Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Saying Goodbye (Sort Of)

Today we said goodbye to a very important part of our family... My old car! 

We FINALLY ended the suburban saga and got our new (and last!) one on Friday! Thursday afternoon the guy helping us texted us and said he found the perfect match for us in Lake Charles and they were wheeling and dealing with that dealership trying to get it done. Thursday night some wonderful person drove there to pick it up and then drove it back late that night. Friday at 2:00 that beauty was delivered to our driveway! Just 3 months and four temp cars later we have our baby! And it's everything we wanted! 

Today was the day we said goodbye to our old car. Blame it in Disney or whatever other cartoons, but I felt soooo bad giving it up today! Like it knew we were saying goodbye. It made me so sad! That car took us a LOT of fun places and kept my precious cargo safe for the past couple years. I wasn't the only one sad to see it go- Jay shed a few tears and Charley Kate lost it as they drove off. Poor baby!

(Yes I'm a bad mom for taking pictures of my kid crying. It was SO sweet though!)

Now, you might be wondering why they towed it away. This sweet car wasn't going without a fight! 

Back in May when they first came to drop off the suburban they thought we'd like and pick this car up, we went to start it and it was dead! Dead. Turns out we (the kids) left a car door open for the previous two weeks and the battery had died. The guy helping us told us not to worry and that they would tow it when we knew for sure we wanted to keep the car. 

Fast forward two and a half months and they came to tow the (still) dead car away. I went to get the key for the driver and couldn't find it anywhere. Seven hours and a totally torn apart house later, we can't find them anywhere. I have looked in every drawer, cupboard, bag, backpack, purse, jacket pocket, stroller, toy basket... I can't find it anywhere! 

They ended up taking it anyway, but I have NO clue what the next step will be! So, I guess the saga is still not over. 

Sigh... Who does that?!?


Brittany Sciba said...

Your new car is beautiful!!! Those pictures of Charley made me want to cry - sweet girl!

Sarah McCoy said...

Love the new car. And your missing keys, crying kids, old car story is hysterical!!!