Monday, October 27, 2014


Through the chaos of last week, Molly decided to become an independent sitter! 

And this momma (and that baby!) couldn't be happier! She is enjoying her new view so much! Seriously, it seemed like just overnight she went from wobbly and tipping over to completely stable and sitting for long periods of time! 

While this is one of my very favorite stages, it does pain me to see her like this. So big. So independent. Growing so fast. I realize after two bigger kids that these little stages really do go so fast. 

Still in the tripod sit!

Pushing up and getting a little braver...

Woah! Look, mom! No hands! 

I can just sit here and play! 

Yeah, I'm cute :)


Gillian said...

Cutie!!! Way to go Molly :)

Emily said...

Cutie pie!!!