Monday, May 19, 2014

Monday Musings

I was never a "Monday" person. It meant going back to work or school and leaving the (usually fun) weekend behind me.

Now that I'm a mom, I love Mondays. I love getting back into our little routine. We have our Mondays set- throughout the school year it was...
Kids up/breakfast/get dressed 6:30-7:30 (they would wake anywhere in that range)
Jay to school at 9
CK to gymnastics at 9:30
Grocery store
Meet at Jay's school for his gymnastics 11:45
Naps (around 2)
Hang out/Cartoons
Cook Dinner
Daddy Home 6:45
Dinner 7:00
Bed 8:00

It's like a well oiled machine. And I actually (gasp!) look forward to Mondays now! There is just something about having a little schedule that makes it easy.  

Today was a little different because both kids are finished with gymnastics for a few weeks until the summer session starts. And today was a MAJOR catch up day- we had refrigerator repairman coming, a loaner car being dropped off, plus the need for grocery store, dry cleaning pick up, and regular errands with a vet appointment thrown in there. Not to mention the laundry that piled up over the weekend. Needless to say, this was likely my most productive day in the past several weeks- and it felt SO good to get so much done! It's like I had Energizer Bunny energy- just going ALL day (I would like to pretend this is that "last jolt" of nesting/energy before baby comes, but I'm past the point of thinking things are indicative of me going into labor now. It's just not happening)

And let's just talk about this loaner car thing I mentioned.

Soooo we decided a while ago to get a suburban now that we will have three kids. We wanted to wait until this February when the new body style came out. Fast forward a few months and I knew we were going to be cutting it close with baby coming. Wellllll, the darling husband had a "plan" in his mind that he didn't want to budge from, so we didn't end up talking with the dealership until the end of April about getting a suburban. And we have some specific things we need/want, that put us in the position that we needed to custom order it. Annnnnd that takes 5-8 weeks to make and come in. And we started this process when I was 36 weeks pregnant. Let's do the math- yeah, not happening before Molly comes.

And my old car just doesn't fit three car seats (well, two car seats plus an infant carseat- it can fit three boosters/convertibles). So we literally couldn't have our three kids in the car together. I had some minor (major) panic set in, and threatened Anthony with the fact that we would have to switch cars until the suburban came in (his truck is more important to him than his children, I think- and I'm not really kidding at all). Well, thankfully that got him going, and he asked the dealership if we could have a loaner car until our burb came in. Luckily they obliged and have been great. So we are, as of today, driving a new Tahoe- which is AWESOME. Unfortunately, there is some nationwide restriction on the type of Suburban we want (not anything major, something about the number of specific packages they can order, blah blah blah) and there has been FOR THREE WEEKS. So our car still isn't ordered!!!!! I am shockingly very very calm/at peace with this. Though it's annoying, we now (as of today!) have a car that can fit all three kids, so at least there's that. Ha.

In other news, we are just hanging out, passing the time until Molly decides to join us. We have kept very busy- over the weekend we hit our regular dinner spot (with my mom), had lots of outdoor playtime with our wonderful neighbors, took lots of walks, headed to the Greek Festival/carnival with our friends, went to church and lunch with just our little fam, and then ended the weekend with a (cold) swim at the neighborhood pool with all the cousins and a grill out at my sister's. It was basically perfect- except that I didn't go into labor which was slightly disappointing. :)

Playing at my parents. They did this FOREVER.
They really do have the BEST time together! Love!

Dancing at the Greek Festival

She LOOOVED the kiddie rides!

The mini-zipper! They rocked this the whole time!

I don't think the guy running it was having as much fun as the kids...

Now, this is really unrelated, but a few weeks ago we were going through some baby clothes to hand down to my little sister since she was in town. We came across this Santa suit (it's for like 3-6 month olds) and Charley Kate desperately wanted to wear it. So we obliged. And Michelle just sent me this picture. Makes me laugh so hard- especially when you compare it to the time that Jay wore it for real!!!!

A little small, but it actually fits around her!

And Jay wearing it at 3.5 months! Ha!!!!

Another musing... Charley Kate just recently came down with a fresh (nasty!) cold. Like runny eyes, nonstop coughing, pouring nose... but really low fever. I know there is nothing to do but wait it out, but poor girl is pretty miserable. I was up with her for an hour and a half last night- trying the humidifier, medicine, a hot, steamy bath... Nothing was working for this poor girl. So from 330-5 we hung out together, and honestly, it was such a sweet time. She was in such a SWEET mood, just lovey and chatty and so cute. Wish it was on different terms, but whatever- this was just preparing me for what's to come!

And finally, because I don't ever want to forget this... Jay and I had a sweet conversation in the car the other day. Charley had fallen asleep and he was very sleepy. I reached my hand back and held his hand for a second and our conversation went like this...
Mom: I love you so much, buddy.
Jay: I love you 100, mom (in a sleepy, whisper voice).
Mom: (smiles and snickers) I love you 1,000,000.
Jay: (big yawn) I love you 50 miles an hour.

How do you beat that?!


the blogivers said...

I was just thinking yesterday how I actually still dread Mondays! But that's because we have ZERO scheduled activities on Mondays and I can never come up with enough things to keep us busy. So I'm jealous of your Mondays :) Not jealous of your car situation right before Molly though - that would stress me out, too! But glad you are ok with it for now.

Here's hoping baby girl comes today!!

Leah said...

I love Mondays TOO! I love scheduled time. ;) PS I am FINALLY reading this from my phone and able to comment! C'mon Molly!!

Brittany Sciba said...

I am cracking up at the picture of CK in the Santa outfit! SO cute!! Can't wait to hear about Molly's arrival! Reid's birthday is Friday… the 23rd is a good day to be born! ;)