Tuesday, October 7, 2014


If you were driving down Memorial today, then you might have been a little caught off guard by a crazed woman jumping up and down and hollering and dancing in the middle of a bunch of pumpkins.

One might have called the police had they seen this any time other than October. But right now that is the norm with pumpkin patches popping up everywhere. Moms are out there making complete fools of themselves trying to get that one decent shot of their kids. The kids are likely dressed in clothes they would rather not be in, traipsing around tarnation while their mother tries to find that perfect spot for the perfect shot.

And we were no different today.

I had planned on taking my kids there today because this is honestly one of our only free mornings this entire MONTH. My mom had been out of town visiting my little sister and new nephew (lucky duck!) and hadn't seen my kids in a while. She decided to meet us there and BOY am I glad she did! Between pushing the stroller and corralling three kids ("Charley Kate, it's ok that the pumpkins are dirty. We can clean them when we get home!" or "Jay, you don't have to choose the absolute BIGGEST pumpkin out there. Yes, Wyatt will think whatever pumpkin you choose is cool." or "Hang in there, Molly, you can nap in a bit- we have GOT to snap another picture!"), I definitely needed her there. I don't know where in my mind I thought I could push a stroller, take pictures, and carry pumpkins, but clearly I was living on some other planet.

Anyway, I made sure the kids had great baths last night and did hair this morning. And when I went to our smocked closet (yes, I have two one of those- and they are amazing and I feel kind of like I'm shopping every time I walk in them), I stopped dead in my tracks and realized I HAD NOTHING FOR CHARLEY KATE to wear!!!! I mean, she could wear the one from last year, but what fun is that?! And I could have sworn I ordered her a little smocked pants set that coordinated with her big brother and big sister! I "shopped" through everything in our closets and a had a few options- her last year's dress (wah wah), a too small dress that I could pair with leggings, or her Thanksgiving dress- pumpkins and turkeys. Ack! Talk about first world problems!

So I did what any sane person would do- I drove all of us to the neighborhood boutique (on the way to the pumpkin patch) and shopped for something that would work! Ha!

While it wasn't my first choice, I found something we both loved- and I must say, Miss CK pulled it off well!  We did a quick wardrobe change in the store (I am fairly confident the lady working thinks I completely lost it) and made hay while the sun shined.

(I know many of you are judging me as you read this. That is fine. No shame in my game!)

So we finally got to the pumpkin patch and luckily it wasn't crowded and the pumpkins hadn't been picked over yet. We got a lot of great shots and did a lot of dancing/funny face making/silly noises to make it work. But I was SO pleased! I even stood in a bed of ants (not on purpose obviously) to get a great shot! And when I say "great shot" I really mean "shot where of course not everyone is looking and smiling but at least there aren't weird facial expressions" shot. Ahhh... whatever. I tried.

Here with go with the shenanigans of getting "the shot"...

Close enough... Whatever!

And the individuals... These were actually so easy to get. I DO love my babies!

I can't get enough of this girl!!!

I truly adore this child! 

My guy! 

And because moms never get in any pictures, my mom made me get in one (and I took a few of her with mine). And I'm so glad she did- I wasn't dressed for it and was sweaty from dancing around the pumpkin patch, but I NEVER get to be in pics with my kids. And I want them to know one day that I was there with them in all these pics. I want them to be able to look back at pictures and remember me. I love these memories with my kids!

Charley's boredom in the background and Jay's "I'm over it" is perfect!
Love them! 

And lastly (because I'm nostalgic and obsessed with looking back), our previous pumpkin patch years. Tear.





One more pumpkin patch down. How long until they start refusing to do this with me?!


Maggie Coleman said...

Love this post! All those pictures are just adorable! Way to go momma!!

Brittany Sciba said...

I have several things to say…
1. You know I am not judging you for driving to the boutique to get the outfit! A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!
2. Was the boutique Sweet Bambini?
3. I am intrigued by the smocked closet(s). I might need more info! :)
4. Getting decent pictures with two kids is hard. I am so impressed that you got some with THREE!
5. You have some really beautiful children!
6. Seeing everyone's pumpkin patch pictures is my second favorite thing (behind first day of school pictures)!

The Joiners said...

So many cute pics! And funny that CK's dress was a last minute choice because I was going to comment on IG yesterday and tell you how much I loved it (not sure why I didn't)- good pick!

the blogivers said...

Cute outfits and cute pics! And I'm impressed you even entertained the idea of taking the 3 of them alone - just the thought gives me anxiety, ha!

Jules said...

Love!!!! And you are totally sane! I would have driven to Sweet Bambini from the Woodlands to get that cute dress! That might make me the crazy one :)