Thursday, August 7, 2014

Hairy Few Days

There's been a lot of "hair" talk in the Squillante household these past few days. 

Most important things first- Miss Charley Kate got her first haircut! 

She's been asking to get her haircut the past two times Anthony and Jay have had theirs done. I was definitely not ready for it to be cut! 

But over the past few weeks I definitely noticed it looking stringier. So over the weekend I decided that this was the week! But between soccer camp, play dates, other appointments, and so on, it was just tough to find the time. But this morning we had a free hour between things and we seized the moment! 

My mom met us there (can't have too many cheerleaders for such a big occasion!). I talked to her a lot about what was going to be done and girlfriend was READY! 

The lady washed it- CK loved that part! Her little hands started out so tense but then relaxed...

Then the lady put a towel on her head (just like mommy!)

Then she started cutting! I only had an inch or two taken off the back- less mullet looking! 

Then we got her to blowdry it! Charley is obsessed with my blowdryer! 

And then the sweet lady braided it as an extra "exciting" thing for us!

Y'all, she sat SO still! She was stoic but I could tell that she seriously loved EVERY second of this. Once the whole process was finished she had the best smirk on her face. She just couldn't stop smiling! It was just precious! 

Soooo basically she's ready to go back and do it again! Amazing considering her brother's first experience was far different! I guess that's what happens when you get haircuts at 2.5 years old vs 10 months old! Heh heh... 

Here is her before

Now, onto another hairy story...

I have been toying with the idea of chopping my hair for some time. With three kids it takes me forever to get ready in the mornings, it's really hot, and let's just be honest- I needed a change in myself. 

So I chopped it! TEN INCHES!!!!! 

Here are some before pictures (terrible pics- hair was nasty from heat/humidity, but I had to take some!)

And after... (Excuse all the selfies! You do what you gotta do!)

I LOVE it!!!!!!! It feels so much lighter! And cooler! And it feels like me. I have always had short hair. When he cut it and I looked in the mirror, it just felt like it was how I was supposed to look. Like me. Plus, Anthony loves my hair short! So that's always a win! 

Downside- it took me two plus years to grow this out. Two pregnancies (aka two great hair hormone times). It had never been that long ever in my life and likely it never will again. I loved it while I had it- somehow it made me feel more womanly, a little "sexier" if that is possible. I just loved having pretty wavy long hair that I could a lot of things with. 

But it was time for a change. And I couldn't be happier! 


the blogivers said...

You both look great!! Pretty 'dos for pretty gals ;)

The Joiners said...

Love both your haircuts!

Jenni said...

Love it!! My hair is really long, and I am super tempted to chop it!! Connor looooooves my long hair, though, so it would break his little heart if I did it!

Sarah McCoy said...

Charlie is adorable and you look beautiful!!! Way to go ladies!!!

Emily said...

CK is too cute! Love the pic of her holding her face! LOVE your cut!! Looks fab!!!

Casey Charles said...

I LOVE your hair!

The Torno's said...

Yay Snip-its! That's where Hailey goes too! Love your cut too. Mine will never be long again either!