Monday, June 30, 2014

Away They Went

Last night my big kids got back from a weekend with Daddy- IN IOWA! He had a family reunion at the lake in Iowa and we really wanted to represent our family. Unfortunately, I felt like Molly was just too young to travel- flying, staying somewhere else (all five of us in one room), being on the lake all weekend (she can't be jostled that much on a boat nor can she wear sunscreen yet)- it just felt like it wasn't going to work with her being there. So I stayed behind and Anthony bravely took the big kids!

Lest you think I'm a slave driver, he wanted to! He volunteered to take them and go! And in another one of those "brave or stupid" moments, away they went! He flew with them, drove from Omaha to his grandma's house in Iowa with them, and watched them all weekend long. And while he did have help from his mom and sister and relatives, I know he did a great job with them! Go, Anthony! Not many men would volunteer to take their 3.5 year old and potty training 2 year old on a trip- and I'm so thankful he did- and that he did so well!

While I was SO happy for them to go, I was super jealous! I love his family and I love being in Iowa with everyone. I was super bummed to miss, but excited for the time with just Molly and me! Good gravy, we ran SO many errands! It's amazing all the things you can accomplish with a baby in a carseat that is asleep a lot and doesn't interject all of their opinions! WOW!

But by Friday afternoon I was BORED. Ha! I got all of the things done I could possibly think of- even organized Molly's closet. What?!

Look who's learning how to smile! 
I've actually gotten a couple of legit ones now- but haven't caught them on camera yet! Soon!

We practiced tummy time.
Let me just tell you that we are 3/3 on our kids loving tummy time. 
This one was SO relaxed- I thought she was going to fall asleep!

I joke about being bored, but man, being a mom of just one newborn is a lonely gig. At least when the big kids are around we stay SO busy we don't have time to think. Even if we are home, I am constantly answering questions or picking up or doing something. One young, sleepy kid is just amazing I tell you.

We took some baths. 
And Molly fell asleep during it. Talk about relaxed.

Anyway, I got a TON of stuff done, went to dinner each night with my mom (dad is out of town, too), got a pedicure (!!), and just hung out. It was really great! Molly slept in her carseat at the restaurant each night (neither of my other kids EVER did this. EVER), so it honestly felt like I was kid free! We even took an extra long time at dinner just hanging out and visiting. Homegirl was awesome!

We played with our furry siblings.

Sweet little munchkin!

Pedicure with mommy!

Dinner with my mom and sister, Kiki. Molly is on the floor!

But man, I MISSED my bigs (and Anthony!). It gets awfully lonely with just us. And I missed the chaos. This definitely helped me remember what I love about being a mom of three- and being a stay at home mom of three. I just LOVE my little life.

One of the things I can fuss at Anthony for, is that he is a TERRIBLE picture taker! I had to beg for pictures all weekend, and the few that I got were from his sister and cousin! Bah!

One of the things I got to do was to be an "auntie" again. I was able to go to my nephews' swim meet (Meet of Champs!) all weekend long and park it there and watch them and cheer them on. I used to do this in my pre-kid days. The past few years either Anthony has watched the kids for a few hours while I went or we have gotten a babysitter. It was so nice this year to just go with Molly- and she was a TROOPER in that natatorium all day long! Perfect baby girl!

Sitting with Grandeb! 

My niece, Jill colored on her face (she was "putting makeup on")

Excuse the selfie. This was pretty much how we rolled most of the meet!

During the lunch break we went to my car to let Jill watch a movie and just get out of the heat.
Mom was in the car, so this doesn't technically put me in selfie category (again), but I had to capture how relaxed Molly was in this. Just leaned her head back and eventually fell asleep! 

Here's another view. Totally zonked. 
(Not a selfie- my mom took this!)

Different place/position... Totally zonked. 

I loved my little "break" of a weekend (it really was!). But goodness, I missed the rest of our family. There is just SOMETHING about being a complete unit. It was so nice last night to get in bed for the night with all my little birds in their nests. No better feeling.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

So We're Doing This

Two weekends ago, Charley decided she wanted to wear her panties around. It was nothing major because she often wears them and plays in them, so I didn't really think anything of it.

But when she actually was wearing them and telling me on her own that she needed to go teetee, I thought we might be onto something.

