Sunday, August 24, 2014

Three Months for Molly!

Sweet baby girl is 3 months old!

Miss Molly is just as precious as ever and I am still loving the heck out of her!

-She is rolling over front to back and almost all the way from back to front!
-She can wiggle her way around in a circle on her back (usually to try to see the TV. Oops)
-She talks A LOT. She babbles quite a bit and looks you in the eye and really gets her expressions going. She has a lot to say!
-Loves to smile and half-laugh. I love her little chuckles!
-Eats for about 10-15 minutes every threeish hours (give or take whatever is going on, sometimes it's every two and sometimes it's every four!)
-Takes two big naps- once in the morning for 1-2 hours and once in the afternoon for almost 3 hours. She cat naps on and off all day in between!
-Is still sleeping in the rock and play or in our bed. I'll tackle that one in the future. Right now people are getting decent sleep! Don't rock the boat!
-Doesn't love falling to sleep on me. She definitely prefers to be put in her swing/carseat/rock and play and go to sleep. Very rarely nurses to sleep either! The only way I can nurse her to sleep is if we are laying down in bed. Otherwise, not so much!
-Loves to rub her feet while she sleeps. Just like me! Love this!
-She loves tummy time and is very strong! Just like her big siblings!
-Is in size 2 or 2/3 diapers and 3 month clothes! She's a big girl and I love it!
-She really likes her blankets. Any of them, but she holds them and if she is fussing they immediately calm her. She likes to suck on them, too! If you put one by her face while she's trying to fall asleep it almost always does the trick!
-Poops a few times a day some days and some days not at all! We've never gone longer than a day with no poop, so no worries on our end. Just different!
-Is totally fine in her carseat, which is interesting because Charley Kate SCREAMED all the time in her carseat from about 6 weeks one. I'm hoping we dodged that bullet!
-Loves to face out in her Baby Bjorn and LOVES walks! Instantly calming!
-Has blue eyes like her big sis!

Molly is such a dream baby. She still fusses and screams and needs attention (don't all/most babies?), but she is such a wonderful little blessing to our family. She just goes with the flow and is so chill and content. I just adore this precious little girl!


Arushi said...

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GranDeb said...

Love love love sweet, precious Molly June!!! What a good sport that little girl is already!!! 💖