Monday, June 2, 2014

Molly's Birth!

This was by far my easiest labor and delivery. I was so bummed to have to be induced, but it all eneded up just the way it was supposed to be- and the ease of how it all played out was evidence of that.

As I wrote here in the events leading up to her birth, my sister and I got to the hospital at 8 pm to check in. When I say I packed everything but the kitchen sink, I am only slightly exaggerating. I was so overly prepared for this little girl's arrival. Having two older (but young) kids to think about makes it crucial to be constantly prepared "just in case" she came early. While she didn't come early or on her own, I'm so glad that I had all bags packed and everything ready to go so that I stayed calmer and had everything we needed once we were in the hospital.

Anyway, so we checked in at 8 pm. In typical hospital fashion, our room "wasn't ready" yet, even though there was virtually NO ONE there. No biggie. We sat in the waiting lobby and watched the American Idol finale (I thought both of the finalists were ridiculously talented and was happy with either one winning). Once that was over it was 9- and I was DEFINITELY feeling more anxious by the minute. While I didn't want to seem rude and ask when the heck they would be getting us in a room, I was just ready. So Michelle and I came up with a plan where I would ask the check in lady where I could get some water and hopefully she would remember to find us a room. I figured she had just forgotten about us, but I was afraid to ask and offend and get stuck in a terrible room with a not very nice nurse. I know, we are lame. And just as we suspected, she had forgotten about us and felt terrible and apologized one million times. We were in a room in the next ten minutes!

Calm before the storm!

The nurse was sweet and checked us in and asked me one million questions. Once we were all checked in she checked me for progress and I had made none since my appointment on Tuesday. She put on all my monitors and saw I was having contractions every ten minutes, which wasn't surprising to me of course. I had been having them all day but they never became painful or got closer together, so it was no big deal. 

She called my doctor and at 11 my doc decided to start me on a low pitocin drip over night. They would increase the amount very slowly every hour just to see if my body would respond with a little help and do the rest of the work. During those two hours, my mom got to my house to relieve Anthony after putting the kids down, he got to the hospital, and Michelle left. Fruit basket turnover around there!

Ant and Michelle enjoyed little cups of Blue Bell while I watched. Humph. 
JK- I was so stuffed from dinner that I couldn't have fit anything else in! 

Once they started the pitocin, my contractions kicked up to eevery 5-7 minutes but remained totally painless (what?!) so Anthony and I napped on and off for the next few hours. 

At 12:50 am the nurse came in and said that Dr. M was on her way up to break my water. Wait, what? I thought this was going to be a slow process that would start the next day! This was for real now! 

Dr. M walked in at 1:00 and looked amazing- so chipper and cute and put together- polar opposite of how I look at 1:00 am. I said, "Well, don't you look bright eyed and bushy tailed?!" and she laughed and said she was up with her daughter packing for a trip that (the daughter) was taking that weekend so she thought she'd just pop up to the hospital and start this process. I said, "Are you ok with that?! Will you get any sleep?!" and she said she'd nap and be great! Man, I love that woman and her energy! 

So she broke my water (still such a crazy feeling to me) and checked me. I was at 4 cm, still 75% effaced and at a -2 station- not much progress at all. 

I'm not exaggerating at all when I say the VERY NEXT contraction after she broke my water was about 2.5 minutes later, and they started coming regularly every 2.5-3 min after that and coming in STRONG. I mean, PAINFUL. I am pretty sure I lasted through three contractions and at 1:20 told Anthony I was ready for my epidural. Look, I had been there, done that with Jay and CK (and remember everything wore off with CK and I had a "natural" delivery... yeah, not repeating that one). Since I remembered that getting the anesthesiologist in the room could take a while, I told Anthony to go ahead and call the nurse and get us in line. Well, about 5 minutes later he was in the room, and by a little after 1:30 it was in and DONE. 

Let me just tell you folks- that dude knew what he was doing. It was the PERFECT amount of epidural. I could very very very lightly feel my stomach getting hard, but there was absolutely no pain associated with it. I also could move my toes and legs on my own. It was just glorious. After that I fell asleep and slept hard (well, on and off as much as you can while nurses are coming and going and poking you and taking BP) for the next hour and a half.

During the hour and a half, my BP dropped way low (it did with CK- must be how epidurals affect me) so they gave me oxygen and kept turning me from side to side. I'm not kidding when I say I was sleeping hard- I didn't care what they were doing or how they were turning me at this point, I just pretty much slept through it. Then, Molly's heart rate started dropping with each contraction, so more oxygen and more turning me. 

At 2:30 they checked me again and I was at 6 cm. 

I fell back asleep and bolted upright at 3:45 and woke Anthony with a "Oh my gosh, Ant, I HAVE to push!!! Call the nurse NOW!" Man, it hit like wildfire! 

