Thursday, July 31, 2014

A Fabulous Find

I love when people share a great find with me! And y'all, I found a GREAT product! 

The Vegetti. 

Now, don't let the name scare you off. It sounds like a product you might find in an adults only store. 

But it's a vegetable-spaghetti tool. You make spaghetti from veggies. Yup. Boom. 

Now I've done the cauliflower rice (and pizza crust and mashed potatoes, etc). I've done the pasta made with veggies mixed in with the flour. I've done spaghetti squash. But this is different! Maybe not different, but another option! 

So it's just this simple machine

And I got two squashes and two zucchinis. And I curled them in there and got this!

I boiled them like regular noodles

And then added our regular sauce and voila! Dinner!

Now you might ask, did my kids actually eat this?? And my honest answer- pretty much! 

I knew Jay would balk at the different colors. So I showed him ahead of time and made a big deal that I "found" Ironman and Hulk pasta. He totally bought it. I also put chicken sausage in the sauce, so that definitely got him over the hump. He didn't love the "green pasta" but I think that was just a mental thing. So he ate it and I was SO pleased! Y'all, this kid HATES all veggies and fruits. So this is a big find for me!!!! 

And CK. She's easy. She eats pretty much everything (requests broccoli and green beans and tries whatever) so she ate it all just fine. 

Anthony and I loved it. You honestly couldn't tell the difference at all! This will absolutely be used a ton in our house! And only $14.99!!! 

Success people. This was definitely a success! 


Jenni said...

Awesome!! I might have to get that! And I feel your pain on Jay...Levi is a struggle when it comes to food!

ChelseaSalomone said...

Um amazing!!! Where can I order?? Are you selling them? You should! JK! I totally just got sold

The Joiners said...

Good to know, will have to check this out!!