Saturday, September 20, 2014

Some Firsts!

By the third kid you have a hard time remembering what types of things are important enough to write in the baby book or to blog about (I know I shouldn't end a sentence like that but my brain is fried tonight).

But I want Molly to look back one day and realize that her firsts were just as exciting as Jay and Charley Kate's firsts. I might not document them as well, but they are so important. They signal that our baby girl is getting just a little bit closer to being a big girl, and well, I'm just not even close to ready to think about that.

So the past couple weeks we have definitely had some firsts for Miss Moll-Moll!

First doggy mouth kiss!

First time "sitting" at the table 
First hugs for baby!
(This is one of my favorite pictures of her!!)

First sitting up Bob ride!

First swings at the park!

First mum-mum!
She thought they were just ok... 

First real sister chat... that Molly was actually into!

Loooooove these girls!

First time at the dinner table with everyone!
Charley Kate is saying the prayer!

First perfect sized baby doll!

First night in her crib! Tear!

Love you, Molly girl! I wish I could bottle you up and keep you like this forever!


Jenni said... sweet! And I know what you mean about documenting the third!

Emily Peters said...

She is growing SO fast!!! You're doing WAY better than me at documenting, and I only have two! :-)

Jules said...

Shes so sweet!! I love that pic of her hugging the baby... precious! And, CK and her chatting! They are so lucky to have each other :) Sisters are the best!