Friday, September 26, 2014

Only One

Oh my sweet Charley Kate.

While she has *mostly* moved past her Hurricane Charley days, she is still a strong, fierce little girl. This girl knows what she wants and goes for it- usually not minding the consequences that come with the end goal. While this makes parenting a little challenging at times, it is a quality that will serve her well throughout her years. 

Today was picture day at school. She was in a brand new outfit, appropriately monogrammed with a C, and fall-ish colors to match the back drop. We made sure to bathe and wash hair last night, and I brushed her hair and even used her detangler spray to have it lay "just right." After eating some yogurt for breakfast, I meticulously checked for even the tiniest left overs on her face- making sure she was spot free for pictures at our new school. 

We joked and laughed and "practiced smiling" for the camera (she refused to smile for the camera at last year's pictures). She was ready. She looked adorable. I knew these pictures were going to be discovered by someone big and she would become the face of Baby Gap and therefore pay for her double major at a prestigious university. 

I dropped the kids (Jay looked equally as adorable- but that sweet kid is so dang compliant that it took all of five seconds to get him looking just as perfect- and I knew he'd give them his million dollar smile because that's just what he does). I ran my errands. I picked them up. Upon seeing them, I was pleased as I noticed they still looked perfectly put together (I worried their cute looks would be all kinds of messed up before pictures were actually taken). 

"How did pictures go?!" I squealed at them (never mind the Audubon and bird visit today! Priorities, people!). "Great!" they recounted in perfect harmony. 

I was smug. I was seeing those baby modeling offers pouring in. Then, as I was going through their bags, I saw a "note" from Charley's teacher. "Oh, she must have cried a little today. Or maybe got some paint on her pretty outfit." I thought to myself. 


That's right. My strong willed daughter straight up refused to take pictures today. I mean, I guess not totally. She took one with her brother. But no solo shots. Not even one. 

When I said, "Oh no, Charley Kate! You didn't take a picture at school! Why not??" she replied (in a voice that I thought was only reserved for teenagers), "I did, Mom! Ugh!" 

Excuse me?! I was so taken aback that there was no scolding for poor tone of voice. She was told she had to take a picture, so she did. One. 

And that was enough for her. 

Oh my darling girl... I hope you never lose your spunk, your stick-to-it-ness, or your confidence. God made you JUST the way you need to be. I just hope I can survive it! 

And for the record, you better believe I was not wasting all that work and not getting a picture out if it. We took pictures in the front yard and Charley very happily obliged! Of course she did. Of course she did...


Michelle said...

Oh my goodness I love Charley Kate so much! Haha

And Sweet Jay's pics are adorable!

The Joiners said...

Ha, I know you were probably not so amused but that's pretty funny… I won't be laughing in a couple of years when my 'C' is doing the same thing :)

the blogivers said...

Little stinker! Glad you got some good pics at home and hopefully the one with Jay turned out just perfect ;)

Leah said...

She is so funny! Great story. :) And btw, your pics are awesome! Who needs the preschool photog??

Brittany Sciba said...

Love this! The pictures you got are great though!