Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A Little Family Time

With a newborn (and two toddlers) it's hard to take a proper family vacation. And when I say "proper," I mean an airplane (usually) and hotel for more than two nights kind of vacation (those are proper to me, don't get upset if it's not that for you!).

Anyway, the last several years we've been thankful to take some great family vacations in the late summer/early fall. Europe, California, California, Hawaii, Mexico, California (yes, five of those trips involved going to see my little sister, Michelle. Ha!). Anyway, so needless to say, Anthony and I were both itching for a family vacay this year. But with a newborn in tow, it makes it really hard to do anything for too long (hotel room for five people for a week- ack!). Plus, before she was born, we had no idea how we'd be getting along with a new baby, if she would be good or difficult, and what life would look like. So we decided to forgo the vacation this year (even a trip to Mexico with Anthony's family- I vowed to never take a non-walking/crawling baby on a week long beach vacation in Mexico again- did that with CK and it was a LOT of work!).

Anyway, we knew Anthony had this work trip scheduled around Labor Day, so we decided to extend his stay there and meet him for the weekend. If nothing else, it was a change of scenery for me.

So Friday (after Anthony being gone the previous two days), I drove all three kids the 2.5 hours to Austin. I won't lie and say I wasn't nervous about this. I had no idea how Molly would do. I wasn't sure if she'd scream the whole way there, I wasn't sure if she'd need to eat halfway through... I knew the big kids would be fine. I'd made this drive with them alone since Charley was 5 months old (to visit my other sister, Kiki!).

But because God is great, all three did AMAZING in the car (God is still great even if they would have done horribly, just FYI!). The girls slept about 1.5 hours of the drive, and Jay just hung out watching tv and playing iPad. We made it and the kids were SOOO excited to see their daddy!

The weekend was great and just what we needed- a little away time together! Plus, Austin is a gorgeous city and the food was ridiculous!

I hardly took any pictures (boo to me), but just trust me when I say it was nice. EVEN TRYING TO PUT THREE KIDS TO SLEEP IN A HOTEL ROOM. Molly was awful to go down the first night. But somehow our kids passed out and never heard a peep from her. The second night they all went down easily (including Anthony), so from about 8:30 on it was just me in a dark hotel room watching crappy tv with the sound down. Not exactly my idea of a perfect night, but I'll take it. Hey, the kids could have still been awake fussing and climbing off the walls! Perspective, right??

Resort living hot-tub style!

Just enjoying some drinks by the pool!

Love this. His open arms. Melt me. 

Jay totally had a thing for these mermaids. He didn't stop staring.
That's him with his back towards us (super tan).

Trying to take a selfie with my dude overlooking the (sad) Lake Travis. 

Family shot (minus sleeping Molly). 

Not exactly sure where I was supposed to sleep... 
I DO love my snuggly girls though!

I am so so sad this is blurry. 
Such a sweet little face that Molly. 

So we had a great time. And I'm so thankful for my little family. Seriously. God reminds me all the time just what is important in this world. And one of those important things is my family. I. Love. Them.

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Gillian said...

Super Mom!!! I can not imagine driving alone with three kids and then sharing a room with them! So glad it was fun and successful, though. I am so impressed with you and so glad you are not afraid to make these fun memories even if it means being a little more tired when you get back home!!