Tuesday, April 22, 2014

T Minus One Month!

One month from TODAY is my due date! Eeeeek! 

Hard to believe it could be any day that we meet this precious girl! In fact I had a dream last night that she was born (and was 7 lbs, 8 oz- how specific is that?!). I also dreamed that I left her on the bed in the hospital and then forgot about her while I chatted with visiting friends (outside the room!). Yikes. Neglecting her already?! Sorry baby girl! 

Anyway, we are definitely looking forward to meeting Miss Molly soon! 


The Joiners said...

Can't believe it's so close- so exciting! And I had at least a dozen dreams about forgetting to feed the twins or leaving them unattended before they were born… as if they would actually let us forget ;)

the blogivers said...

So close!! And ditto Oliver on the neglect dreams. Mine usually centered around forgetting to feed the baby for long periods of time, or trying to go to work for the day without having anyone at the house to watch the baby. Stressful!!

Leah said...

Aaaaah! Enjoy this last month! :)