Friday, July 25, 2014

Week in Pictures (and Words).

Our weeks seem to get busier and busier. And I certainly have have no complaints about that. One of my friends from church has a hashtag that she puts on a lot of her Instagram/Facebook pictures that is #daysarelongyearsareshort and I love that saying SO much! It is SO true!! I live that every. single. day.

So because I have so many things to post about and not a ton of time, here is (part of) our week in pictures. And explanations. 

The top of my freezer. Excellence. 

This picture so perfectly describes my kids. Charley Kate always touching Molly- and her cleaning products. Jay being sweet with both sisters and always holding an animal/dinosaur. And sweet Molly- just going with the flow!

We went to my uncke's lake house last weekend to celebrate my grandmother's 84th birthday. I actually got some boat time with the big kids! So fun seeing them on the lake! 
Charley Kate will be a river/lake beauty for sure. She loves riding on the boat (frequently telling the driver to go faster!). She loves to just ride and drink her little drink. 

Jay is a typical boy and loves to play! Loves tubing, jumping off the dock, swimming in the lake, fishing, and riding wave runners. 

I posted this on FB the other day, so sorry if you've already read this. But CK loves playing with "wep wipes." As she had already finished off one pack and was starting on the next, I made her stop. Well, you would have thought I slapped her- she was SO upset! After tantruming, screaming/crying, and stomping away (I ignored all of this), she stomped back right in front of me and said, "I'm not your best friend anymore!" Ahhh the drama of girls. Sigh...

I got to tube with them! Charley's first time! She LOVED it! She leaned over during the ride and said, "Mommy! Dis is FUN!"

Nap time at the lake. So typical of my kids. Jay tucked in and nicely sleeping on his back. CK sprawled out half on the bed, no covers, and just a hot mess. I just love them both! 

Cousins' kids playing together. 

Our whole crew that was there! We missed Michelle and Scott and my cousin Trey! Even Tex made front and center! 

One morning we were up early and needed to fill some time. (Amateur) face painting time! A tiger...

...and a deranged clown! Sorry CK, between my poor paint job and your smearing and the look on your face, it was a little scary! 

On Tuesday we headed to the Blue Bell Factory with one of my sisters, my mom, aunt, cousin and nieces/nephews. It was my FIRST time there and SUCH a blast! Love me some Blue Bell!

And then there was some of this with this 8 week old! Go girl! 

Ohhhhh Charley girl. No words. 

Again. No words. 

So yeah. There's all that. Add in some swimming, some gymnastics, Chuck E Cheese, mall fun, and several Target/HEB trips and you've got our week. 

Days are long. Years are short. But I stinkin love it! 

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Leah said...

love this. i feel like i know your kids, is that creepy? Also, I loooove how CK said that she wasn't going to be your best friend anymore... hilarious. :)