Friday, May 9, 2014

38 Weeks

I know- pretty much the only thing I post about now is pregnancy. It's hard not to be all consumed by it, even if I try my best not to be. 

But these days, let's just be honest- it's on the forefront of my mind. Every twinge in my abdomen gets me wondering if it's time. I guess it's to be expected, and I think it's a lot less than it was when I had no other kids to take care of. 

I just can't believe I am 38 weeks!!! My appt on Tuesday showed I was 1.5 cm dilated and 70% effaced. So nothing super major, but any progress is good progress with me. I have made the same progress at the same time as I was with Jay, and he and he came three days early and on his own, so I'd be great with that! 

It's been an interesting week- I was in a foul mood on Wednesday morning. I seriously woke up on the wrong side of the bed! Charley's been a little off with a fresh cold, so my patience with her is running thin, but Jay has just been his typical self, and when I found myself gritching at him I knew it was me. I was so thankful it was a school day. I dropped them off and tried to get my grouchies out over the course of the morning but it just wasn't working. 

We met my bff and her two littles for lunch after I grabbed the kids. Between being myself with her and just catching up, things were looking up. I decided to put everything on hold and took a big fat nap when the kids went down. As soon as I woke up I could just feel a huge change. I was in a MUCH better mood! Charley slept a LOOONG time that day and Jay and I just vegged on the couch a while. It was heavenly. Once they were both up I apologized to both for being so grouchy. In true wonderful-child fashion, they were both so sweet and forgiving and loving. It was a good reminder of how to have grace and be forgiving. I definitely could stand to take some lessons from them! 

Anyway, that night a couple girlfriends had a little sprinkle dinner for me. No pictures (because I didn't want any sort of big deal made), but it was awesome to get out with the girls, and have a night off! I didn't realize how much I needed it! Not to mention they spoiled the heck out of Molly! 

I'm definitely entering my introvert/recluse stage that I hit at the end of every pregnancy. I become very self-reflective and like to just be. I don't like going out much, I like to be home with my family, and I just like to be in our little world. I don't know if I'm conserving energy or what, but I've done it with each kid. 

So we've spent the last week pretty much at home and just hanging out- relishing the last bit of "normal" until we find our new "normal" in the coming months. 

I love getting to spend time with my babies (soon to be my big kids). I love just going with the flow and hanging out. 

I also don't love to be out now because I've definitely hit the stage where my maternity clothes are even not fitting! At dinner the other night I changed like four times because none of the shirts were covering my belly! Yikes! 

So I really didn't mean for this to be a downer post- but it's definitely reflective of my mood as of late- just chill. 

And because no post is fun without pics, I leave you with these....

Loving my time with these two! 


The Joiners said...

Ah you are so close! I can't imagine being 38 weeks pregnant since I never made it that far- ha! Hang in there, mama!

Jason and Jenny said...

Each day I'm anxiously awaiting news so I'm glad for the update posts!! I can't believe Molly will be here in two weeks or less!

Jenni said...

You're almost there!!! Can't wait to "meet" her!! Your comment about her being easier to take care of on your belly made me smile because I have said that many of times!!

Emily Peters said...

I'm still in shock you are days away from #3... I've been a little absent in blog world and turn around and Molly's about to be here!! Can't wait to "meet" her soon!!!