Monday, June 30, 2014

Away They Went

Last night my big kids got back from a weekend with Daddy- IN IOWA! He had a family reunion at the lake in Iowa and we really wanted to represent our family. Unfortunately, I felt like Molly was just too young to travel- flying, staying somewhere else (all five of us in one room), being on the lake all weekend (she can't be jostled that much on a boat nor can she wear sunscreen yet)- it just felt like it wasn't going to work with her being there. So I stayed behind and Anthony bravely took the big kids!

Lest you think I'm a slave driver, he wanted to! He volunteered to take them and go! And in another one of those "brave or stupid" moments, away they went! He flew with them, drove from Omaha to his grandma's house in Iowa with them, and watched them all weekend long. And while he did have help from his mom and sister and relatives, I know he did a great job with them! Go, Anthony! Not many men would volunteer to take their 3.5 year old and potty training 2 year old on a trip- and I'm so thankful he did- and that he did so well!

While I was SO happy for them to go, I was super jealous! I love his family and I love being in Iowa with everyone. I was super bummed to miss, but excited for the time with just Molly and me! Good gravy, we ran SO many errands! It's amazing all the things you can accomplish with a baby in a carseat that is asleep a lot and doesn't interject all of their opinions! WOW!

But by Friday afternoon I was BORED. Ha! I got all of the things done I could possibly think of- even organized Molly's closet. What?!

Look who's learning how to smile! 
I've actually gotten a couple of legit ones now- but haven't caught them on camera yet! Soon!

We practiced tummy time.
Let me just tell you that we are 3/3 on our kids loving tummy time. 
This one was SO relaxed- I thought she was going to fall asleep!

I joke about being bored, but man, being a mom of just one newborn is a lonely gig. At least when the big kids are around we stay SO busy we don't have time to think. Even if we are home, I am constantly answering questions or picking up or doing something. One young, sleepy kid is just amazing I tell you.

We took some baths. 
And Molly fell asleep during it. Talk about relaxed.

Anyway, I got a TON of stuff done, went to dinner each night with my mom (dad is out of town, too), got a pedicure (!!), and just hung out. It was really great! Molly slept in her carseat at the restaurant each night (neither of my other kids EVER did this. EVER), so it honestly felt like I was kid free! We even took an extra long time at dinner just hanging out and visiting. Homegirl was awesome!

We played with our furry siblings.

Sweet little munchkin!

Pedicure with mommy!

Dinner with my mom and sister, Kiki. Molly is on the floor!

But man, I MISSED my bigs (and Anthony!). It gets awfully lonely with just us. And I missed the chaos. This definitely helped me remember what I love about being a mom of three- and being a stay at home mom of three. I just LOVE my little life.

One of the things I can fuss at Anthony for, is that he is a TERRIBLE picture taker! I had to beg for pictures all weekend, and the few that I got were from his sister and cousin! Bah!

One of the things I got to do was to be an "auntie" again. I was able to go to my nephews' swim meet (Meet of Champs!) all weekend long and park it there and watch them and cheer them on. I used to do this in my pre-kid days. The past few years either Anthony has watched the kids for a few hours while I went or we have gotten a babysitter. It was so nice this year to just go with Molly- and she was a TROOPER in that natatorium all day long! Perfect baby girl!

Sitting with Grandeb! 

My niece, Jill colored on her face (she was "putting makeup on")

Excuse the selfie. This was pretty much how we rolled most of the meet!

During the lunch break we went to my car to let Jill watch a movie and just get out of the heat.
Mom was in the car, so this doesn't technically put me in selfie category (again), but I had to capture how relaxed Molly was in this. Just leaned her head back and eventually fell asleep! 

Here's another view. Totally zonked. 
(Not a selfie- my mom took this!)

Different place/position... Totally zonked. 

I loved my little "break" of a weekend (it really was!). But goodness, I missed the rest of our family. There is just SOMETHING about being a complete unit. It was so nice last night to get in bed for the night with all my little birds in their nests. No better feeling.


the blogivers said...

I felt very much the same way while Davis was with his grandparents for a week - nice to have the break, but lonely!! Glad you got some good girl time in :)

ChelseaSalomone said...

Oh my gosh she seems like the best baby EVER!! Neither of my boys are/were good car seat sitters either. About 10 minutes at a restaurant and they're crying! I bet that was a nice but weird feeling weekend. I always find myself thinking, What did I DO all the time when I just had Logan and he was an infant?? Guess I need to go back and read my blog to see, ha! Also- you are looking great! Can't believe you just had a baby, you look tiny in the pics!