Monday, October 27, 2014


Through the chaos of last week, Molly decided to become an independent sitter! 

And this momma (and that baby!) couldn't be happier! She is enjoying her new view so much! Seriously, it seemed like just overnight she went from wobbly and tipping over to completely stable and sitting for long periods of time! 

While this is one of my very favorite stages, it does pain me to see her like this. So big. So independent. Growing so fast. I realize after two bigger kids that these little stages really do go so fast. 

Still in the tripod sit!

Pushing up and getting a little braver...

Woah! Look, mom! No hands! 

I can just sit here and play! 

Yeah, I'm cute :)

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Bigger Than Us

Judging from the Facebook status updates and blog posts (and lack thereof) from this past week, it seemed to be quite a week for most people.

At least it wasn't just us.

For whatever reason, the world was just crazy last week. I'm just going to write a little about our week (because frankly no one wants to read a sob story and there is ALWAYS someone worse off than you. Always)..

Oldest sister out of town and me helping with her kids after school all week (no biggie- they are sweet and easy, just more than our "normal" routine). In the midst of picking up one of hers from school and slipping gymnastics in for mine before getting another of hers, both my girls spiked fevers and we made a quick doctor visit. Oh, and did I mention Anthony had a dinner that night and wouldn't be home until late? I might have gotten my kids McDonald's for dinner and had all three asleep by 7:08! Boom.

Dumb virus for each- white spots on tonsils (for both) and high fever (her first fever ever I might add!) for the littlest of the bunch!

Don't let this sweet face fool you- girl didn't feel good! 

Wednesday and Thursday brought more running around and more bus driving services. And a lot of this.... Sweet pumpkin only wanted to be held and snuggled and slept a lot more than usual during the day (and a lot less at night). Poor girl.

Forgive the undershirt/bra combo- feverish babies are HOT to carry around all day long! 

Lukewarm baths help fevers AND make us feel better! 
Love this little devilish look! 

Friday my second oldest sister went out of town, and I was on duty for her, too. At one point I had six kids in my car ranging from ages 5 months to 8 years old. Thank the LORD we got a Suburban! ha! It really was no big deal, but I will kindly remind my sisters to plan their next trips NOT on the same dates! :)

Everyone was tired from the crazy week by Friday afternoon!
Naps on the blow up mattress in front of the tv?! Why not?!

"Mommy, I gotta feed my baby now, ok?"

We had our school fall festival that night and the kids had a blast! The parents were going crazy- it was madhouse with the kids going nuts! But at least they had fun. That's all that counts, right??

Saturday morning was cousin's football game, Jay's soccer game, and a birthday party to boot! By Saturday night, Anthony and I were completely worn out. Oh, and did I remember to say that Saturday morning Miss Molly woke up with roseola?! At least we know it's not contagious and means she's on the up and up from her virus, but one more thing....

Candy on a Saturday morning! Woohoo!

Jay's the tall kid in front... Anthony's the guy in blue shorts and navy shirt!

Jay was sweaty and spiked his hair. 
I joked that it looked like Anthony's college hair (no really). 

Blurry picture, but the roseola rash (you can see the non-blurry part at the top)

We love a pinata! 

Sunday morning we woke up and got ready for church. Except CK was complaining that things hurt and she needed to teetee but then couldn't go, but would try again and again and again... then she had a low fever and said her tummy and "back" hurt (but pointed to each kidney!)... Clear signs of a UTI- and she has never had anything like this before! Poor girl was miserable. I took her to the pediatric Urgent Care Clinic nearby (not the ER), and we were in and out in about thirty minutes with a clear diagnosis of UTI and a prescription called in. Thank goodness we could help her!

Unfortunately, I was supposed to be throwing a shower for a good friend, but I just couldn't leave Charley Kate like that. We gave her some AZO and the first round of meds and she perked up considerably by the night, but was still pretty uncomfortable.

I just kept thinking, "Man, this week is just chaotic, it can't get any crazier!" Except we all know it can.

And I know this because Friday morning I got a phone call from a good friend from college. One of the girls in our group of girlfriends was diagnosed with leukemia the night before.

First of all, there are no words that can adequately express my feelings for my sweet friend right now. I am just sick for her and my heart is aching and my mind is spinning. We never know the "whys" in situations like these, but we do know we have a loving, faithful Father to see us through it. I am begging for your prayers for my friend, Melissa. She was diagnosed Thursday night, drove to Dallas Friday morning, and began chemo Saturday morning. Please please pray for her, her family and friends, and the doctors treating her. Melissa is a fighter and a strong Italian woman. If anyone can fight their way through something like this, she can. I am just at a loss of words for her and truly so very devastated about this.

