Monday, June 9, 2014

You Can't Make This Up

Lest you think my days are rosy, here's a little story for ya...

Yesterday Charley Kate woke up at 6 (after Molly had a night with little "good" sleep- just very restless all night long and eating every 2ish hours). So the three girls get up and get our day going before Jay comes down around 6:30.

By 8:30, we have watched the entirety of How to Train Your Dragon (for the first time- it was such a cute movie!), eaten breakfast (and a snack for CK), played Playdough/dolls/animals/iPads, and had our handyman Luis and his guys over and repaired both of our backdoors and alarms. Needless to say, I was bracing myself for a looooong day.

We had an errand to run in West Katy/Fulshear, which is a solid 30 minute drive from our house. I knew my kids wouldn't last a straight hour in the car at this point (looking at you Molly!), so we made plans to meet some of our good friends for lunch halfway through the drive at Chick Fil A.

We were making good progress and I knew Molly would need to eat around 11:30- about the time we were getting to Chick Fil A. Instead of meeting there, I suggested we meet at their house so I could feed M. At this point Molly had done great in the car, but I knew we would be cutting it close. Just as we pulled into Chick Fil A, I heard a HUGE poop and then she started to scream- nonstop for the next 20 minutes until we got our food and got to Stacy's house. Oy. Even the lady at Chick Fil A giving us our food felt sorry for us.

So we get to Stacy's and we had beaten them there. I knew I needed to change and feed Molly stat, so we got all our junk out on the front porch (food, bags, toys, kids). I changed her diaper and it was a HUGE explosive diaper up her front and back. GROSS. I whip her clothes off and grab the wipes- only to discover Anthony left me with only three (he loves wet wipes for cleaning EVERYthing) and NO change of clothes for M (c'mon, that's a rookie mom mistake- not a mom-of-three mistake, dangit!). So I'm trying to utilize these three wipes and get her cleaned off, naked on Stacy's porch. As I'm holding her draped over my thigh cleaning her back, she starts to pee all over me. That was a good moment.

Meanwhile, my older two kids are just laughing and playing with each other, PRAISETHELORD. Molly gets cleaned up and is still screaming and ready to eat, so I load the kids back in the car to feed her (and keep them contained while I do so). After getting her set up and latched on, Stacy pulls up, so it's back out of the car we go. We bring in all our junk (while I'm still nursing) and eat lunch.

Molly proceeds to scream on and off for our visit, but otherwise the kids had a great time. We head home around 1 ready for naps.

For some reason, Molly is on a two hour eating schedule the last day and a half (two week growth spurt?), so we barely make it home in time before screaming commences. Instead of taking the slow route and putting the kids in their beds one by one and trying to feed M at the same time, I throw them all in my bed again and start feeding her. Luckily, this pays off and everyone naps at the same time again. Including me.

So I'm feeling pretty good after naps. I might have been a little cocky thinking it would be a great afternoon because of the chaotic morning.


So my new breast pump came in the mail and Molly was still asleep (through the two hour mark!), so I decided to use the pump and then we could give her a bottle later depending on when she woke up. PS- LOVE LOVE LOVE the pump. Like so much. I've never had a "great" pump before. This one is amazing. Anyway, five minutes into pumping, Molly wakes up (of course). I prop her up on my thigh and finish pumping (while Charley Kate is watching like a hawk- she is so enthralled with this process). Then I say it's time to give Molly a bottle to which Jay replies, "I want to do it, Mom!! Can I please?" Oh my word, OF COURSE. He was SO proud to give her her first bottle and did it so well. He just watched her eat and talked to her. Sweetest ever!

Once Molly downed the bottle, Charley Kate decided she, too, would like a turn. Since that was all the milk I had, I made a quick bottle of formula and let CK try that with her. Molly took a few sips, but was pretty full, and Charley Kate was satisfied that she, too, got to give Molly a bottle! Love my bigs!

Anyway, Molly was full and happy so I suggested we give her a bath since she had pooped herself earlier. Of course CK wanted to get in, and Jay just wanted to play upstairs. So we start the bath and everyone is having a great time... until Molly poops all over the place in the tub WITH Charley Kate! I quick yank CK out then start draining the water and for the second time that day started cleaning poop off of Molly. As I am cleaning out the tub and the little bath seat, I hear my kids playing so well together out of the bath/shower part of the bathroom. They are in the sink/mirror/vanity part and I love their happy sounds. I had the door closed to keep Molly warm while I cleaned.

Charley then opens the door and says, "Mommy, come wis (with) me" and she wants me to go to the other part of the bathroom that they are in. I get up and follow and see that both sinks are filled to the top with water so that their "sharks can swim!" Then I notice the water still running in both sinks and a TON of water covering the floor from the sinks. Oh. My.

For some unknown reason to me, I remain ridiculously calm and collected. I explain that we can't overflow the sinks because it floods the floor, etc, and to get back so I can mop it up. Just then, Jay decides to keep swimming his shark in the sink which sends more water over the sides and onto the floor. I just looked at him and said, "Jay, it is in your best interest to walk away right now. Go into your room and play." And because he is my sensitive sweet boy, he starts to cry. And because Charley is who she is, she starts to cry. And because Molly is a newborn, she starts to cry.

So I'm standing in water on my bathroom floor with two overflowing sinks and poop in a bathtub and three crying kids all under the age of four, and I just laugh. And start cleaning. And it's only 4:00.

You can't make this stuff up, people.


Kate said...

Hahah! I'm so sorry! :-( there will be better days!!! What breast pump did you get?

Gillian said...

Oh my word! What a day. You really are super mom and doing such an amazing job of keeping it all in perspective. Way to go!

Brittany Sciba said...

Wow! You are such a great momma and are doing an amazing job! You're right…sometimes you just have to laugh! I was always happy to move out of the blowout diaper phase. Mine seemed to have them at least once a day and always in the car too!!

Brittany Sciba said...

Also, I was cracking up about the water situation because what is it with kids and water?! Reid has such a fascination and LOVES filling up cups and stuff in our master bathroom while I'm getting ready and it always ends up everywhere!

Leah said...

I believe it! It sounds just about right Courtney!! Sounds like you're doing great!


Emily said...

I feel ya on the poop in the tub thing... for some reason, that's E's new thing right now... I think we're going on 5 days in a row!!! Hang in there, Momma!!! You are a CHAMP!!!

ChelseaSalomone said...

That sounds exactly about right. I am so sorry!!!! I know you must have been EXHAUSTED by bedtime. The good news is, this is karma for a lot of really smooth days to come. Got a crazy one out of the way!

The Joiners said...

Oh my goodness… sounds like you need a drink, so I'd say that pump came just in time ;) Keep up the good work, mama!

Jason and Jenny said...

Sounds like a wild day and one where you could have easily cried by that 4pm bath incident! Way to go for laughing! (Is it wrong that I laugh a lot too during the stress or even sometimes when I'm disciplining drew? I can't help it!)
So glad you are giving us a glimpse into real life

Jenni said...

I can just picture this unfolding! Glad it's in the past and you can look back and laugh! The no extra outfit thing...that's not a rookie mom mistake. That's a "I have three kids under 4, so surely SOMETHING will get looked over every once in a while!" What pump do you have? I have had the same one since Connor was born...I am considering getting a new one since I use it so much when I go back to work!