Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Wednesday Confessions

Molly pooped all over an outfit of hers on Saturday at a birthday party. I took her to the bathroom and "cleaned" it off as best I could with a wet wipe. I was meeting Snthony after, so I asked him to being an outfit for her to change into. By the time we saw him the outfit (and poop) was dried up, so I just left her in it. All day.

I go to a monthly playdate without my big kids (they are in school) despite the fact that Molly either sleeps through them or is too young to play. Let's be honest, those things are just as much for the mommas! 

We took a trip to Target yesterday afternoon just to find some new Paw Patrol toys. I am a sucker. 

Anthony went out of town for a "work" trip (to a lakehouse). They invited family members and we were planning on going, but after sitting down and thinking about it, it just seemed like more work (on me) to go for a 24 hour period than just hanging out here until he got home. He thinks I'm being a sweet wife for "letting him go." Little does he know that I've got a few girls' nights up my sleeve that I'm using this as collateral.

I take Molly to my waxing appointments. I hope I am not permanently scarring her for life. I know four months old can't remember things, but what if there is a small chance that she can?! Therapy for sure.


Gillian said...

I do the SAME thing with Teddie and my waxing appts! And, Cam is obsessed with Paw Patrol now. I'm a sucker for buying him the toys, too, cuz I think it's a cute show!

Diya said...

Yes, very true and boy oh boy do I hate the poop blowouts!!! It happens at the most inconvienient times!!!

Sarah todd said...

You are cracking me laughing out loud! I swear we are the same person deep down :)