Sunday, July 6, 2014

Celebrating the 4th!

Last weekend, I got a text from a friend asking if we had 4th of July plans. Coincidentally, we just had a baby and pretty much have no weekend plans (other than birthday parties here and there).

After being alone all last weekend, I jumped at the chance to "getaway" for a bit to their lakehouse.

The upside on why we went: it's close (a two hour drive), they have two houses side by side so we would have plenty of space for our whole crew (not cramming five of us in one room!), I had been there before and knew what to expect, we didn't have to cook or go out of our way (the Lodge is a boat/car ride away and has food at every meal), great friends for the kids and us, and it was close (did I already mention that?!). Plus, they have a baby girl too and I knew the daddies and big kids could go boat and play and the mommies and babies would stay on shore. I figured if I was going to be sitting around feeding Molly and just hanging out, I might as well do it with a friend!

And oh man, it was a GREAT time! Definitely the most fun 4th of July we've had since kids have been in the picture!

I have known this other couple forever. I knew the husband starting back in 4th grade and the wife since 9th grade. They have twin boys that are 10 days older than Jay and the boys have been in school together since they were 2 (and have done gymnastics and camps and a million other things together). It was a great weekend with great friends. The kids were amazing (even staying up until 1030 both nights!) and Molly was a rockstar! Seriously, that girl is incredible!

Oh, and apparently Jay has become fearless and super brave. He tried so many things for the first time this weekend- I am SOOOO proud of him! No pushing or prodding by us- he asked to do everything all on his own! Way to go, buddy!

The first night we got there at 8 after traffic and heavy downpours on the way (Molly did ok. We stopped halfway through to feed her and she was much happier!).  After dinner and a boat ride, the daddies thought it would be a good idea to go buy fireworks and do them! Late night it was... 

They  loved it- and Charley Kate decided she was one of the boys for the weekend! :)

Meanwhile, Molly did a lot of this to pass the time  :)

Fourth of July morning was spent fishing, jumping off the dock and swimming in the lake, then boat rides, paddle boarding, and wave runner rides... All before lunch time! Fun it was!

The boys!

They caught a teeny fish!

One of my FAVORITE pictures!!!!! Jay LOVES doing "trick jumps" into the water!

The boys getting pulled on the tube!

This is crazy to me! Total fearlessness! 
(The "push" at the top was to make sure they cleared the boat at the bottom!)

Trying to wakeboard!!!!!!

Jay jumping off- can you see him to the right of the flag?!!?

 By far one of my FAVORITE pictures from the whole weekend! 

We did more of this while waiting!

Selfies because we were bored waiting! :)

Proud mommies watching their boys tube!

The boys went and had lunch at the Lodge and swam and played on the playground, and all the girls stayed back (including CK). CK busied herself making a "grocery store" with all the snacks we brought outside. I even had to bring my wallet and pay! :)

We all hung around and took naps and baths and got ready for dinner at the Lodge and the fireworks show. It was a super fun night!! 

Nursing in the middle of the party- I went over by the pool (empty) and sat in a lounge chair away from everything. 
Sometimes being a nursing momma gets lonely :)

But then I get sweet smiles and it's totally worth it! 

Charley Kate and Brooks' first date! Ha!
Watching fireworks... 

Clapping at the end of the show! 
These two LOVED the fireworks. Like, didn't take their eyes off. 
Jay and Parks couldn't have been less interested :)

Our whole group!

Such a fun and short little weekend. Perfect for mine and Molly's first escape from the dregs of newborn-hood. And we are totes willing to go again if they'll have us! :)

Ps- here are a few pics from our first trip to their lake house two years ago! Crazy how things change!! 

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the blogivers said...

Sounds like a fun 4th to me, and I'm impressed at your willingness to travel (even a short distance with a good set-up) with 2 kids and 1 baby!