Sunday, September 28, 2014

A Sporting We Will Go

This weekend started the beginning of an era in the Squillante house... Something we likely won't stop for a very long time. We had our first ever competitive sporting event!

Jay had his first soccer game! It was the first Saturday we have woken up with a game to get to. I know when I'm juggling 3 (or 4!) games a day in about ten years I'll be asking myself why in the world we entered into the world of kids' sports (not really- I think it's wonderful for a million different reasons), but for now it's a fun family activity for us! 

Jay's little team consists of 10 four year old boys. Wrap your mind about what that looks like for a second... Yup- just what you'd think!

Trying to make a prayer circle before the game.
You can imagine how that went. 

Pre-game huddle.
Yes, Daddy is a coach :)

There are five of his good friends on the team (he says three of them are his "best buds") and that makes it just plain ol' fun for the kid. They've had two practices and from what I saw, it looked like it was going to be a lot of "clump" soccer. You know, where the ball goes one way and every single kid on the field chases after it. 

Surprisingly, there was less of that and some pretty legit stealing, breaking away, dribbling, and scoring- for us anyway. The poor other team- bless their hearts, I don't think they hardly even got a foot on the ball! It was pretty brutal, and at the end of third and fourth quarters the coaches held our kids back and the other still lost the ball. And at the very end, the other team had every single one of their players on the field- and it was still no match.

Jay scoring a goal!!! 

I don't expect this to be the norm- it's a 4-5 year old league and our team is YOUNG. I imagine we will get some butt-kickings here soon!

Jay shocked us all when he came out at the start of the game and on the very first play stole the ball, dribbled it up the field, and scored! The best part of it was his reaction to all the cheering- he wasn't sure why it was such a big deal. His thought process was probably something like, "Why is everyone cheering about that? Y'all told me to steal the ball and kick it in the goal and I did." And that's Jay right there. Mr Matter of Fact!

After his first ever goal! Heading to chat with the coach!

A big high five!!!

Did I mention that I might have cried when he scored his first goal?! Nothing in the world compares to a mother proud of her child.

The best part of the day was how much FUN he had doing it! Playing a fun game with his best buds with a huge cheering section there- perfect day for him! I'm SO bummed I didn't get a shot of his fans- both sets of grandparents, Auntie Kiki, Owen, and of course all four of the rest of us.

Jay and some of his good buddies!
Love these little blondies!

His favorite part of the game- playing on the playground after!

Did I mention how much I love kids' sports?!?

And did I mention how EXHAUSTED he was afterwards?!

Fell asleep on dad watching the Aggies

This was after three attempts to wake him up!

As if that wasn't enough sports fun for one weekend, we continued into Sunday!

There is a club volleyball program near us in Houston (actually the one I grew up playing for). I know some of the coaches and one of the girls (who I went to high school with) posted a picture of her daughter (three years old) at a Sunday afternoon clinic a few weeks ago. I FB messaged her and found out that it was for Kinder-3rd Grade girls and boys. I was bummed, but knew we'd catch it in a few years. Well, after some back and forth, she convinced me to bring the kids out for the clinics. They had a few other "peewees" there and said it would be a lot of fun for my big two.

And OH. MY. GOODNESS. Y'all, as a former volleyball player, this made my day! Little kids learning the game from such an early age?! Learning how to serve and set and pass? Ack! It was adorable!

Greenish-top, pink shorts and pink bow is CK
Blue shirt and neon green shorts is Jay

CK tossing a bean bag over the net like an underhand serve

Waiting in line to serve. Just precious. 

And Charley Kate I SWEAR didn't stop bouncing the entire 45 minutes! She was SO excited for her turn at a sports camp! She watched Jay do a couple this summer and was so ready for her chance. And she took it seriously!

Learning how to set against the wall

Look at that form!!! 
(It's blurry because it was so far away and all I had was my iPhone)

And Jay on the far court setting! Eeek! 

It was SUCH fun to watch them play the sport I love so much. The coaches were amazing and patient and the kids had so much stinking fun! We will be back next weekend for another round and they can't wait! Charley hasn't stopped practicing all day! The best part? Two of our cousins joined in, too!

Best I could get!

I think so highly of kids playing sports. Not of kids competing and being hard core at an early age, but of learning to PLAY. Sports are fun. They get kids moving. They are games to play and enjoy. I am so excited that my kids love to PLAY. I am also excited that my kids love to paint. And to sing. And to dance. And to climb trees. And to do gymnastics. And to do whatever kids do best- which is just being kids. I want to emphasize that we aren't pushing our kids to things early. We are just exposing them to a few things here and there that they can learn and choose on their own one day.

It was such a wonderful weekend and I'm so glad they had so much fun doing it! 


Brittany Sciba said...

How fun!!! I can't get over Charley in her little pink shorts! She's so sporty!

the blogivers said...

I look forward to weekends like this in our future!!

Jules said...

Such a fun weekend! I loved when Bennett played soccer in the spring! All we yelled the entire time was, " KICK IT THE OTHER WAY!" :) Our team scored a lot of points for the other team :) I love that they prayed before the game. What an awesome experience!
And Miss Charley and that volleyball! I know the Moriarty girls are all excited over this!! Her little shorts and ponytail are so cute!
Happy Monday friend!

Michelle said...

Oh how fun!!! Jay did awesome!