Wednesday, May 21, 2014

First Day/Last Day 2013-2014

It's the last day of the school year! How in the world is this possible?!

Oh guys... I can't even think about how wonderful this school year was without getting all emotional.

Here is what I wrote after their first day... And here is an update from a few weeks later.

School this year was everything I could have imagined and more. Both sets of teachers were truly beyond incredible. All four loved my kids like they were their own. These were definitely answered prayers. They spoke lovingly and kindly, they were encouraging, and they helped them grow. They were patient and let the kids blossom in their own time. I truly could not have asked for better people to watch over my kids while they were away from me.

Both kids started the year as such babies. And they have become so much more confident since last September. It's actually amazing to me to think of them then and now. Jay would still cry/fuss if someone took a toy or interrupted his playing. Charley Kate had a tougher transition and needed me to stay with her some after the newness wore off. Now, in May, both kids are leaders in their classes.

Each day when I pick up Jay his teachers just gush over him. How smart, kind, caring, funny, etc. he is. I mean, they know how to make a mom feel good! And they cried when saying goodbye to him. They told me how he was a keeper and one they would not forget. You know the best part? I remember when I was teaching feeling that way about certain kids. There were just ones that held a special place in your heart. And the fact that my child is one of those makes me happier than most things in this world!

And every day when I pick Charley Kate up, her teachers just smile and shake their heads and say things like "We didn't even need to be here today. This girl can just run the class!" They love her personality and her spunk and her "helpfulness." They love that she's a leader (even though she is the youngest) and that she takes time out to help each of her friends every single day. She really studies people and watches their emotions and reaches out to their needs- it's a precious little gift that makes me so proud.

Next year we won't be at this school. Sadly, they only offer a 5 day program for Jay's age- and this momma just isn't ready to send her guy to 5 days of school yet. So we found another school close by that a million and one people love and are excited about it. But Pines Preschool will always hold a wonderfully special place in our hearts.

I am so thankful for the time they had there. It is a one of a kind place.

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Leah said...

You have such sweet kiddos! I'm crying about preschool being over too- and it's not even the last year before kindergarten! Bittersweet to watch these kids grow up.