Sunday, August 31, 2014

While the Cat's Away...

Before I start this post, I wanted to say how truly grateful I am for all of you sweet readers out there. The kind words you wrote last week and the fact that you came to my "defense" after an unkind person wrote an ugly comment on a post that meant so much to me was amazing. THIS is why I write this blog. Really wonderful people out there like all of you. Words really cannot express my gratitude after last week. So from the bottom of my heart- THANK YOU.

We are so thankful that Anthony's job doesn't require him to travel much. He does work long hours (he's out the door at 5 am and doesn't get home until around 7). But even though the days are long, when he's home, he's home. No working once the kids are down, no late business dinners, no weekend trips, very very seldom work trips. We are very appreciative for this.

But last week was one of those few times where he was going to be gone for a few nights for a conference at the Barton Creek Resort in Austin. I'm not going to lie when I say I was a little nervous about several days of zero breaks and several days of putting all three kids down at night. Yes, I understand that I do this every. single. day. But at least around 7 I have some adult interaction and the kids can wrestle and jump on their dad. He also does bed with the big kids while Molly and I clean up and I get her down. The help is wonderful.

Anyway, he left Wednesday and we really went about our day as usual. That afternoon after playing and running some errands, we decided to grab dinner at a local Italian place. Anthony doesn't like to go out to dinner during the week (understandable as he's worked a long day and is ready to be home). So this was a special treat for us- PLUS it meant no dinner prep for me and no dishes to clean afterwards. Win!

We headed out and I just happened to be texting with one of my girlfriends- her husband was at a work dinner that night and she was solo with her three kids. So they met us! The kids had a great time and it was fun to just have a grown up conversation!

We got home and did baths and got ready for bed (and played in our new sweatshirts from Auntie JJ!)

And then it was bedtime. I was nervous. I won't lie. I kept pushing bedtime back further and further because I just didn't want to deal with it. So finally at 8:30 we trekked it upstairs. I brought Molly's Rock and Play up there and fed her while reading to the big kids. Then lights out and I rocked her to sleep while the other two fell asleep. All out by 9:15. I'm definitely counting that as a WIN. I was feeling pretty smug- I might have texted a few people to let them know how awesome I was!

I brought Molly down, put toys away, zoned out on FB for a few minutes, and then crawled in bed right around 11:20. I turned off the TV and my head hit the pillow. Then at 11:27 Charley Kate woke up crying. Sigh. I trekked it back upstairs, soothed her back to sleep, came back down and wiggled under the covers. "Mooooooommmmmyyyyyy!" It was CK again. This RARELY happens. But when it happens twice in five minutes, I know it will be a long night. So I just carried her downstairs and put her in bed with me.

Yup, judge away. But that's what exhaustion will do to a girl. By 12:45 Molly was also in bed with me. And sometime after that but before 3:00 am Jay noticed Charley wasn't in his bed anymore and crawled in bed with us. All three kids. In bed. With me. All I have to say is THANKYOULORDFORLETTINGUSGETAKINGSIZEDBEDLASTFALL. For real.

The next morning was a normal day and we even met my BFF Courtney and Jay's BFF Wyatt at Rainforest Cafe (Jay's request) for one last end of summer lunch!

We dressed in our Aggie gear for the season opener that night (which was AWESOME by the way! Gig em!)

I think Courtney felt really bad for me complaining about being alone so much (ha!) that she and Justin invited us over for burgers and game-watching fun that night. We probably too quickly said yes! That afternoon I had a brilliant idea to not put Jay down for a nap. I figured it would help the night-time routine go fast if he was extra tired. And he was a GREAT sport all afternoon with no nap. I was worried that him being tired would make the day worse, but he was in a super mood (all that Wyatt time!).

We watched the game, the kids played, and I was again so grateful for the company!

Bedtime routines that night went AWESOME. All asleep by 8:00! What what! My plan for Jay worked and the girls did a great job! Woohoo!

Friday we drove to BCR to meet Anthony for the weekend. More on that in another post, but I did feel the need to toot my own horn and tell the world that I survived our first work trip alone! No help- just me! Toot toot!

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Maggie Coleman said...

You are super mom for sure! You deserve a well earned break! Hope y'all are having a fun last hooray in Austin. XOXO