, upstairs to get Molly down again. (Repeat to myself "It's just a phase.")

The days are long, but the years are short... I'm going to miss this one day, I just know it!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Things I've Learned Having Three Kids

There are a few things I've learned so far in the (almost!) 6 short months that I've been a mom of three kids. I swear my kids have gotten together and created a few "rules"...

1) One of them is always sick. We managed to dodge this bullet over the summer for the most part, but send two of them off to school and it is a guarantee that on any given day at least one kid is sick. Not always a warrant-a-trip-to-the-doctor sick, but the kind of sick that would have made me stay home and cancel plans when I was a first time mom. Not any more- if we did that we'd never leave the house. We just power through it these days.

2) Someone is always waking up in the middle of the night. There hasn't been one night in six months that I have put my head on the pillow and slept through the night.  I just keep telling myself that one day when my kids are grown and out of the house I will long for someone to "need" me in the middle of the night. Some nights that mantra works better than others!

3) No matter the combination, only having two kids around is easier than three. It can be Jay and Molly, Charley Kate and Jay, or Molly and Charley Kate, but whatever the combo is- it's always easier than having all three together. And for all you parents with one or two kids out there- when I had only two kids it was the hardest thing ever. And when I had only one kid it was the hardest thing ever. Now that I have three kids, it's also the hardest thing ever. It's hard no matter what stage you are in, but take away even one from whatever stage you are in and it's just easier than your current situation. It really really is.

4) It doesn't matter how sharp you were in former (pre-mom) life, you can't think straight to save your life. I used to pride myself on being a quick thinker/decision maker. Now, I just don't care about where we go to dinner or when leave for a trip (unless it interferes with nap time). I just don't want to decide. I also used to be a great driver with a spotless record. I've now been in more fender benders than I'd like to admit (seriously, where did that car come from?!). It's sad, really. But I don't even have the energy to worry about it.

5) No matter how hard you try, baby books/blogs/framed pictures/etc just aren't done as well as the first kid's. It's just a fact. I have the best intentions, and for the most part I've done a decent job. But it's SO hard to keep up. So to my second and third kids- I'm sorry- I promise I tried!

6) There is an ungodly amount of laundry. Even when I feel like I've kept up on it and done it every few days, THERE ARE STILL SO MANY TINY CLOTHES TO FOLD!!! How do they wear and accumulate so many freaking clothes?!!?

7) People think that you need their hand-me-downs. Seriously. The sweetest people with the best intentions think that the more kids you have, the more stuff you need. So friends/sisters/neighbors will unload all their used toys and clothes on you. We have SO. MUCH. STUFF.

8) No matter how many square footage of house you have, all my little people will be in a five foot radius of me at any given point. Occasionally they will branch out and move (gasp!) about twenty feet away in the same room, but typically, if they are home, they are touching me.

9) Showering during daylight hours is a thing of the past. Unless the big kids are at school and Molly is home asleep, I'm likely not showering during the day. Otherwise, two are fighting and/or one is screaming and/or at least has joined me in the bathroom. I've just given into that fact and resigned myself to showering at night after everyone is asleep and I can take the longest, hottest shower I want.

10) You just DON'T care about the small stuff. Molly's not eating vegetables before fruits? Who cares! Jay hasn't learned how to ride a two wheeler? Ehhh- no big deal! Charley Kate didn't poop on the potty for the first three months of being potty trained? Whatever! You see, my kids are all fed and clothed and loved on all day long. The other stuff will come- I PROMISE. You just don't have time to fret about every little thing when you are a mom of lots of kids- and I swear that's why the more the kids you have, the more laid back their personalities are in the long run.

Alright, I'm sure there are more, but my mom-brain is fried and it's time to feed Molly. Maybe one day I'll get back to this list and write down some more. But likely not.

Thursday, November 13, 2014


So we just got back from a fun-filled trip complete with five days of sunshine in California! We visited my little sister, and let me just tell you, it was one of those good-for-the-soul trips.

Anthony is out of town all week on a mission trip in Haiti. Words cannot even express how proud of him I am. He is seeing things that people should never have to see- and definitely should never have to live through. The team he is with is making a huge impact in many areas. But more importantly than helping physically, he is sharing Jesus with them. He is bringing people to Christ and showing this devastated country (where over 90% of the people practice voodoo as the main religion) that there is Hope among destruction. I am so thankful for his servant heart. 

But with him being gone for a week, I decided to pack up the kids and head west to see my little sister and have my kids meet their newest cousin! I knew it would be hectic traveling with three kids, but I also knew it could be done. My big kids are great listeners and I knew they'd be fine on the plane. Molly HATES the plane, but I figured the result of getting to California and spending five days with Michelle was worth the struggle on the plane. So it was decided and tickets were bought! 

And then my mom said these beautiful words, "Courtney, I don't want to intrude on your visit, but I'd be happy to go with and help if you wanted." Did I want help?!?! OK! I am not one to ask for help- ever. I am determined I can do things by myself. And I hate putting other people out, but this offer was just too good to resist! So I said yes and another ticket was purchased! Woohoo!

We hopped on the plane on Saturday. The kids each had their own toy bags and iPads, and we were off! CK sat with my mom, and Jay, Molly, and I were across the aisle. CK slept for a chunk, Molly had bottles at takeoff and landing (and nursed in between). She took about an hour nap (!!!), and sweet Jay just played toys and iPad and his Where's Waldo book. It was not terrible, but wrestling with Molly was not fun either. But we survived the 3.5 hour flight and made it to Michelle's!

We spent the next four days playing with Clay, laughing, enjoying the beautiful weather, walking, going to the beach, and just hanging out.

The two littlest grandkids! Molly LOVED holding the baby!

SUCH a weird day when my kids are hanging out with Michelle's! 
ACK! We are truly grown ups!!!!!!

 The thing about Miss Charley Kate, is she has always loved her Auntie ChelleChelle. She has been glued to Michelle whenever she sees her. Charley Kate also LOVES babies. And when I say LOVES, I mean, can't-get-enough-always-all-over-them LOVES. So put Michelle and a new baby in one room and CK spent very little time with me. :)

And since Jay was usually snuggled up with my mom (and I really mean connected at the hip!), that left lots of time for me to hang with my Molly Bug! Love that happy little girl!

The beach was perfect. The big kids LOVED playing in the sand and the (freezing) waves. It was way too cold to get in (at least for us wimpy Texans), but we had a great time all bundled up anyway! This was Molly's first time in the sand and she LOVED it! It was so cute- she'd just rub her little feet and hands all in it. Precious!

It was a perfect trip. No agenda, no must-dos, just go with the flow hanging out. The kids all slept terribly (up late, up early- Molly up in the middle of the night for hours each night!!), but naps were had by all and it was worth it to see Michelle and Clay!

I am so thankful Michelle let us come out to play. And my mom was a total rockstar grandmother and helped tremendously. It would have been so much more exhausting if she wasn't there. She knows my kids and my routines so well and would just step in as needed and it was amazing. Or she would take Clay and let my kids have their Auntie ChelleChelle time that they love so much!

So so thankful for this lady! I couldn't have made it without her!

Loved visiting this girl. 
I. Miss. Her. So. Much. 

We had the best the best time. I absolutely love making memories with these guys. Heart is full.

Oh, and just to keep it real.... you do what you gotta do to survive while waiting for a late plane in the middle of nap/nursing time. Babies playing with plastic knives and phone cords? Why not?!