Monday, July 14, 2014

Just Stuff

We've had VBS at our church each night this week! 

This is Charley Kate's first year to go- and she is loving it! 

I am remembering last year when I taught the 2's class with Courtney- what a whipping! I am extra thankful for all the teachers and volunteers this year- and a little part of me is dying over not being able to be there and help! But I know Miss Molly needs me right now and I'm happy to be with her! Of course Jay is LOVING it and thinks he's big stuff these days! 

Speaking of, he has been trying to convince me for a while that naps are overrated. Today he woke up pretty late (for him... It was like 7:20) and got a pretty good night of sleep. So when it came time for naps, he told me he didn't need one because "naps are awful!" Since he seemed pretty rested, I obliged and agreed to let him have some downtime on the couch instead. I put CK down and then it was Molly's turn. After putting her down I went out to the couch and found Jay passed out- iPad in hand, blanket out of the drawer, and propped on a couch pillow! My big tough guy still needs a nap whether or not he wants to admit it! 

I have LOVED watching this sweet little face morph from newborn into a baby. I honestly can't get enough of her! She is just the sweetest, snuggliest, most wonderful little thing! How do I not remember how amazing this smiley newborn stage is?! 

We have such a busy week ahead- with yesterday being no exception! I have loved staying busy all summer- it makes the days go by quickly. But then I blink and realize it's mid-July which means summer is halfway over. Then I get all sad and want time to slow down some. You can't have it both ways, Courtney! 

Oh, and a final note... We are still dealing with our suburban saga! Ordered ours end of April. No sign of the restriction being lifted (meaning no sign of a custom Burb). Now they are searching for one to fit our specific needs- which we aren't having any luck with either! If you remember they loaned us a brand new Tahoe pre-Molly. A week or two after she was here, they found one they thought we might like (close to what we wanted, minus a few MAJOR things). After six weeks if being "loaned" that one, it was sold and yesterday we swapped out for another brand new one (definitely not one we want to keep). Patience is definitely a virtue here and it's actually laughable because hello first world problems! 

Anyway, in the meantime my kids are getting used to the fact that you get a brand new car every few weeks! Ha! Boy, their hearts will be broken when they learn the truth! 

Until left time... 

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Richeson's Hiatus said...

I adore Jay's swiper fingers on the ipad's screen sound asleep. Such a beautiful family you have.