Sunday, June 8, 2014

Life Lately

Gosh, it's getting harder and harder to blog. Just when I think, "I'll sit down and blog!" one kid is waking up or there is (more) laundry to be folded or toys to be picked up or sleep to be had. I'll get back in the swing of things for sure, but be patient until I figure it all out!

So we've now hit the 2.5 week mark. I must say, things are going so much better than I would have ever thought! Yes, we have moments of chaos. We even had a day last week where I cried (one was screaming to eat, the other was screaming because she was overly tired, and the other was asking 1,000,000 questions). While I wasn't proud of my reaction, it was just about the only thing that seemed fitting.

I feel like we've got the kids and our little routine in a great place. I've worked it to where I truly feel like each kid is getting what they need.

I originally had both big kids signed up for a little summer camp last week. 9-2 Monday through Friday. But as it got closer, the feeling of sticking them somewhere away from me for that long just didn't feel right. I knew they'd be tired and I didn't want them to feel like once the baby came they were just pushed aside. So a few days before I canceled. The school was so understanding and gracious. Well, cue the next few days and over the weekend where Jay kept asking, "Mom, when do I get to go to school? What are we going to do today? When can I go play with my friends?" I figured he would actually benefit from going to camp (three of his best buds were going too). So, I sucked it up and called the school back Monday morning at 8 to see if I could re-enroll him. They were so so so wonderful and said yes! I was so grateful- but nervous to see how he would do in a new place, for such long days, with new people, eating lunch there, etc...

And of course, he LOVED it. In fact he cried Friday afternoon when I picked him up for the last time. Ack! I'm so thankful he did so well- he needed some fun time so badly! And by the third morning when I dropped him off, the assistant director of the school grabbed me and said, "I just want to tell you how much we all love your son. He is SUCH a joy to everyone! We can't wait to have him enrolled here in the fall!" I mean, music to my ears!!!

Meanwhile, I kept Miss Charley Kate and Miss Molly home with me. And that was another GREAT decision. Because Molly still sleeps quite a bit, so Charley Kate felt like she had some one on one time with me for a week. We ran errands (all three of us), we played at home, we were just "normal," and it did her a lot of good! So I must say that I definitely felt like it was a WIN for me last week overall!

Otherwise, we are just trucking along. People have been so wonderful with visits and meals and loving on us. I feel guilty about the meal thing- because clearly I'm capable of going to the store and cooking a meal. The tricky part about cooking a whole dinner at this point is finding an hour to set aside every single day to do it. I can pull a lunch or breakfast together for the kids and me no problem. I can get to the grocery store no problem. But setting aside an hour from 6-7 every day and keeping the kids entertained and Molly happy during a very fussy time is HARD. So as of now, I'm so incredibly grateful for the meals that people have been showering us with. So grateful.

And now for some pictures from the last week. I can't remember what I've put on here and what I haven't, so if there are repeats just cut me some slack!   :)

Sweet sweet sisters on the way to lunch. Charley Kate ALWAYS holds Molly's hand in the car. 

Sweet guard dog Tex

I love this picture of my mom and my girls! 

All Charley Kate wants in life is to hold her baby sister. 
She will do it all day every day. 
And we call her the baby whisperer- because no matter how much Molly is fussing, Charley can calm her.
And she almost always can get her to sleep on her lap. So awesome!

One of the highlights from this past week was that the kids started gymnastics again. Well, Jay started with his old coach/classes. They are doing a summer session for 3-5 year olds every Thursday this summer. Well, I happened to ask if they would make an exception and let Charley come too. The coach said he would never consider it- except that it was Charley. She had been to every gymnastics class of Jay's for the year and watched every single class. When class was over she would go and do the "routine" or skills. The coaches knew she could likely handle it, so they said they would give it a shot.

Well, I can't tell you how excited CK was to start this!!! She was honestly counting down the days until it was time for "Big Nastics!" Finally Thursday came and I have never seen a child so excited. She smiled the entire time, and followed (most of) the directions. She did everything her little two year old mind was capable of, and while the coaches had to give her a little extra help (reminding her what was next, helping her count to five), physically she totally kicked butt. I mean, she was awesome!!! I think being a gymnast is definitely going to be her in her future- she's just so natural and her little body is built perfectly for it!

Anyway, I'm pretty sure it was the best day of her life. No joke.

CK in pink shorts, white top. 
Jay in maroon shirt, gray shorts. 

And as always, we are so grateful to have a pool in our back yard! Jay is 100% an independent swimmer. And after a year of trying, we have finally convinced CK to wear her puddle jumper- which makes her independent enough to play in the water while mommy watches from the side. So basically, Molly and I sit and "watch" the big kids swim every single day- most days it's twice a day. Molly LOVES to be outside and Mommy LOVES that the bigs tire themselves out from swimming!

Just "watching" the swimmers and looking cute and teeny :)

My cousin and her husband JUST got in town from Germany (after being in the military for way too many years!).
He is officially done with the Army and they are back in Texas for now! We LOVED seeing them and are SO glad they are both back home safe and sound!!

The other day was a race against the clock. Both bigs needed to get down for nap, Molly was screaming to eat, so I threw them all in my bed and MIRACULOUSLY they all fell asleep in there!
So what did I do?! I napped too! :)

First dinner out! 

Getting ready for a swim!

Molly's first Sunday at church! After the initial screaming in the car on the way there, I fed her and she slept through church and class! Win! 

Stay tuned for more updates on life as they come... slowly but surely! :)

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