It's now been a week and a half of panty-wearing. And while we're not 100% potty trained, I'd say we are on our way! We've done lots of public outings in them, used lots of public potties, and even done naps in them!

The best part is, Miss Independent doesn't want mommy coming into the potty with her. She wants to do it all on her own like a big girl. So I'm usually having to watch her through the crack in the door or listen for when she goes. Eesh. She's really done such a super job, though! At the beginning of this she'd sit on the potty for what felt like forever. Now she's super efficient and can go quickly! She's also getting to the point where she is telling us that she needs to go instead of us asking her all the time if she needs to (and by us I mean me, let's be honest).

Several days last week she fell asleep in the car before nap, and I knew if I woke her we wouldn't have naptime that day. So I just stuck a towel under her and hoped for the best. And every single day she woke up dry- with the exception of one (a day she didn't fall asleep in the car and actually went swimming that morning (and probably ingested a ton of water)).

Anyway, she's been doing great, and I know we will have setbacks, but at 2 yrs and 4 months of age, I think she's doing a really great job of kid-led potty training! Go girl!

As far as pooping goes, she's still very scared to try it (Jay was too!). But when it's poopoo time she will bring a diaper to me and say, "Mommy I need to go poopoo. You put a diaper on?" and just like that we will put the diaper on and she'll go and we will change it right away. I'm sure I should be making her go on the potty, but considering it's really poor timing to start potty training with a ONE MONTH OLD, I'll just take it nice and slow- and make it easier on myself! Believe me, if she weren't the one leading this charge, I wouldn't be thinking about it AT ALL!

She's also made it through the camp this week (gone 9-12) and has had to tell her teachers if she needed to go. She only had one accident on one day- girl's doing awesome!

Oh, and don't even get me started on her little rear end in those panties! TO DIE FOR!

PS- Moms of teeny girls- where do you find panties small enough?! These things are HUGE on her!!!! I've tried several brands!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Brave or Stupid?

So we've been spending a lot of time at home these days. With three kids it's generally harder to get out, and with a newborn it makes it exponentially harder to time feedings and activities and happy periods and germs and whatever else.

So after being at home a LOT last week, I decided to brave the zoo. And by "brave the zoo" I really was just thinking about the temperatures. The big kids and I have gone so many times together that it's a really easy trip for us despite being about 20-30 minutes away (only like 14 miles, but traffic...).

Anyway, I texted my mom and sisters to see if they wanted to join, and everyone had something going on. I wasn't stressed or anxious about taking three kids by myself at all. I'm not sure why, but I had no fear at all. My big kids are really so so good, and I knew they would be so happy to get back to a "familiar" place. And Molly is so easy going and LOVES being outside, so I knew she'd be pretty easy. She'd either ride in her carseat in the stroller, or in the baby bjorn- or both. I'd feed her before we left home and she'd be due to eat once while we were there. I figured I could feed her while the kids played on a playground or ate lunch- I had it all worked out.

And honestly, it all went TOTALLY according to plan. I'm not saying it was super easy- it was a lot of walking for this 4 week postpartum momma who hasn't done much since before Molly was here. It also was blazing hot. It also took a lot of energy to keep track of two kids who did NOT want to ride in the stroller (they stay super close, though- they really are so good!). The hardest part was their bickering. OH MY GOSH. This has recently started and they just love poking at each other. They are BFF one second and the next second they are pushing buttons. ACK!

Anyway, we saw the new bugs exhibit, we saw some of our favorites, we took it slow, got snacks and lunch and waters, and I fed Molly while the kids ate and then played. We even made it through the gift shop! Molly was perfect- slept in her carseat (or just sat there) the entire time.

So the hardest part of the WHOLE day... the bathroom.
I haven't blogged about this yet because I'm not sure if it's real or just a novelty or how it's going to play out, but Charley has decided it's time to start potty training. And by that I mean, she only wants to wear panties now. I'll blog more on that later.
Anyway, getting three kids in and out of the bathroom alone was HARD.

So we went in to the bathroom. There were about 6 stalls. Each stall has an animal painted on it, so of course each big kid wanted to choose theirs- and of course they weren't by each other. Our double stroller wouldn't have fit inside, so I got my diaper bag and the backpack and the baby in the carseat and brought everything inside. I had to set Molly on the ground (in the corner far away from toilets!) (shudder) in her carseat. Then Jay got set up in a stall and locked it. Then Charley Kate chose another stall three down. We had to leave her door open so I could see her and watch Molly and listen for Jay. Meanwhile people are coming in and out and stopping to "look at the baby." I swear if anyone had touched her I might have gone nutso on them. Luckily I was close enough by so no one tried. Then I was racing back and forth between her and Charley Kate and trying to get Jay to finish up and come outside.

