Thursday, May 29, 2014

A Week In

So we are a week in (a week?! Already?!) and I feel like I owe some sort of update.

I honestly haven't had a chance to sit down and type out the birth story- though I'm super anxious to get it "on paper" before I forget any of the details! 

How has our first week been? Honestly, mostly good!

The first few days in the hospital were just what you'd expect- exhausting. Between being up virtually all night laboring and then having nurses come in every three seconds throughout the next 48 hours- plus that whole newborn thing- sleep was little. 

We were so anxious to get home- Anthony due to his cabin fever and I was ready to see my big kids. 

The first day and a half at home were not great. I won't lie. The kids were so excited, we had family over nonstop (which was wonderful and helpful and meant so much- though it does take a toll on our kids to have nonstop fun and excitement!). Between that and both having serious colds and being sleep deprived and totally out of sorts, I might have freaked out the first night and cried a bit. Some might blame hormones, but I blame chaos. 

I took the big kids to bed that night to start getting back some normalcy, and that was good. Then it was up for church the next morning just like always (though MJ and I did not go of course). We actually snagged a huge nap that morning (why oh why did I ever think one newborn was tough?!) which helped tremendously. The previous night was just what you'd expect- lots of nursing and crying (by Molly- not me!) and little sleep. She has had these wakeful periods at night for about two hours! Bah! Thankfully Anthony was a trooper and helped a ton- it's hard on my body to stand and bounce and shush a new baby for long periods of time. 

Anyway, Sunday we eased back into our normal world- church, Sunday errands, lunch, naps, and seeing cousins. There were still lots of visitors so that definitely threw the kids off again. We even watched Frozen together that night!

Finally Monday morning it was pretty much back to normal and you could tell a HUGE difference in everyone! Kids were back in their routine and so weren mom and dad so that helped everyone. Molly slept most of the day (days and nights definitely mixed up!) which made for an easy and fun day. 

Tuesday was D-Day... Anthony was going back to work full time (that means 5 am-7pm people). Granted he works out first, so he doesn't get to work at 5, but let's just be honest, if he's not here, it makes no difference to me where he's at! :)

I would be lying if I said I wasn't a total nervous wreck the night before. Michelle had left, mother in law left, my mom had just been in hospital/urgent care for kidney stones so she was out and Anthony back at work. I was terrified. 

But you know what? It was actually an AWESOME day. My bigs were amazing. Molly slept a lot that day (not on me!) so I had time for the big kids and cleaning up and laundry (!!!). It really couldn't have gone better! Except for the pouring rain all day. Eesh. 

I even managed our first trip to the grocery store to grab some necessities (think post partum things and granola bars and milk). I told the bigs they couldn't get out of the cart, and Molly slept, so it was definitely a WIN. It was super quick and easy and gave me some confidence! 

We had sweet sweet friends drop dinner for us which was a lifesaver. Tuesday night was more normalcy... I am starting to appreciate normalcy and routine more than ever!!! 

Wednesday was a true test. We had to be at the pediatrician's office by 840 for our checkup. My mom and sister offered to help with the kids, but for some reason I wanted to do it. I needed to know I could do it on my own (remind me of this if I ever question Charley's need for independence!). So I got all four of us dressed, fed, and out the door by 820- and we made it to the doc on time (despite the rain and trying to park the boat of a Tahoe in a tight space for the first time!).

The kids were generally well behaved in the office, though each one had one minor meltdown. :) 

Appt was great and I felt good! We headed to my moms to visit her and swung by Kiki's to grab some granola bars she got for us. As soon as we got there, I got an email from the car dealership saying they think they found our car and would drop it at our house in an hour and take the Tahoe back. Ummm yikes!!!! 

So off we flew to our house! I fed the kids and myself, cleaned our stuff out of the Tahoe (pretty sure those car seats are all too heavy for me to lifting!) and kept everyone happy until the switch was made. As soon as they drove off, both big kids were overdue for naps (tears were starting for things like "she looked at me funny" or "he touched my blankie!"). And right on cue Molly woke up screaming ready to eat. I nursed her and got the bigs down- and then plopped myself into my bed for a nap. I feel confident I could have slept for two days. 

That afternoon we laid low and eventually took the new (?) ride for a spin. Dude, suburbans are HUGE. Massive. But it's an awesome ride and so so smooth for a "truck."

Daddy got home and we ate dinner from my sister and then bathed all three kids (oops, Molly's cord fell off the day before-only 5 days!). That was more chaos (but funny chaos). Molly seemed to like it just fine, but I only had her in there for a bit for her own safety ;)

So here we are- Thursday morning and girlfriend is a week old! A week! She's a dear of a baby- though she's very alert and definitely prefers to be held and bounced (shades of big bro!). She's got wakeful periods at night, crying periods in the evening, but will typically sit in a seat or swing for a little bit and be very content (yet awake!). 

It's been a whirlwind, but such is the life with three kids three and under. In some ways I think having a newborn with other kids is so so much easier. You don't have time to sit and think about how hard things are. You have built in activities and things that keep you busy and make the days seem shorter. But there is no "sleep when the baby sleeps!" or downtime or switching with your husband for a break at night. I truly prefer this newborn thing with older kids in tow. Honestly. It's hard and I have felt frazzled more times than I can count, but it's fun. 

Hectic, but fun. 


Lindsay Wagner said...

Congratulations! I'm super impressed with all your running around with only 1 week in with 3! I stayed home as much as possible but maybe that was due to C-section?!?! Either way I'm super impressed! :) She's precious. Know I'm thinking of you. moving to 3 kids was the hardest transition for me. Wonderful, but hard! Way to go with making it look so easy!!!

Richeson's Hiatus said...

So thankful for your posts! We are thinking of a 3rd (Son 26 mths, Daughter 6 mths) and I often think - holy geez how am I going to do this. But god's gifts are so amazing and I know that he will provide the strength that we need to become a family of 5 when that time comes. I love reading your posts, your family sounds a lot like mine and I adore your strength and courage. It's real life and you do it beautifully. Congrats, and know you aren't alone.

Jason and Jenny said...

So glad you are giving updates like this and being candid... in case we ever take the plunge to three I am glad to KNOW what I am getting myself in to! Glad it went pretty well for a first week and way to go on getting out with all three kids TWICE!

Gillian said...

I am so impressed with how much you have accomplished in one week as a new momma of three!! And I totally agree that the newborn thing second or third time around is just so different, but so much better. Just as exhausting, but in such a better way. Hope you get some rest tonight! Your family is precious :)

Brittany Sciba said...

You are amazing!! Molly looks so teeny in her carseat! You have three beautiful babies!

Jesse said...

You have such a beautiful family, it must be such a special time to spend with your children. They grow up so quickly and in no time will be out of the house. My wife and I have 3 children and 2 of them are already out of the house and doing their own things. Thank you for sharing this.

Jesse @ U.S. HealthWorks Saugus