Thursday, August 21, 2014

Jay is Four!

How do I even begin this post?

FOUR years ago today God chose me to become a mommy. 

It has been the greatest, hardest, most humbling, yet rewarding thing I have ever ever done. There are times when it comes so easily and when I can't imagine ever feeling happier. And there are times when I have to dig down so deep to find the strength just to finish the day. 

Four years ago today my life changed forever. I can picture that night/morning like it was yesterday. This story is still fresh in my mind. 

Holding my screaming baby for the first time, I had no idea how much I could love him. Watching him cry, then turn to find me to nurse because he totally depended on me was unbelievable. I thought I loved him then, but I had no idea how strong of a love I would develop for him over the next four years.

Jay has turned out to be one of the most wonderful kids I've ever known. I don't just say that because he's mine. It's true. He is such a precious soul.

He is so genuinely kind. He truly loves and cares for others. Never the instigator, never the aggressor. Just good to the core. He's sensitive and thoughtful. While sometimes it's tough to be a sensitive boy (and it will be through middle school), it makes for a wonderful quality in a husband and friend (I know this because his daddy is the same way- and we all know he stole my heart!).

But he doesn't put up with crap. He's become so tough over the past year. He will fight back (and usually win), he will play rough and tackle and stick up for himself. These things make him such a boy to me- and it makes me so proud to see his confidence.

He's really really really smart. He's definitely got the Moriarty (my maiden name) numbers-mind. He thinks in numbers. Everyone and everything is tied to a number. His little mind is always working and he can remember things that I forget. I truly think he is a very bright little boy and can't wait to see what the future holds academically.

He loves his friends. He craves them. Everyday he asks who we are going to see. He loves to be around his best buddies and has a handful of very close friends. But he is so good at making new friends, too! At camps this summer he came home each day with names of new friends. And his friends love him because he is so good to them. Makes a momma proud.

He is athletic and coordinated and seriously swims like a fish. At not even four years old it truly amazes me some of the things this boy can do. He is so comfortable in the water and comes by his physicality very naturally.

His interests are ever evolving- but he still loves animals. He still knows so much about them and plays with them. But he also loves dragons, super heroes, ninja turtles, sports, and whatever other "boy" things you can think of. He is excellent at playing alone and I love listening to his creative play!

He is big for his age. I have yet to meet another child within a few months of him on either side that is taller than him. And he's solid. Heavy, dense bones. And strong.

He has the sweetest lisp that I will be sad for him to grow out of one day. His "s" sound is said with his tongue out and it's just precious.

His laugh is contagious and his sense of humor is remarkable. He's always had a great sense of humor. It's hard not to get tickled as you listen to his laugh!

There is so much more I could write about this special boy. He truly is one of a kind. I wasn't sure about having a little boy when I first found out his gender at the ultrasound. I was nervous going into uncharted territory. But I can honestly say it has been one of the biggest honors of my life being this little boy's mother. He is so incredible and I am so very thankful that God chose me to be his mother. 

I can't believe four years have already flown by- just like that! I pray that time moves a little slower. 

What a blessing this little boy is. 

Happy happy birthday sweet Jay! I love you more than I could ever explain! 


Anonymous said...

That post was annoying. Sure you love him and he is so great and wnderful, but the way you always brag on how perfect your kids are is annoying. Sure i feel those same things about my child, but would never write a whole post on it like that for all to see. A little to braggy for me...

Brittany Sciba said...

This was such a sweet post, Courtney! Your blog is YOUR blog for YOUR kids and if someone doesn't like it, the should simply choose to stop reading it. I am sad that someone would choose to leave such a negative comment and try to steal your joy on the day you are celebrating your son's birthday! Just my two cents. ;) Happy birthday to Jay!

the blogivers said...

First commenter should have had the stick removed from their butt before they hit "publish!"

HAPPY 4th BIRTHDAY, sweet boy!

Maggie Coleman said...

Jay is perfect in every way! If someone doesn't want to hear about how wonderful and perfect Jay is then they should have stopped reading. I am ANNOYED at the fact that they had the nerve to comment that. Happy birthday, Jay! I love and adore you so much!!

Jason and Jenny said...

First, happy birthday Jay!! I've loved reading your story so far and can't wait to see it unfold more!
Second, people who write comments like that are just ridiculously rude and have no place inserting their comments here.

Jenni said...

Happy Birthday, Jay!! (My phone wouldn't let me comment!) You are a lucky Mama with such a special boy, and he's a lucky boy with a great Mama!

Brooke Thompson said...

Happy birthday sweet boy! Pretty sure "anonymous"= "jealous."

andrea ivey said...

Hey Anonimos,

I wood qualify anoying more as poor speling and grammer? Or may-b thats just me?

Keep b-ing awesum!

Anonymous said...

You're an idiot. If you don't like it, don't read it. Get a life.

Meagan said...

Happy {belated} birthday, Jay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I somehow missed this post, but loved reading about the little boy he has become. And to anonymous--you're ridiculous. How about you post that same comment with your real name? What? Too scared to stand behind your own words? Thought so.

Jennifer said...

Jay is an amazing little boy. He deserves to feel loved and special and you do a wonderful job of that. I adore him almost as much!

And I would appreciate someone telling me when a celebration of a 4 year old's birthday became all about the #QueenofMean's hurt feelings. Oh it's not, silly me!

( and the very first comment, too, now we are talking #Winning )