Monday, July 14, 2014

Lucky Number 7!

Today marks 7 years of being married to my handsome husband, Anthony! 

Anthony's sweet mom texted weeks ago and asked if we wanted them to come in and babysit all three kids so we could go out to dinner and on our first post-baby date. As bad as I feel asking people to babysit, I said YES! 

We went to dinner and this is longest I have been away from Molly in the entire 7 weeks of her life! The first 45 minutes were pretty nerve-wracking! I kept feeling the need to put her pacifier back in or make sure she was sleeping (clearly she wasn't with us- just a habit!). Finally I let go and we really really enjoyed our night together. I can honestly say that is the longest we have hung out and talked in over 7 weeks. It was wonderful. It's always hard finding time for your spouse, but having a newborn and two toddlers/preschoolers makes it virtually impossible to get more than 30 min here and there. 

Dinner was amazing and company was the best! 

The best part is that we got home at 930ish (I know, wild and crazy kids!), and all three kids were asleep for the night! Success! 

A huge thanks to Anthony's parents for making the long drive to help us out. It was sooo needed! 

And one thing I don't want to forget... I came out with my dress on and makeup/hair done (you know, for the first time in months). And Jay saw me and said, "Oh mommy. You are so pretty."  And he just hugged me and kept staring at me and playing with my hair. That sweet sweet boy- his wife is gonna love him some day! 


The Joiners said...

Happy anniversary- so glad y'all got to celebrate! And that's too sweet about Jay :)

the blogivers said...

Sweet Jay! Happy anniversary to a great couple!

Gillian said...

Happy anniversary! So glad you got to enjoy a night out :)

Casey Charles said...

Congrats! Love sweet Jay's comment...he is right!