Tuesday, October 14, 2014


I've been feeling super uninspired to blog lately. My days feel SO full right now with three young kids at home. If I'm not entertaining one, I'm entertaining the other two. I am loving our life right now, it just doesn't leave me much wiggle room or down time. And by the end of the day when Molly is finally down, I actually get to have husband time- which is a rarity these days. So forgive my absence or my "filler" posts and know that my non-blogging time is well-spent! 

To prove it, these pictures are from the last 5 days... BUSY BUSY bees!

Helping Molly with tummy time... Who wouldn't love tummy time with THIS view?!

And our view of her!!!

Dress up with our buddies!

Love this! 

They laid here like this forever. She was SO happy to be snuggled by her brother!

It truly amazes me that I *finally* have a baby that will just fall asleep on me while I sit on the couch with the other two!

Fun zoo trip with friends. Between nice weather and COOL things to see, we hit the jackpot!

All the daddies went to the Texans game together so the three mommies took the kids to dinner. 
Mass chaos. But worth it!

A trip out to my aunt and uncle's to see my cousin and her cutie kids!

Nothing like swimming in October!
Thank you Texas!

A successful swimming trip means all three kids pass out in the car!

A MUCH needed date night for us! 
Seriously- momma needed a break!

While this may just look like cute little sisters cheering their big brothers on at the soccer game...
MOLLY IS SITTING UP alone! She doesn't last long, but she's getting there!!!

Brunch after soccer was met with CK eating butter....

Again, M sitting up!!!!

A visit to the grandparents' means makeup time! 

My BFF Courtney and I showed up to church matching! 
Great minds think alike! 

Soccer fun with our buds!

Columbus Day lunch with our cousins- we will work on this one! 

Yup- both my kids climbing on our roof!
Luckily our responsible neighbor Matt was helping them!

And that's been our last several days and why I am just finding little time to blog! Stay tuned, I promise to get better!!

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Jenni said...

Ditto (Larson) Caswell!! Cute kiddos, though...love seeing what y'all are up to.