That news just basically slapped me across the face. There I was, complaining about not sleeping much with Molly being sick, or carting around six kids when I am so exhausted, or whatever else I felt was just "too much." And I know there are so many people out there who would love to have my "problems."

It's times like this you realize that there are many things in this life that are so much bigger than us.

And you stop complaining about your world, and start praying for someone else's.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

5 Months!

Molly is five months. FIVE WHOLE MONTHS. She is awake and vibrant and happy and adorable!

Miss Molly is...

-Not the best sleeper. She goes down around 8:00. She usually wakes around 11:30. If I'm on my game, I'll work on putting a pacifier back in or getting her back to sleep (usually it works- I don't think I've had to pick her up out of her crib to get her back to sleep more than once or twice). Some nights if it's taking a little longer than usual, I'll pick her up and just put her in bed with us. Mom fail. I didn't do this with the bigger kids, but we are on survival mode now people! We do what we can to get sleep around here! She wakes up for the day around 7:45ish.
-She usually nurses around 4ish in the morning, then again after she is up and plays for a while (8:30ish). Then again around 11:30 (usually in carpool line if it's a M/W/F!), then around 3:00, then 5:30-6, then again before bed. I tell you- she's pretty textbook.
-A GREAT napper. Anywhere from 30 min-1 hr nap in the morning (10:45ish), and anywhere from 2-3 hours in the afternoon (2:00ish). We are pretty homebound in the afternoons, but it's worth it to get her a good nap at home (in our bed- I'm not gonna lie!).
-Eating a lot! She doesn't seem like she particularly loves pureed baby food- but she LOVES table food! Seriously! She loves cooked and mashed up sweet potatoes, avocados/guacamole, tamale, butternut squash, zucchini, banana- basically anything soft and smushy! Any baby snacky things are great with her too! She LOVES Pirates Booty! Ha! They dissolve, and sometimes that's all momma's got in her bag!
-She's just meh with taking a bottle. She usually won't take more than 3 oz- and 2 oz is pretty normal. She's a messy bottle eater, but at least she'll take some!
-She is a talker!!! She loves to babble and currently makes the ba-ba-ba and ma-ma-ma sounds. She loves to scream and just found that voice! It's adorable!
-Has an adorable little laugh. She gives this great cream laugh, but just this past week has the BEST giggle-laugh! I'm so obsessed! She laughs most at her brother and sister! They elicit smiles and laughs all the time.
-Her separation anxiety has gotten so much better. She actually loves being with her daddy now (and she looks at him in the BEST way- it's to die for). She smiles now at most people instead of crying at them! And she actually doesn't cry nonstop for our babysitter! Progress!
-She isn't sitting well (compared to her older siblings) but is really getting strong and pushing up on her front arms and part of her knees. I joke that she will crawl before she'll sit up! She scoots and rolls and moves backwards!
-She seems pretty laid back personality wise. Just goes with the flow!
-Wears size 3 diapers and mostly 6 month clothes. She still fits in some 3 months, but she seems so tall, that 6 months are more comfortable.
-Just had her first fever YESTERDAY (102.4). I won't lie- I'm super proud that we made it 5 months before our first sickness!

Molly is SUCH a dream baby. Her siblings can't get enough of her. And neither can her daddy or I. We love to just sit around and make her laugh and watch her. This little girl is so very loved.

Molly June- I love watching your personality unfold! You are an angel!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

It Caught Up

I was talking with a friend this weekend, and I admitted to her what I have been feeling for the past two weeks- being a parent of three has finally caught up with me.

You see, Molly was a fantastic newborn (at least in the Squillante world- she's been the easiest of the three of them) for us. She was textbook- she ate when she was supposed to (or could go shorter or longer). She napped every hour or so at the beginning, then every one and a half, then every two. She could be put down and just lay in her little seat and play and watch her siblings and be happy. But now she's "awake" in this world. She is tired of laying down, but can't sit up alone- so she needs help. She is already down to two naps a day (mostly- very rarely we will get a third catnap in)- so she needs a lot more entertainment. She's not tough by any means, but she definitely needs more than she did at the beginning. Which is totally fine- except I have two others that need me too!

Jay has pretty much dropped naps altogether (I had four blissful years of it, so I'm definitely not complaining). While there is a lot of good that comes with this, there is also that extra two hours a day where he needs attention. So just when I get the girls down for a nap, my little buddy needs my time (and he certainly deserves it!). He's such an easy, great kid, that I feel like he deserves this time from me.

