Monday, August 4, 2014

Two Big Things

So today marked two HUGE moments in our household...

Jay had his first day of soccer camp! Now, he's been to two different sports camps this summer and has LOVED everything he's done. At this camp, each day they focus on a different sport and the fundamentals with it. And it's all through play and games and fun and encouragement. Jay was sooo disappointed when it was over. 

So this fall we signed him up for pre-k soccer with a few of his best buds and their daddies coaching. To get him "ready" (please don't think we are actually doing any pushing or REAL getting ready- this is all for fun and socialization and physical activity), we signed him up for soccer camp this week (an hour a day for the week). And he LOVED the first day. I got to watch and it was precious! A few dozen 3-4 year olds learning how to play soccer. Uh-dor-able! 

The actual "momentous" occasion for us was the buying and wearing of the first pair of shin guards. Holy tiny, batman! Those things are the smallest ever!! Ack! 

The other big thing in our household was Charley Kate's first time playing teacher!! Those who know me well, know that this was my "play" of choice as a kid. I always played teacher. I had my pretend class (stuffed animals mostly, invisible students, and eventually my little sister!), my teacher name (Mrs. Westmoreland- I loved a boy with that last name in elementary and decided he was my husband eventually), and my supplies (chalkboard/dry erase board/fake overhead/grade book etc). I played this all. the. time. 

So yesterday we went to my parents for a visit and Charley Kate sat down on a chair with a book and started talking to her "class!" It's just in her blood y'all!!!!!  

So today my mom kept her for a few hours while Jay and Molly and I ran some errands, and got her all set up with a class! 

Ohhhhh those kids. They just melt my heart. 

And because I can't ignore this precious angel, here are a few of Molly!

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