Thursday, June 26, 2014

So We're Doing This

Two weekends ago, Charley decided she wanted to wear her panties around. It was nothing major because she often wears them and plays in them, so I didn't really think anything of it.

But when she actually was wearing them and telling me on her own that she needed to go teetee, I thought we might be onto something.

It's now been a week and a half of panty-wearing. And while we're not 100% potty trained, I'd say we are on our way! We've done lots of public outings in them, used lots of public potties, and even done naps in them!

The best part is, Miss Independent doesn't want mommy coming into the potty with her. She wants to do it all on her own like a big girl. So I'm usually having to watch her through the crack in the door or listen for when she goes. Eesh. She's really done such a super job, though! At the beginning of this she'd sit on the potty for what felt like forever. Now she's super efficient and can go quickly! She's also getting to the point where she is telling us that she needs to go instead of us asking her all the time if she needs to (and by us I mean me, let's be honest).

Several days last week she fell asleep in the car before nap, and I knew if I woke her we wouldn't have naptime that day. So I just stuck a towel under her and hoped for the best. And every single day she woke up dry- with the exception of one (a day she didn't fall asleep in the car and actually went swimming that morning (and probably ingested a ton of water)).

Anyway, she's been doing great, and I know we will have setbacks, but at 2 yrs and 4 months of age, I think she's doing a really great job of kid-led potty training! Go girl!

As far as pooping goes, she's still very scared to try it (Jay was too!). But when it's poopoo time she will bring a diaper to me and say, "Mommy I need to go poopoo. You put a diaper on?" and just like that we will put the diaper on and she'll go and we will change it right away. I'm sure I should be making her go on the potty, but considering it's really poor timing to start potty training with a ONE MONTH OLD, I'll just take it nice and slow- and make it easier on myself! Believe me, if she weren't the one leading this charge, I wouldn't be thinking about it AT ALL!

She's also made it through the camp this week (gone 9-12) and has had to tell her teachers if she needed to go. She only had one accident on one day- girl's doing awesome!

Oh, and don't even get me started on her little rear end in those panties! TO DIE FOR!

PS- Moms of teeny girls- where do you find panties small enough?! These things are HUGE on her!!!! I've tried several brands!

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kinsey said...

Yeah for her! Stella started the whole process on her own too. Like 6 weeks after she turned two. Girls ;). and She's also tiny and the size 2/3 character underwear from target is what fits. Gap underwear falls off immediately. Ha!