And Charley Kate. She's hysterical and so sweet. And now that Molly is needing a little more of me, she is definitely feeling that. She's been a little more clingy lately. And while she hasn't been naughty, you can just tell (in her tantrums) that she needs more of my attention. When I am able to have one on one time with her, she just shines. It's so wonderful.

But as you can see, I am in over my head. Not really of course, but that whole "mom guilt" thing is definitely present. I feel guilty that each kid isn't getting enough of my attention. Each one of them deserves to have more than they are getting. So then I ask myself, "Why did I do this to them?" It isn't fair.

And I know that's silly. Logically I know that they are getting more attention at my worst than many kids are getting daily. But I just ache for each of them. Every time I have to tell one, "Not right now, honey. Momma needs to help ____" it just kills me to see their crestfallen face. You know that article floating around FB that talks about a woman's son who just stopped asking for bed time stories because his mom always said no? I DON'T WANT TO BE THAT MOM. I am aware of this. I am desperately trying my best to say yes to each of them all the time. But I physically can't.

I believe I am teaching them good lessons of patience, self awareness, self entertainment, relying on peers/siblings, etc.. But I truly want to give them what they deserve. At least I can say with 100% certainty that I am trying. I really am.

As I was talking with my friend this weekend, she was reassuring me that this was so good for them. That this was a healthy stage- where they learn to rely on others and slowly (and she repeated SLOWLY) break away from relying on mom for every single thing and learn to rely on each other. This is where they form bonds that will last them forever. And I totally want that. More than anything.

But I can honestly say I have never felt more exhausted or busier than I do right now. It's not bad, it's not too hard, it's not more than I can handle. It's wonderful, it makes me happier than I've ever been, and it's everything I imagined my life would be. But I am busy. And I am exhausted. And for the first time in my parenting life, I feel like no matter how hard I try right now, I just can't do more than I am doing right now. And that's not a bad thing. I know I'm working my tail off every single day- all day (and sometimes all night).

But you know what the best part is about having three kids? I know this season will pass. I have learned in my time as a mother (whether I've had one kid, two kids, or now three kids), that no matter what stage you are in- happy or hard- it never stays this way for long.

Sometimes the easy, wonderful days are too fleeting. You want more of them- can't get enough of them. That stinks. BUT, the good news is- the hard stages are fleeting, too! No matter how rough it gets (up all night! teething! tantrums! potty accidents!) it doesn't stay like that forever! Hope.

So right now, this stage is hard. This season is busy and tiring. And while the busy and tired stage of being a mother will never end, the times when it's THIS hard and THIS tiring will pass.

Until it does, we will just go round and round on our little carousel of life- and I can promise you, we are truly enjoying it- no matter how hard it seems.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


I've been feeling super uninspired to blog lately. My days feel SO full right now with three young kids at home. If I'm not entertaining one, I'm entertaining the other two. I am loving our life right now, it just doesn't leave me much wiggle room or down time. And by the end of the day when Molly is finally down, I actually get to have husband time- which is a rarity these days. So forgive my absence or my "filler" posts and know that my non-blogging time is well-spent! 

To prove it, these pictures are from the last 5 days... BUSY BUSY bees!

Helping Molly with tummy time... Who wouldn't love tummy time with THIS view?!

And our view of her!!!

Dress up with our buddies!

Love this! 

They laid here like this forever. She was SO happy to be snuggled by her brother!

It truly amazes me that I *finally* have a baby that will just fall asleep on me while I sit on the couch with the other two!

Fun zoo trip with friends. Between nice weather and COOL things to see, we hit the jackpot!

All the daddies went to the Texans game together so the three mommies took the kids to dinner. 
Mass chaos. But worth it!

A trip out to my aunt and uncle's to see my cousin and her cutie kids!

Nothing like swimming in October!
Thank you Texas!

A successful swimming trip means all three kids pass out in the car!

A MUCH needed date night for us! 
Seriously- momma needed a break!

While this may just look like cute little sisters cheering their big brothers on at the soccer game...
MOLLY IS SITTING UP alone! She doesn't last long, but she's getting there!!!

Brunch after soccer was met with CK eating butter....

Again, M sitting up!!!!

A visit to the grandparents' means makeup time! 

My BFF Courtney and I showed up to church matching! 
Great minds think alike! 

Soccer fun with our buds!

Columbus Day lunch with our cousins- we will work on this one! 

Yup- both my kids climbing on our roof!
Luckily our responsible neighbor Matt was helping them!

And that's been our last several days and why I am just finding little time to blog! Stay tuned, I promise to get better!!