And then it was handwashing time. I would have had to lift both kids up and hold them there forever. Not happening. So I made them come outside with all our bags (and hoped that our dang stroller was still there!) and doused them in sanitizer. Better than nothing I figure... And luckily the stroller was still there!

Other than that, we had a super trip and the kids were wonderful. In fact, they passed out on the way home and it was a WIN for everyone- we all napped at home together, too! Phew!

Looking back I can't decide if it was brave or stupid of me, but it was fun and the kids were SO glad to be there, so regardless, I'll call it a success! A very very tiring success.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

One Month Down!

Welp, I'm happy to report we have survived one month with Molly! And honestly, how in the WORLD has one month flown by!?

In typical newborn fashion, sister doesn't do much other than eat, sleep, poop, and cry. 

-She's generally a really good baby. Not as easy as Charley, not as tough as Jay- just somewhere blissfully between! 

-She goes anywhere from 2.5-3 hours between feedings during the day and nurses about 20 minutes. She almost always wakes after 2 hours of the start of the feeding to poop. And then I have to get her back to sleep! 

-Molly is super alert like Jay was. Very wakeful and watches a lot. She will typically be awake for about 1-2 hrs after I start a feeding. During the night she's getting better about lessening that (thank goodness!!!). I am always amazed at people with sleepy newborns- why don't I get that?!

-She will sleep in her little bassinet thingy (elevated and totally cradles her-like a v shape) at night for the most part. I haven't even tried her bassinet yet or laying her flat other than in bed with us on especially tired nights. 

-She definitely had a rough go of it a few days last week. It was a growth spurt and thankfully we survived. Think nursing round the clock and screaming in between. It was a rough few days. 

-No matter how angry she gets, taking her outside calms her 90% of the time. In fact, she will just sit in her bouncy seat/carseat/anything while the kids swim and eventually pass out. 

-She's definitely working the eat, play, sleep routine. We will feed her, then she will be awake (and "play"- sit in one if her seats, lay on her playmat, be held by her siblings), then once she starts to fuss we will swaddle her up and she will sleep for a bit. 

-One of the best parts about her is she will sleep not being held! Holla!

-Once she fusses and you swaddle her (just in a blanket) she knows it's her "cue" that it's sleepy time, and she really relaxes. Charley loved the Moby and it worked the same for her.

-Not sure of her weight or length, but she's definitely filled out. I think she's the biggest one yet at one month.

-Looks-wise I think she is a really true mix of Jay and Charley Kate. Sometimes I see Jay and sometimes CK. And sometimes I see neither. I love that's she's uniquely her own!

-She really is a sweet sweet baby. I feel like I have figured her out sooner than the others. While there are still occasional periods of fussing, she's pretty easy going as long as I can read her signals- and she's pretty regular with those.

-Her older siblings seriously ADORE her. They can't get enough loving on her. They are always holding her, laying on the floor with her, bothering her playing with her, kissing her, and generally just spoiling her. I am so thrilled they have reacted to her so lovingly!

Sweet Molly, we love you so much. You have proven to be a typical third kid- so easy going and just happy to be on the go and out and about. Your little personality is so chill and we just love you to pieces. We can't wait to learn more about you and find out who you really are!

And because I always love a good comparison, here are her siblings... Jay and Molly have the same chair (different covers obvs) and Charley Kate has the bigger size chair (on accident- Mommy did a poor job ordering). So that's why the size of the kids looks a little off.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Molly's Newborn Pictures!

I'm in love with Molly's newborn pictures!

As usual, my sweet sweet friend Michelle took them for us- and did an amazing job! I love Michelle so much- she is such a wonderful friend! She took time out of her Saturday (time with her family) to come shoot ours. She is truly such a servant and I'm so thankful for her.

It's funny, because by your third kid you realize just what you need in terms of pictures and what you really don't. I didn't want/need 1,000,000 poses and outfit changes for everyone. I wanted a short and sweet little shoot, and a couple key shots. We got those and I am pleased. In fact, they are already printed and framed at our house! Boom! :)

Here are a few of my faves!