I started my crazy breathing and willing myself to keep that baby in (of course she was staying in, but it just felt like any second she'd just fall out). The nurse ran in, said Dr. M would be here in 5-8 minutes and to keep that baby in until then! ACK! I didn't know if I could do that at this point! Anthony quick texted my mom who headed up to the hospital (my sister, Michelle stayed with my kids). Mom wanted someone to be there to help welcome Miss Molly so badly! It was so so so sweet of her!

Two nurses and two assistants came in, and started running around getting everything ready. Bright lights were on, table was set up, and I was SHAKING cold like crazy and breathing through the contractions (probably just three of them until Dr. M got there). Finally at 4:05 they were set up and it was GO TIME! I was so nervous- Jay took two and a half hours to push out and CK took 40 minutes. I was settling in for a lot of hard work- and that was kind of overwhelming to me. 

But since this epidural was so perfect, it was nothing like that. I could feel the right way to push (without wanting to die in pain) and I knew that I had it right this time. It took 3 contractions- NINE MINUTES- and Molly was here! At the end of the second contraction Dr. M said, "Oh honey, next one and she's out of there!" and I asked her if she was kidding. No way was it that short amount of time. I was so happy!!! 

So at 4:14 am, Miss Molly June Squillante was here! 

Unfortunately, Molly had a partial wrapped cord, so it took her (way too long in my opinion!!!!) to start breathing/crying on her own. She was pretty purple and they plopped her on my chest and were literally pinching her feet and rubbing her and trying whatever to rouse her up. They had Anthony cut the cord quickly to see if that would help stimulate her. Meanwhile I'm just staring at her (semi-freaking out) waiting to hear a scream. And then it came. And it was beautiful. The best sound I could hear. And then it didn't stop! Ha... And it was LOUD. We knew her lungs were fine after that  ;)

They did all the newborn stuff while they worked on finishing me up. Unfortunately, I was bleeding quite a bit. They were working on getting me to stop and had to give me a shot (among other things) to help it along. It was nothing majorly scary, but Dr. M said at my post-partum appointment we would talk more about why this happened and how this would affect my desire for another baby down the road (she knows me well). 

Anyway, we spent the next few hours in recovery mode- just nursing and snuggling and loving on our new daughter. Mom left and Michelle swapped places with her (and brought us breakfast). 

We knew shift change was 7, so we would get in the postpartum room after that. I had Anthony ask if one of the suites was available (hey, it doesn't hurt to ask, right?). I figured with the kids and visitors we would be having, we needed all the space we could get. The nurse asked and said it wasn't. Boo. But when the shift change happened at 7, I had him ask our new nurse, and guess what- it was now miraculously available!!!! 

So they wheeled us all down and we settled into our new home for a few days! 

More on the days that followed (mainly pics). 

That labor and delivery honestly could not have gone any better. Everything was just so perfect. God was definitely holding us tightly that night/morning. If I could have a guarantee that labor/delivery would be like that, I would consider having several more kids- I mean, it was truly that wonderful of an experience. 

And sweet Molly. She made it safely to us- and it was such a glorious moment. I kept wondering how I would feel when I saw her- if I would be drawn to her or feel overwhelmed at the thought of a new baby. And my heart swelled and I heard her cry, and I knew that it was the start of something so wonderful for our family. One more puzzle piece to make us complete. 


the blogivers said...

Sure do love me a good birth story! I'm glad everything went so seamlessly for you and Molly, though admittedly also jealous that your body seems so efficient at delivering babies :) Hope baby girl gives you some sleep tonight!!

Julie B said...

Such a sweet story... So glad Molly made it here safely 💕 love your sweet family!

Casey Charles said...

I love this story. There is nothing sweeter in this world than that first cry!

The Torno's said...

YAY! I had a similar problem with Tyson, almost had an emergency histerectome (sp) so I'm glad they were able to fix yours! Glad Molly made it here safely, she's beautiful!

Brittany Sciba said...

I just loved this whole story! Thanks for sharing it! :)

The Joiners said...

Yay for getting this all in writing- she'll love to read it one day! So glad she made her debut in a timely manner- that's my kind of girl!

Emily said...

So, so sweet!!! Glad everything was smooth as butter!! Congrats again on your sweet Molly June!!

Jason and Jenny said...

I LOVED reading this and am so glad that everything went so well and seamlessly! I just love a good birth story (making me nostalgic for another hospital stay oddly enough!). Plus, I love Dr. M too! She's amazing
Congratulations again!

Leah said...

Love you L&D story!! Jack took awhile to start crying too- but they kept assuring me he was fine. I'm interested in what your doc says about the bleeding too... bc I'm weird like that!!!

Kimberly Hixon said...

Dr.M is seriously amazing and delivered another beautiful baby!! What a wonderful story of Molly's entrance into the world!

Jenni said...

My phone wouldn't let me comment when I originally read this, so I wanted to come back and say what a good story and sweet little girl! Glad to hear everything went so smoothly. I am like Leah, and curious about the excess bleeding...I had quite a bit this time, but sounds like nothing compared to you! Congrats again!