Thursday, May 1, 2014

So Much to Report!


There is so much to report in just this week alone. 

Where should we start? Chronological order? Sounds good...

My newest niece, Hunter Harlow Fountain, was born Monday! We knew her debut was imminent and we welcomed her into this world with open arms!

My sister called me at 830 Monday morning asking when she should go for regular contractions. I asked her how far apart they were and she said every 3.5 minutes! I told her I'd be over to grab my niece! I loaded up my kids and headed that way. We grabbed Austen, loaded Kiki up, quick dropped Jay at my oldest sister's (so she could drop him at school) and headed to the hospital. These are all great reasons to live within minutes of each other (and your hospital!). We got to the hospital by 905 (how's that for hustle?!) and by 12:05 we had a new baby in the family!

Charley Kate "taking care of" Austen while her mommy was in labor!

Even though she was 4 weeks early she was a good size and was breathing room air from the get go! Her NICU stay was even short- she was discharged the same time as her momma just two days later to head home! 

This has definitely given my kids the baby itch- they keep asking when Baby Molly is going to pop out of my tummy! This momma's not quite ready, so I'm hoping she stays put for a bit longer! :)

Unfortunately these are seriously two of the "BEST" pictures I got from holding Hunter for the first time. 
What is wrong with my kids in pictures?!

Next on the agenda for the week was celebrating my little sister's birthday! If you haven't noticed the theme, the Moriarty girls like to have birthdays the last week of April- mom's is the 26, Hunter's the 28, Michelle's the 29, and mine is the 30! 

We celebrated Michelle's on her big day before she flew back to Cali that night (boo hiss!).

I figured out the way to get my kids to look and smile for a pic-
put them with Auntie Michelle!!!!

Hijacking her candle!

The next day was my big day!!! 

I woke up to cards and gifts from Ant and the kids. Lucky for me, it was a school day, so I scheduled a prenatal massage for myself! Blissful! I met my BFF Courtney and her two littles for lunch at the park (could the weather have been any more perfect?!?), treated myself to a nap with the kids, and then dinner that night with part of my fam!

Birthday donuts!

I know I'm SO late to the game, but I'm officially obsessed!! 
Life changing I tell ya!

We thought it might be fun to take our kids to Benihana before baby gets here. I knew it was going to be a major win or a total fail (I kept picturing third degree burns). Luckily it was a huge hit! Jay didn't stop laughing or talking the entire time, and I swear Charley Kate didn't take her eyes off the chef/table once while he was cooking! Both kids gobbled up a ton of food (who wouldn't?!) and they were great about preparing GF stuff for my mom. Then once they sang happy birthday my kids were in heaven! It was a perfect dinner for sure!

So so fun!

Not only was my 32nd birthday yesterday, but so was this little blog's birthday! 5 years to be exact! That's definitely noteworthy!!

And lastly, today is the first day of May- which means it's officially baby month!!!!!! 

I am 37 weeks today and am thankful that I am feeling good enough to be able to take Jay, Charley Kate, and my niece Austen to the zoo today (along with my mom!). I'm not saying I wasn't pooped by the end, and I'm not saying my back/tailbone/hips aren't killing me from walking around for hours, but all in all, I feel pretty darn good!

I got end of year teacher gifts squared away yesterday, we are having a crawfish boil at our house tomorrow, and other than not being ready to give up sleep/freedom, I guess we are pretty much ready to welcome Baby Molly at any minute!

Plus, when I get things like this in the mail that I ordered, I can't help but feel excited to put her in them!!!!

So, cheers to this crazy wonderful week! 


Maggie Coleman said...

I had a mini heart attack before I opened this post... Totally thought the baby was Molly! Hunter is adorable :)!

Meagan said...

Happy {belated} Birthday!!!!!!!