Thursday, April 10, 2014

Of Late

Some things of late...

My little sister got to come in town to work a volleyball tournament last weekend. We love ANY excuse to see her! One day, we loaded up the kids and headed out to the tournament. It was so fun visiting with her!

I know I've said it before, but Charley Kate acts like Michelle is her mother EVERY time she sees her. She's seriously attached to her until the second I have to pry her away to leave. It's so cute/sad/funny. She loves her Auntie Chelle Chelle SO much!

On another Michelle note, I can finally go public- she is PREGNANT!!!!!! She and her husband Scott are due with their first October 20! So the picture you see above is all the youngest grandkids- plus THREE more on the way!!!!! So so so so fun! My kids were so excited when she told them. Jay has now told everyone and Charley kissed the baby in her tummy so many times! Love us a new cousin!

Speaking of babies, CK woke up the other morning, came downstairs, pulled her diaper off, plopped on the couch with her baby and said, "I gonna feed my baby some milk from my boobies." Then she lifted her shirt up and stuck the baby "on." This lasted for a good 5-10 minutes. At least she knows what to expect in six weeks!

I LOVE this picture of my kids sleeping. It's SOOOO typical of their personalities! Jay is laying nicely in bed with blankets and animals around him. Charley is all haywire with a foot on the rail and head buried. Oh how I love these two!

We had our preschool carnival this weekend. Jay is OBSESSED with getting his face painted. He requested to be a lion. I just think he's the cutest one ever! And Miss CK wanted nothing to do with face paint, though she did want rainbow hair (it was mostly pink with colors in the back). This was our first colored hairspray experience with both kids! Eek!

All I got for now!


the blogivers said...

So exciting about your little sis! Babies galore in your fam!

J & J Brymer said...

Sweet lion! And congratulations to Michelle!!! What fun for the three of you to be pregnant together!!!

Brittany Sciba said...

Great post! How exciting that there are 3 more grand babies on the way!! What a blessing. Also, I totally feel like Reid and Georgia Kate are going to be like Jay and Charley. I can already tell! He's cautious and shy and she's a wild thing already!