Sunday, September 28, 2014

A Sporting We Will Go

This weekend started the beginning of an era in the Squillante house... Something we likely won't stop for a very long time. We had our first ever competitive sporting event!

Jay had his first soccer game! It was the first Saturday we have woken up with a game to get to. I know when I'm juggling 3 (or 4!) games a day in about ten years I'll be asking myself why in the world we entered into the world of kids' sports (not really- I think it's wonderful for a million different reasons), but for now it's a fun family activity for us! 

Jay's little team consists of 10 four year old boys. Wrap your mind about what that looks like for a second... Yup- just what you'd think!

Trying to make a prayer circle before the game.
You can imagine how that went. 

Pre-game huddle.
Yes, Daddy is a coach :)

There are five of his good friends on the team (he says three of them are his "best buds") and that makes it just plain ol' fun for the kid. They've had two practices and from what I saw, it looked like it was going to be a lot of "clump" soccer. You know, where the ball goes one way and every single kid on the field chases after it. 

Surprisingly, there was less of that and some pretty legit stealing, breaking away, dribbling, and scoring- for us anyway. The poor other team- bless their hearts, I don't think they hardly even got a foot on the ball! It was pretty brutal, and at the end of third and fourth quarters the coaches held our kids back and the other still lost the ball. And at the very end, the other team had every single one of their players on the field- and it was still no match.

Jay scoring a goal!!! 

I don't expect this to be the norm- it's a 4-5 year old league and our team is YOUNG. I imagine we will get some butt-kickings here soon!

Jay shocked us all when he came out at the start of the game and on the very first play stole the ball, dribbled it up the field, and scored! The best part of it was his reaction to all the cheering- he wasn't sure why it was such a big deal. His thought process was probably something like, "Why is everyone cheering about that? Y'all told me to steal the ball and kick it in the goal and I did." And that's Jay right there. Mr Matter of Fact!

After his first ever goal! Heading to chat with the coach!

A big high five!!!

Did I mention that I might have cried when he scored his first goal?! Nothing in the world compares to a mother proud of her child.

The best part of the day was how much FUN he had doing it! Playing a fun game with his best buds with a huge cheering section there- perfect day for him! I'm SO bummed I didn't get a shot of his fans- both sets of grandparents, Auntie Kiki, Owen, and of course all four of the rest of us.

Jay and some of his good buddies!
Love these little blondies!

His favorite part of the game- playing on the playground after!

Did I mention how much I love kids' sports?!?

And did I mention how EXHAUSTED he was afterwards?!

Fell asleep on dad watching the Aggies

This was after three attempts to wake him up!

As if that wasn't enough sports fun for one weekend, we continued into Sunday!

There is a club volleyball program near us in Houston (actually the one I grew up playing for). I know some of the coaches and one of the girls (who I went to high school with) posted a picture of her daughter (three years old) at a Sunday afternoon clinic a few weeks ago. I FB messaged her and found out that it was for Kinder-3rd Grade girls and boys. I was bummed, but knew we'd catch it in a few years. Well, after some back and forth, she convinced me to bring the kids out for the clinics. They had a few other "peewees" there and said it would be a lot of fun for my big two.

And OH. MY. GOODNESS. Y'all, as a former volleyball player, this made my day! Little kids learning the game from such an early age?! Learning how to serve and set and pass? Ack! It was adorable!

Greenish-top, pink shorts and pink bow is CK
Blue shirt and neon green shorts is Jay

CK tossing a bean bag over the net like an underhand serve

Waiting in line to serve. Just precious. 

And Charley Kate I SWEAR didn't stop bouncing the entire 45 minutes! She was SO excited for her turn at a sports camp! She watched Jay do a couple this summer and was so ready for her chance. And she took it seriously!

Learning how to set against the wall

Look at that form!!! 
(It's blurry because it was so far away and all I had was my iPhone)

And Jay on the far court setting! Eeek! 

It was SUCH fun to watch them play the sport I love so much. The coaches were amazing and patient and the kids had so much stinking fun! We will be back next weekend for another round and they can't wait! Charley hasn't stopped practicing all day! The best part? Two of our cousins joined in, too!

Best I could get!

I think so highly of kids playing sports. Not of kids competing and being hard core at an early age, but of learning to PLAY. Sports are fun. They get kids moving. They are games to play and enjoy. I am so excited that my kids love to PLAY. I am also excited that my kids love to paint. And to sing. And to dance. And to climb trees. And to do gymnastics. And to do whatever kids do best- which is just being kids. I want to emphasize that we aren't pushing our kids to things early. We are just exposing them to a few things here and there that they can learn and choose on their own one day.

It was such a wonderful weekend and I'm so glad they had so much fun doing it! 

Friday, September 26, 2014

Only One

Oh my sweet Charley Kate.

While she has *mostly* moved past her Hurricane Charley days, she is still a strong, fierce little girl. This girl knows what she wants and goes for it- usually not minding the consequences that come with the end goal. While this makes parenting a little challenging at times, it is a quality that will serve her well throughout her years. 

