Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Molly is 2 Months!

Well, actually it was yesterday that she turned 2 months, but she had her doctor's appointment today so I wanted to wait to update with her stats!

Ok so seriously, I love this baby so much. I don't know what it is, but this baby-stage has been my favorite of them all. I think with Jay I had no clue what I was doing and with Charley Kate I was in a fog from having a newborn and an 18 month old. I'm so relaxed this time around and realize that this stage is fleeting. Plus, Molly is a pretty darn good baby, so put it all together and I just can't get enough of her!

This is what I want to remember about sweet Molly at two months...

-She seriously is so so sweet. I love her smiles and half giggles. She dishes them out to me like it's going out of style! She gives them to everyone, but her brother and sister and momma get them right away (she's around us all day everyday, so you know why)
-She is a great little eater. Just about every three hours through the day for about 15 min. She's actually on a schedule more than any other kid with eating around the same time each day (give or take 30 min). Not on my doing, but just how it falls for her when she's ready in the mornings. 
-She really likes to eat for the last time somewhere in the 8:00 hour at night then gets her big stretch of sleep then. A typical night is a 5 hour stretch, so once she's down (930ish) Anthony and I hit the hay to take advantage of it.
-She gets up for the day around 8, so this gives me time to get Jay and Charley (and the pets and myself) fed and taken care of and then pump!
-Her middle of the night feedings are just transitioning to about 5-6 min, so I can tell she doesn't need as much and hopefully will start going longer! 
-She is pretty happy all day long. She eats, then plays/watches her siblings/is on the go for 1.5-2 hrs, then sleeps for an hour, then is ready to eat and repeat! 
-She is so different than the other two in that she likes to be put down. She definitely gets overstimulated easily (maybe it's her older siblings in her face all. day. long.!) and doesn't like to be held nonstop. Luckily she sleeps while not being held. And a lot of times if she is super fussy and we can't calm her down, we will swaddle her or just tuck a blanket around her and put her in the swing/bouncy seat/car seat and she is immediately happy. 
-She actually sits in her car seat happily for long stretches of time. What?!? Love this!!! 
-She loves to be outside and that immediately calms her. 
-She's generally super laid back, but when she's mad she is LOUD! 
-She likes the pacifier sometimes, spits it out others, and sucks on her hand other times. Anxious to see what she chooses! 
-I have been trying to pump almost every morning this time around to build up my supply and make sure she is taking bottles. So far so good!
-It's confirmed that she, too has an umbilical hernia like her brother! What?!?!!?!
-She actually has a teeny (smaller than a pencil eraser) birthmark on her right side/ribcage that matches her big sister's!
-Only poops once a day, which is so different than her siblings!
-Loves going on walks and jogs! Yay!
-Is really strong, likes to watch everything going on around her, doesn't mind tummy time, and is truly "waking up" from the newborn stage. Loving this baby!

We really are so so blessed with this sweet baby girl. She has really added such a wonderful dynamic to our family. Life was pretty easy before her, but she has ruffled very few feathers with her entrance and has just helped make the transition from 2 to 3 kids so easy. I just love this little baby!!

Two month stats from her appointment...
Length: 23.25 in (86%)
Weight: 12 lbs exactly (72%)
FOC: 15.25 (70%)

Her siblings' stats...
Length: 24.5 in (92%)
Weight: 12 lbs 5 oz (66%)
FOC: ??

Length: 23.75 in (95%)
Weight: 10 lbs, 9 oz (32%)
FOC: 15 in (47%)


Emily Peters said...

How has it already been 2 months??? Molly is so sweet and I just LOVE how they all favor each other!!

Jenni said...

SLOW DOWN, TIME!! She's precious and sounds like a great 3rd baby! (c: Good job on the pumping/doing bottles. Abby has had ONE bottle, and I start back at work next week. Eeek. I can't force myself to pump when I can feed her since I know I'll be attached to that thing soon!