Monday, August 11, 2014

Of Mice and Men (Boys)

One night last week I was sitting on the floor playing with Molly while Anthony was putting the big kids to sleep. 

All of a sudden I heard a "squeak squeak squeak" sound coming from the breakfast room. 

And I knew what that sound was. 

I looked in the room and crouched in the corner was a mouse. Cornered by our kitty Ella (who had just brought the scared little thing in to "play chase" with). 

Now, I'm an animal lover. I've held mice and rats and gerbils and hamsters. But there is something about a wild mouse in your house out of your control that sends shivers down your spine. But I really did feel sorry for the mouse and wanted it to go free. 

So I grabbed Molly, ran upstairs and woke Anthony from his deep deep sleep. I shook him and whispered, "Anthony! Ella brought a mouse in our house!"  He FLEW out of bed, almost knocking CK off the bed in the process!

We ran downstairs and just stared for a second. Finally I said, "Alright, we need a plan. Let's block off the entrances to the breakfast room and shoo it out the back door." So I get busy (Molly in tow) moving things to block the entrance of the room, while Anthony seriously just stands there. I am pretty sure I hissed, "Well if you aren't going to help corner the mouse at least hold the baby!" He sort of snapped out if it and moved a thing or two. 

I told him to go open the back door so we could coax the mouse out. He wouldn't even walk through the room! Ha! He went out the pool door and around the back outside to open it. Hilarious. 

Anyway, he grabbed a broom and I was screaming "Don't kill it! Don't kill it!" He assured me he wouldn't. 

All of a sudden we couldn't see it anymore. 

Just then I saw my crystal wine glasses moving. It had crawled up (did you know mice were such avid crawlers?!) the back of our wine cabinet and was hiding up in the glasses!!!! All you could see was a tail hanging down. 


So Ant and I just kind of looked at each other- totally puzzled. Then he busts out the BEST idea. "Hey! Why don't we get the neighbor boys???" GENIUS! 

Our neighbors are 10 and 7 and have had several pet rats. They love animals and are all boy- totally fearless. A few minutes later Anthony comes back with them (and their animal loving mom!) in tow. She walks right up to the wine rack and starts unloading the glasses like it's no big thing!!! What?!? 

She unloads them and is sweet talking that mouse. Then the oldest boy (wearing gloves) reaches up, grabs the mouse by the tail, and that was it!! 

The two boys happily walked the mouse down to the bayou and set it free! And that was that!

Meanwhile, Anthony and I still coming down off our ledge of shivers and screaming fits! 

Waytogo, boys. 


the blogivers said...

Yikes! Thank the Lord for good neighbors!

Jenni said...

Umm...I would flip out. Thankfully Clay deals with mice all the time, so I'd totally let him handle it while I run and hide!

Stacey said...

Umm. I would have had to move. I need some neighbor boys like that!