Thank you again, Michelle! xoxo

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Throwback Thursday

I am sitting here looking at our newest family picture- the one that is at the top of our blog now.

I was noticing the fine lines around mine and Anthony's eyes. I am amazed that almost 11 years ago, we were just some young college kids about to give a relationship a try. I look back at how carefree and young and happy we were.

Never in a million years would I have imagined that I would one day marry Anthony Squillante. When I met him freshman year, I never even thought we could be friends. And slowly, in God's most perfect timing, our paths crossed and our friendship grew. And in that beautiful timing, He revealed that there was more than a friendship. Not too early- we had lots of growing up to do separately before we could ever grow together. But slowly this wonderful and spark-filled friendship and relationship emerged.

Here we are, 13 years after meeting, 11 years after starting to date, and 7 years after being married. And we have built this incredible family. Here we are, with our fine lines kissing our eyes and faces, surrounded by three precious beings that mean more to us than anything in the world.

With Father's Day coming up this weekend, I would be remiss not to mention the incredible father "that cute Sigma Chi football player" has become. If I could mold the greatest dad, it would be Anthony. That man has a passion for our family, our kids. He is a hard working, loving, supportive man and father. When I think about what I want my son to look like as a father, I picture his daddy.

It's funny how when you are young you just date. Especially at the beginning and when you are young, you don't question the type of father they will be. You don't ask questions on your dates of whether or not he believes in crying it out, or if he will spank or not. You just act giddy and flirty and think about what top to wear on your next date or whether or not he will call the next day or wait for the dreaded three day rule.

I am so beyond thankful to have found a man who shares my beliefs in raising kids. I am thankful for a guy who trusts me and follows my lead on certain issues, yet stands up for what he feels is right, too. I am so thankful for the dad that my children have. I truly couldn't have handpicked a better partner for me in this crazy child-raising process.

So Happy Father's Day to my wonderful guy- our kids are SO lucky to have you!

Monday, June 9, 2014

You Can't Make This Up

Lest you think my days are rosy, here's a little story for ya...

Yesterday Charley Kate woke up at 6 (after Molly had a night with little "good" sleep- just very restless all night long and eating every 2ish hours). So the three girls get up and get our day going before Jay comes down around 6:30.

By 8:30, we have watched the entirety of How to Train Your Dragon (for the first time- it was such a cute movie!), eaten breakfast (and a snack for CK), played Playdough/dolls/animals/iPads, and had our handyman Luis and his guys over and repaired both of our backdoors and alarms. Needless to say, I was bracing myself for a looooong day.

We had an errand to run in West Katy/Fulshear, which is a solid 30 minute drive from our house. I knew my kids wouldn't last a straight hour in the car at this point (looking at you Molly!), so we made plans to meet some of our good friends for lunch halfway through the drive at Chick Fil A.

We were making good progress and I knew Molly would need to eat around 11:30- about the time we were getting to Chick Fil A. Instead of meeting there, I suggested we meet at their house so I could feed M. At this point Molly had done great in the car, but I knew we would be cutting it close. Just as we pulled into Chick Fil A, I heard a HUGE poop and then she started to scream- nonstop for the next 20 minutes until we got our food and got to Stacy's house. Oy. Even the lady at Chick Fil A giving us our food felt sorry for us.

So we get to Stacy's and we had beaten them there. I knew I needed to change and feed Molly stat, so we got all our junk out on the front porch (food, bags, toys, kids). I changed her diaper and it was a HUGE explosive diaper up her front and back. GROSS. I whip her clothes off and grab the wipes- only to discover Anthony left me with only three (he loves wet wipes for cleaning EVERYthing) and NO change of clothes for M (c'mon, that's a rookie mom mistake- not a mom-of-three mistake, dangit!). So I'm trying to utilize these three wipes and get her cleaned off, naked on Stacy's porch. As I'm holding her draped over my thigh cleaning her back, she starts to pee all over me. That was a good moment.

Meanwhile, my older two kids are just laughing and playing with each other, PRAISETHELORD. Molly gets cleaned up and is still screaming and ready to eat, so I load the kids back in the car to feed her (and keep them contained while I do so). After getting her set up and latched on, Stacy pulls up, so it's back out of the car we go. We bring in all our junk (while I'm still nursing) and eat lunch.

