Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Ready or Not!

So I wrote this almost a week ago- last Wednesday night! Turns out a few hours later it would all change a little, but here it is.... At least the moments leading up until labor began!!

Tonight we checked into the hospital for the big induction! We are set to be induced tomorrow morning!

I would be lying if I told you I wasn't beyond stressed out/scared/nervous/anxious/emotional about this. This is one of the reasons I wanted to go into labor on my own- I wouldn't have time to overanalyze or think about these things. It would just happen and we would deal with it! But this way gives me time to really think.

I put my babies to bed Tuesday night for the last "normal" time. I definitely cried. And snuggled them and kissed them and held their hands and cried some more. Then I watched them sleep and prayed over them.

I did this when I was being induced with Charley, too. I was so worried about Jay and how his little world was going to change and how he would handle it. And God blessed me with the most amazing transition. I'm not kidding myself into thinking it was all butterflies and rainbows. In fact, it was far from it (the night we brought CK home Jay woke up with a 103+ fever, and that was just the beginning of having a newborn and a 17.5 month old). But looking back, I can see that overall, it was no big deal. It was cut into phases- little short phases and snippets. And when I look at it that way, it seems SO easy to get through- just one little phase at a time. I know they will eventually sleep through the night. I know they will eventually stop crying from 5-10 pm. I know they (and we!) will figure it all out. I know these things logically in my mind- I've lived through them for Heaven's sake! But for some reason, putting my (soon to be!) big kids down tonight, all of that logical thinking just flew out the window!

So at my doctor's appointment on Tuesday (39w, 5d), I had made the tiniest amount of progress- 2.5-3 cm dilated and still at about 75% effaced. Dr. M's words were something like, "Why hasn't this baby girl come yet!?" Question of the hour, sister. She really does think she will come on her own, but when it will happen is the question. Did I want to wait until almost 41 weeks to talk induction? Because if I have to get induced, then let's do it yesterday instead of next week! I also run the risk of going into labor over a holiday weekend and potentially not having my doctor there- you know, the woman I love and trust so so much! So we talked and I thought about it and (thankfully!) Anthony and I had talked the night before about this possible scenario, so we were prepared. Dr. M and I set the date for Thursday!

I would go in Wednesday night to check in (8 pm!). While I was sitting in the office, I figured this gave me a few last days of really solid quality time with my littles (almost bigs!). I figured we could grab a family dinner (one last night of normalcy and no chaos!), and then they could drop me off to begin the check in process. Anthony could go to our house and put the kids down (normalcy), then head up to the hospital once they were down and my mom would head to my house to stay with the kids.

Then they would start everything the next morning and we would be ready to rock and roll! It was a perfect plan for this planner :)

And then my little sister called and said she booked her flight and was coming in to help and celebrate! Oh thank you Jesus! I'm telling you- my girls are so lucky to have a sister! All three of mine are willing and ready to jump on board to help- even with their own crazy, busy lives!

So now we are checked in and just waiting in the hospital room- waiting to get the ball rolling and waiting to meet this little girl.

We had one last dinner at the Mexican dive near us with my mom and Michelle. After dinner we all headed home, and then it hit Jay. He lost it when he figured out I was going to the hospital- which made CK lose it, which made me lose it!!! Ack!

Michelle drove me to the hospital and we unloaded about 12 bags- no one can claim I was unprepared!! :)

We are sitting here- just got into our room (9 pm) and waiting. I'm having regular contractions on my own- about 10 min apart- but this has been happening on and off for months, so I'm not thinking anything will come until we start the pitocin (tomorrow morning I think??).

Here is the LAST prego picture of me (for a while anyway ;)). 39weeks, 6 days- let's just call it 40 weeks pregnant, shall we?!

Oh, and some funny things from recently...

The other morning, at totally separate times (when neither kid was around each other), each one of them asked my why I had to go teetee all the time! Ha! You'll find out one day, kids! I told them because Baby Molly was so big and it made me need to go all the time. They accepted that answer just fine.

And then when they got home from school and we were just hanging out, I told them the news of Baby Molly coming in just two days and Mommy going to the hospital so we could bring her home. They were SOOOO excited! Jay was just wide eyed and smiley and Charley Kate was clapping and smiling! It was precious! Then Char asked, "And I touch her face? And I hold her? And I kiss her? I rock her, Mommy." Girlfriend is going to have a BLAST with her real live baby doll!

And in prayers Tuesdsay night before bed, Jay was saying his and went through his family members and friends that he is thankful for and then said, "And thank you for finally letting Baby Molly pop out of my mom's tummy." They are so ready.  :)

Oh yeah... Tuesday night, our last "normal" night with our kids at home, we had our last family dinner around the table where no one was crying or needing to nurse or eating with one hand while holding an infant. I cooked and we set the table and said prayers like always. We chatted and laughed and giggled and corrected the kids and reminded them to "eat or no dessert." It was just so wonderfully regular. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect night with my sweet little family.

And afterwards we indulged in some chocolate cake my grandmother bought for us. We had sort of forgotten it was there, and I suggested that we have it for dessert (no time like the present, right?!). One of the kids mentioned something about it looking like a birthday cake, and I said, "Sure! It can be Baby Molly's birthday cake!" Well, the kids LOOOOVED this idea and we sang happy birthday to Molly and blew out the candles! It was totally on a whim but so so so so cute!

Oh sweet Molly June... we are so excited for you to come! We know it's going to bring some big changes and transitions, but we know that you are going to add something so very special to our family. We can't wait to meet you and bring you home with us- you have a whole crew of people waiting to love on you!

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Brittany Sciba said...

I love this post!! The day right before a new baby is born is so exciting and full of emotion! This made me excited to hopefully get to do it all over again someday! :)