Today was picture day at school. She was in a brand new outfit, appropriately monogrammed with a C, and fall-ish colors to match the back drop. We made sure to bathe and wash hair last night, and I brushed her hair and even used her detangler spray to have it lay "just right." After eating some yogurt for breakfast, I meticulously checked for even the tiniest left overs on her face- making sure she was spot free for pictures at our new school. 

We joked and laughed and "practiced smiling" for the camera (she refused to smile for the camera at last year's pictures). She was ready. She looked adorable. I knew these pictures were going to be discovered by someone big and she would become the face of Baby Gap and therefore pay for her double major at a prestigious university. 

I dropped the kids (Jay looked equally as adorable- but that sweet kid is so dang compliant that it took all of five seconds to get him looking just as perfect- and I knew he'd give them his million dollar smile because that's just what he does). I ran my errands. I picked them up. Upon seeing them, I was pleased as I noticed they still looked perfectly put together (I worried their cute looks would be all kinds of messed up before pictures were actually taken). 

"How did pictures go?!" I squealed at them (never mind the Audubon and bird visit today! Priorities, people!). "Great!" they recounted in perfect harmony. 

I was smug. I was seeing those baby modeling offers pouring in. Then, as I was going through their bags, I saw a "note" from Charley's teacher. "Oh, she must have cried a little today. Or maybe got some paint on her pretty outfit." I thought to myself. 


That's right. My strong willed daughter straight up refused to take pictures today. I mean, I guess not totally. She took one with her brother. But no solo shots. Not even one. 

When I said, "Oh no, Charley Kate! You didn't take a picture at school! Why not??" she replied (in a voice that I thought was only reserved for teenagers), "I did, Mom! Ugh!" 

Excuse me?! I was so taken aback that there was no scolding for poor tone of voice. She was told she had to take a picture, so she did. One. 

And that was enough for her. 

Oh my darling girl... I hope you never lose your spunk, your stick-to-it-ness, or your confidence. God made you JUST the way you need to be. I just hope I can survive it! 

And for the record, you better believe I was not wasting all that work and not getting a picture out if it. We took pictures in the front yard and Charley very happily obliged! Of course she did. Of course she did...

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

4 Months and 4 Years

I want to make sure I have written down both of my kids' measurements at their big appointments- I love being able to look back and find them and compare and all of that "mom" stuff. 

My big guy had his four year check up last month (along with three shots- he didn't cry a tear!). He did so great and is just growing like a weed! His fur year stats are:

Height: 43.5 inches (97%)
Weight: 42.6 lbs (91%)
BMI: 16 (57%)
Blood Pressure: 102/64
Pulse: 84

This kid is SOLID. He is very trim but also thick. It's deceiving- you think you can just pick him up and throw him around- then you realize he is dense and A LOT heavier than you thought. 

And Miss Molly girl had her 4 month check up today. For as "chunky" and roly poly as we think she is (and I personally am loving it since it's solely breast milk- like I can actually provide for someone so well!), her measurements surprised me. 

She got a great report and took her shots pretty well. She recovered after some mommy snuggles (which I super loved!). 

Height: 26 in (92%)
Weight: 13 lbs, 15.6 oz (47%)
FOC: 16 in (56%)

The doctor talked about how her weight is deceiving- really because she is so tall- so that she's not as "chunk" as we thought! He predicts she will be a thin girl like her big sis- their measurements at four months weren't too far off! He also loved how active she was (he didn't see my other two as infants so he didn't realize it ran in the family!). 


Excited to have these down so I can go back and check them one day! 

Thanks for humoring me with a "mom" post! 

Monday, September 22, 2014

Molly at 4 Months

It's hard to believe four months have come and gone. It seems like forever ago that I was beyond exhausted and figuring out a new baby. But time goes on and here we are at four months!

Molly is a great baby! She's...

-Taking 4 naps a day- anywhere from 30 min to 2.5 hours
-Eating 5 times during the day- usually around 8:30, 11:30, 2:30, 5, 8 (give or take 30 min on either side!)
-Typically goes about 5 hours between feedings at night (both the bigs were doing MUCH longer stretches by this point). Surprisingly I'm totally at peace with this- she will get there eventually! 
-Just put her in her crib for the first time this past weekend. It may or may not be a permanent thing. Stay tuned...
-Wearing 3-6 month clothes but is definitely in 6 month pjs or anything with snaps (tall girl- long torso!)
-Wearing size 2 diapers but is pretty much out of those. Once these run out I'll bump her up a size
-Exclusively breastfeeding- I don't know what I'm doing differently this time around, but I am making more than enough for her and she's a chunk so I'm thinking we are god to go! She's probably had 6 total oz of formula since birth
-Seems super interested in table food so I guess we will start solids sometime in the future. She's sucked/gnawed on an apple and she LOVED that! Mum mums are just meh to her. And the crackers on the airplane? Ha. 
-Just started rocking or bouncing her to sleep. For a while she would almost instantly pass out in the swing, but I think we are over that. We even moved it into my room and she slept for 8 hours a few nights! But that run ended. :( No more rock and play either. We are officially growing out of infant stage!
-She currently is a ROCKSTAR at falling asleep in the snap n go stroller in her car seat. Which is AMAZING when we are out running errands (which is always)!
-Has ridiculous separation anxiety. With everyone! My mom and oldest sister  can't hardly look at her without Molly freaking out. And Anthony is so willing to help but Molly screams bloody murder when he's got her. Eesh! 
-But when she's with me- she is PERFECT! Hardly ever fusses and is happy as a clam! Dream baby (for momma!)
-Absolutely adores her brother most, then her sister, then Tex! She loves each of them and those three always get a smile and usually a laugh. She LOVES dogs of all kinds- they always grab her attention!
-Loves tummy time. She is starting to figure out how to scooch forward to get to something (I mean a few inches- nothing major!). She just recently started pulling her knees under her tummy! Preparing for takeoff!
-Has just recently started intentionally grabbing toys (and actually getting them)
-Won't stay on her back- she flips right over to her tummy- and that's making diaper changes so much fun! 
-Loving her piggie toes and plays with them all the time! I LOVE that stage! So adorable! 
-Laughs and "talks" a ton! I remember Jay talking so much and she definitely rivals him. I LOVE hearing her voice! And she is really good at mimicking some noises I make. It's impressive! 