Molly proceeds to scream on and off for our visit, but otherwise the kids had a great time. We head home around 1 ready for naps.

For some reason, Molly is on a two hour eating schedule the last day and a half (two week growth spurt?), so we barely make it home in time before screaming commences. Instead of taking the slow route and putting the kids in their beds one by one and trying to feed M at the same time, I throw them all in my bed again and start feeding her. Luckily, this pays off and everyone naps at the same time again. Including me.

So I'm feeling pretty good after naps. I might have been a little cocky thinking it would be a great afternoon because of the chaotic morning.


So my new breast pump came in the mail and Molly was still asleep (through the two hour mark!), so I decided to use the pump and then we could give her a bottle later depending on when she woke up. PS- LOVE LOVE LOVE the pump. Like so much. I've never had a "great" pump before. This one is amazing. Anyway, five minutes into pumping, Molly wakes up (of course). I prop her up on my thigh and finish pumping (while Charley Kate is watching like a hawk- she is so enthralled with this process). Then I say it's time to give Molly a bottle to which Jay replies, "I want to do it, Mom!! Can I please?" Oh my word, OF COURSE. He was SO proud to give her her first bottle and did it so well. He just watched her eat and talked to her. Sweetest ever!

Once Molly downed the bottle, Charley Kate decided she, too, would like a turn. Since that was all the milk I had, I made a quick bottle of formula and let CK try that with her. Molly took a few sips, but was pretty full, and Charley Kate was satisfied that she, too, got to give Molly a bottle! Love my bigs!

Anyway, Molly was full and happy so I suggested we give her a bath since she had pooped herself earlier. Of course CK wanted to get in, and Jay just wanted to play upstairs. So we start the bath and everyone is having a great time... until Molly poops all over the place in the tub WITH Charley Kate! I quick yank CK out then start draining the water and for the second time that day started cleaning poop off of Molly. As I am cleaning out the tub and the little bath seat, I hear my kids playing so well together out of the bath/shower part of the bathroom. They are in the sink/mirror/vanity part and I love their happy sounds. I had the door closed to keep Molly warm while I cleaned.

Charley then opens the door and says, "Mommy, come wis (with) me" and she wants me to go to the other part of the bathroom that they are in. I get up and follow and see that both sinks are filled to the top with water so that their "sharks can swim!" Then I notice the water still running in both sinks and a TON of water covering the floor from the sinks. Oh. My.

For some unknown reason to me, I remain ridiculously calm and collected. I explain that we can't overflow the sinks because it floods the floor, etc, and to get back so I can mop it up. Just then, Jay decides to keep swimming his shark in the sink which sends more water over the sides and onto the floor. I just looked at him and said, "Jay, it is in your best interest to walk away right now. Go into your room and play." And because he is my sensitive sweet boy, he starts to cry. And because Charley is who she is, she starts to cry. And because Molly is a newborn, she starts to cry.

So I'm standing in water on my bathroom floor with two overflowing sinks and poop in a bathtub and three crying kids all under the age of four, and I just laugh. And start cleaning. And it's only 4:00.

You can't make this stuff up, people.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Life Lately

Gosh, it's getting harder and harder to blog. Just when I think, "I'll sit down and blog!" one kid is waking up or there is (more) laundry to be folded or toys to be picked up or sleep to be had. I'll get back in the swing of things for sure, but be patient until I figure it all out!

So we've now hit the 2.5 week mark. I must say, things are going so much better than I would have ever thought! Yes, we have moments of chaos. We even had a day last week where I cried (one was screaming to eat, the other was screaming because she was overly tired, and the other was asking 1,000,000 questions). While I wasn't proud of my reaction, it was just about the only thing that seemed fitting.

I feel like we've got the kids and our little routine in a great place. I've worked it to where I truly feel like each kid is getting what they need.

I originally had both big kids signed up for a little summer camp last week. 9-2 Monday through Friday. But as it got closer, the feeling of sticking them somewhere away from me for that long just didn't feel right. I knew they'd be tired and I didn't want them to feel like once the baby came they were just pushed aside. So a few days before I canceled. The school was so understanding and gracious. Well, cue the next few days and over the weekend where Jay kept asking, "Mom, when do I get to go to school? What are we going to do today? When can I go play with my friends?" I figured he would actually benefit from going to camp (three of his best buds were going too). So, I sucked it up and called the school back Monday morning at 8 to see if I could re-enroll him. They were so so so wonderful and said yes! I was so grateful- but nervous to see how he would do in a new place, for such long days, with new people, eating lunch there, etc...

