Sunday, June 22, 2014

One Month Down!

Welp, I'm happy to report we have survived one month with Molly! And honestly, how in the WORLD has one month flown by!?

In typical newborn fashion, sister doesn't do much other than eat, sleep, poop, and cry. 

-She's generally a really good baby. Not as easy as Charley, not as tough as Jay- just somewhere blissfully between! 

-She goes anywhere from 2.5-3 hours between feedings during the day and nurses about 20 minutes. She almost always wakes after 2 hours of the start of the feeding to poop. And then I have to get her back to sleep! 

-Molly is super alert like Jay was. Very wakeful and watches a lot. She will typically be awake for about 1-2 hrs after I start a feeding. During the night she's getting better about lessening that (thank goodness!!!). I am always amazed at people with sleepy newborns- why don't I get that?!

-She will sleep in her little bassinet thingy (elevated and totally cradles her-like a v shape) at night for the most part. I haven't even tried her bassinet yet or laying her flat other than in bed with us on especially tired nights. 

-She definitely had a rough go of it a few days last week. It was a growth spurt and thankfully we survived. Think nursing round the clock and screaming in between. It was a rough few days. 

-No matter how angry she gets, taking her outside calms her 90% of the time. In fact, she will just sit in her bouncy seat/carseat/anything while the kids swim and eventually pass out. 

-She's definitely working the eat, play, sleep routine. We will feed her, then she will be awake (and "play"- sit in one if her seats, lay on her playmat, be held by her siblings), then once she starts to fuss we will swaddle her up and she will sleep for a bit. 

-One of the best parts about her is she will sleep not being held! Holla!

-Once she fusses and you swaddle her (just in a blanket) she knows it's her "cue" that it's sleepy time, and she really relaxes. Charley loved the Moby and it worked the same for her.

-Not sure of her weight or length, but she's definitely filled out. I think she's the biggest one yet at one month.

-Looks-wise I think she is a really true mix of Jay and Charley Kate. Sometimes I see Jay and sometimes CK. And sometimes I see neither. I love that's she's uniquely her own!

-She really is a sweet sweet baby. I feel like I have figured her out sooner than the others. While there are still occasional periods of fussing, she's pretty easy going as long as I can read her signals- and she's pretty regular with those.

-Her older siblings seriously ADORE her. They can't get enough loving on her. They are always holding her, laying on the floor with her, bothering her playing with her, kissing her, and generally just spoiling her. I am so thrilled they have reacted to her so lovingly!

Sweet Molly, we love you so much. You have proven to be a typical third kid- so easy going and just happy to be on the go and out and about. Your little personality is so chill and we just love you to pieces. We can't wait to learn more about you and find out who you really are!

And because I always love a good comparison, here are her siblings... Jay and Molly have the same chair (different covers obvs) and Charley Kate has the bigger size chair (on accident- Mommy did a poor job ordering). So that's why the size of the kids looks a little off.


Brittany Sciba said...

Happy 1 month to Miss Molly!! Love all of their chair pics!

Jason and Jenny said...

Happy one month Molly and congrats to your mommy for surviving and rockin the three kids routine!