Molly really is such a fun little attachment for me! As long as she's with me she's super happy- and that makes keeping her with me so easy!

Our whole family just adores this girl- we all just sit and watch her and play with her! She is definitely the center of attention right now- and the other four of us love it! 

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Some Firsts!

By the third kid you have a hard time remembering what types of things are important enough to write in the baby book or to blog about (I know I shouldn't end a sentence like that but my brain is fried tonight).

But I want Molly to look back one day and realize that her firsts were just as exciting as Jay and Charley Kate's firsts. I might not document them as well, but they are so important. They signal that our baby girl is getting just a little bit closer to being a big girl, and well, I'm just not even close to ready to think about that.

So the past couple weeks we have definitely had some firsts for Miss Moll-Moll!

First doggy mouth kiss!

First time "sitting" at the table 
First hugs for baby!
(This is one of my favorite pictures of her!!)

First sitting up Bob ride!

First swings at the park!

First mum-mum!
She thought they were just ok... 

First real sister chat... that Molly was actually into!

Loooooove these girls!

First time at the dinner table with everyone!
Charley Kate is saying the prayer!

First perfect sized baby doll!

First night in her crib! Tear!

Love you, Molly girl! I wish I could bottle you up and keep you like this forever!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wednesday Confessional

Almost missed my Wednesday time frame! Nothing like posting at 10:30 on a Wednesday night while I pump...

Last week we were heading out the door (running a little late) to drop the kids at school. I was scrambling trying to grab everyone's things and hurry the kids out the door. I realized Jay didn't have his shoes or socks on yet. I ran up to his room to grab his socks, and realized he was out of clean ones. Oh yes... I grabbed a pair from the dirty clothes basket and put them on him. He totally knew they were dirty too and asked me why he had to wear dirty socks. I prayed he didn't tell his teachers! (Funny enough this same day I got a blog comment from a friend saying she did this with her little one! Great minds think alike?!)

Our kids are so sweet and love to say the prayer before dinner each night. They each say it and then Anthony says one. There have been a few nights recently that I am so hungry and so tired that I quickly want to end their little prayer so that I can have my dinner. I haven't... yet... I know, I'm horrible.

I got a birthday present for a friend of Jay's today. I knew Jay would desperately want the present, so I went ahead and bought it for him (he doesn't know yet). There are just some battles that aren't worth fighting, and today this was one of them.

I found the best recipe for banana oatmeal muffins. I have found (more often than I'd like to admit) myself buying a bunch of bananas, eating one or two, and letting the rest sit just to make these muffins.

I recently downloaded and religiously started using the My Fitness Pal app. While this has helped me tremendously, it has also been a HUGE slap in the face to what I thought was a pretty good diet. Eesh. I input every single bite of food every day, and it can get pretty ugly. I have also found myself wanting to cheat regularly by not entering every single bite. Alright, let's be honest. I have actually left off a few Hershey's Kisses or M&Ms. On purpose.

I was SO excited about the "cooler" temperatures over the weekend that I actually made chili for dinner. Nothing says fall like chili in 88 degree temps!

I put this on FB, but it seemed worthy... I was FIRST in the carpool line at school today. I am not sure whether I should be extremely proud or extremely embarrassed that I have literally no life to sit in line for 35 minutes waiting for my kids. In my defense, it was either nurse Molly at home and be one of the last cars, or drive to the school, get in line, and nurse her there. Though I was ridiculously embarrassed when the directors of the school saw me there so early just waiting.

Thursday, September 11, 2014


September 11 is obviously a very special and emotional day for millions of people. 

I am so thankful that I only have to imagine (and not live through) feeling pain and loss from this day 13 years ago. I pray for the families whose lives were forever changed from that day and the subsequent days.

September 11 is also special to me because one year ago we found we were pregnant with sweet Molly. What a wonderful and needed blessing she was! You can read about the day I found out here. She was a healing baby and a wonderful little ray of sunshine. From the moment we found out about her a year ago, she has brought so much joy and love to our family. Molly June, you are so so loved!