And of course, he LOVED it. In fact he cried Friday afternoon when I picked him up for the last time. Ack! I'm so thankful he did so well- he needed some fun time so badly! And by the third morning when I dropped him off, the assistant director of the school grabbed me and said, "I just want to tell you how much we all love your son. He is SUCH a joy to everyone! We can't wait to have him enrolled here in the fall!" I mean, music to my ears!!!

Meanwhile, I kept Miss Charley Kate and Miss Molly home with me. And that was another GREAT decision. Because Molly still sleeps quite a bit, so Charley Kate felt like she had some one on one time with me for a week. We ran errands (all three of us), we played at home, we were just "normal," and it did her a lot of good! So I must say that I definitely felt like it was a WIN for me last week overall!

Otherwise, we are just trucking along. People have been so wonderful with visits and meals and loving on us. I feel guilty about the meal thing- because clearly I'm capable of going to the store and cooking a meal. The tricky part about cooking a whole dinner at this point is finding an hour to set aside every single day to do it. I can pull a lunch or breakfast together for the kids and me no problem. I can get to the grocery store no problem. But setting aside an hour from 6-7 every day and keeping the kids entertained and Molly happy during a very fussy time is HARD. So as of now, I'm so incredibly grateful for the meals that people have been showering us with. So grateful.

And now for some pictures from the last week. I can't remember what I've put on here and what I haven't, so if there are repeats just cut me some slack!   :)

Sweet sweet sisters on the way to lunch. Charley Kate ALWAYS holds Molly's hand in the car. 

Sweet guard dog Tex

I love this picture of my mom and my girls! 

All Charley Kate wants in life is to hold her baby sister. 
She will do it all day every day. 
And we call her the baby whisperer- because no matter how much Molly is fussing, Charley can calm her.
And she almost always can get her to sleep on her lap. So awesome!

One of the highlights from this past week was that the kids started gymnastics again. Well, Jay started with his old coach/classes. They are doing a summer session for 3-5 year olds every Thursday this summer. Well, I happened to ask if they would make an exception and let Charley come too. The coach said he would never consider it- except that it was Charley. She had been to every gymnastics class of Jay's for the year and watched every single class. When class was over she would go and do the "routine" or skills. The coaches knew she could likely handle it, so they said they would give it a shot.

Well, I can't tell you how excited CK was to start this!!! She was honestly counting down the days until it was time for "Big Nastics!" Finally Thursday came and I have never seen a child so excited. She smiled the entire time, and followed (most of) the directions. She did everything her little two year old mind was capable of, and while the coaches had to give her a little extra help (reminding her what was next, helping her count to five), physically she totally kicked butt. I mean, she was awesome!!! I think being a gymnast is definitely going to be her in her future- she's just so natural and her little body is built perfectly for it!

Anyway, I'm pretty sure it was the best day of her life. No joke.

CK in pink shorts, white top. 
Jay in maroon shirt, gray shorts. 

And as always, we are so grateful to have a pool in our back yard! Jay is 100% an independent swimmer. And after a year of trying, we have finally convinced CK to wear her puddle jumper- which makes her independent enough to play in the water while mommy watches from the side. So basically, Molly and I sit and "watch" the big kids swim every single day- most days it's twice a day. Molly LOVES to be outside and Mommy LOVES that the bigs tire themselves out from swimming!

Just "watching" the swimmers and looking cute and teeny :)

My cousin and her husband JUST got in town from Germany (after being in the military for way too many years!).
He is officially done with the Army and they are back in Texas for now! We LOVED seeing them and are SO glad they are both back home safe and sound!!

The other day was a race against the clock. Both bigs needed to get down for nap, Molly was screaming to eat, so I threw them all in my bed and MIRACULOUSLY they all fell asleep in there!
So what did I do?! I napped too! :)

First dinner out! 

Getting ready for a swim!

Molly's first Sunday at church! After the initial screaming in the car on the way there, I fed her and she slept through church and class! Win! 

Stay tuned for more updates on life as they come... slowly but surely! :)