Monday, September 22, 2014

Molly at 4 Months

It's hard to believe four months have come and gone. It seems like forever ago that I was beyond exhausted and figuring out a new baby. But time goes on and here we are at four months!

Molly is a great baby! She's...

-Taking 4 naps a day- anywhere from 30 min to 2.5 hours
-Eating 5 times during the day- usually around 8:30, 11:30, 2:30, 5, 8 (give or take 30 min on either side!)
-Typically goes about 5 hours between feedings at night (both the bigs were doing MUCH longer stretches by this point). Surprisingly I'm totally at peace with this- she will get there eventually! 
-Just put her in her crib for the first time this past weekend. It may or may not be a permanent thing. Stay tuned...
-Wearing 3-6 month clothes but is definitely in 6 month pjs or anything with snaps (tall girl- long torso!)
-Wearing size 2 diapers but is pretty much out of those. Once these run out I'll bump her up a size
-Exclusively breastfeeding- I don't know what I'm doing differently this time around, but I am making more than enough for her and she's a chunk so I'm thinking we are god to go! She's probably had 6 total oz of formula since birth
-Seems super interested in table food so I guess we will start solids sometime in the future. She's sucked/gnawed on an apple and she LOVED that! Mum mums are just meh to her. And the crackers on the airplane? Ha. 
-Just started rocking or bouncing her to sleep. For a while she would almost instantly pass out in the swing, but I think we are over that. We even moved it into my room and she slept for 8 hours a few nights! But that run ended. :( No more rock and play either. We are officially growing out of infant stage!
-She currently is a ROCKSTAR at falling asleep in the snap n go stroller in her car seat. Which is AMAZING when we are out running errands (which is always)!
-Has ridiculous separation anxiety. With everyone! My mom and oldest sister  can't hardly look at her without Molly freaking out. And Anthony is so willing to help but Molly screams bloody murder when he's got her. Eesh! 
-But when she's with me- she is PERFECT! Hardly ever fusses and is happy as a clam! Dream baby (for momma!)
-Absolutely adores her brother most, then her sister, then Tex! She loves each of them and those three always get a smile and usually a laugh. She LOVES dogs of all kinds- they always grab her attention!
-Loves tummy time. She is starting to figure out how to scooch forward to get to something (I mean a few inches- nothing major!). She just recently started pulling her knees under her tummy! Preparing for takeoff!
-Has just recently started intentionally grabbing toys (and actually getting them)
-Won't stay on her back- she flips right over to her tummy- and that's making diaper changes so much fun! 
-Loving her piggie toes and plays with them all the time! I LOVE that stage! So adorable! 
-Laughs and "talks" a ton! I remember Jay talking so much and she definitely rivals him. I LOVE hearing her voice! And she is really good at mimicking some noises I make. It's impressive! 

Molly really is such a fun little attachment for me! As long as she's with me she's super happy- and that makes keeping her with me so easy!

Our whole family just adores this girl- we all just sit and watch her and play with her! She is definitely the center of attention right now- and the other four of us love it! 

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Maggie Coleman said...

She is such a sweet baby! So happy I got some snuggles from her on Friday! Love you so much Miss Molly!