Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Maybe This Will Help?

After several months of crappy night-sleeping by our second-born, and occasional crappy nights from our first-born, we've decided to change things up a bit. 

They are now sleeping together!

Charley Kate has always preferred touch while she sleeps. As a newborn she needed to feel someone to be a good sleeper. Jay has started randomly waking at night and I'm pretty sure just sleep walks until he can figure something out in his state of mind.

So after lots of months of sleepless nights, I decided to try putting them in the same bed. They sleep together when we are out of town (and sometimes for naps), so it's nothing new for them. Plus, if CK can feel another body in the bed (that's not mine or Anthony's!) then it's a win-win. 

We've tried this the last two nights. CK has still woken up and gotten out of bed, run to the top of the stairs, and yelled for me (Jay sleeps through this). She's also working on all of her two year molars and battling some lengthy stomach something. Who knows??

Anyway, while it hasn't been the immediate magic fix I had hoped for, I'm going to give it a solid week-plus to see if they improve. I'm not sleeping well anyway, so it's no biggie in my opinion to try this experiment. 

One of the tougher parts is that neither kid wants to give up their bed or their room (understandably so), so we are alternating beds each night (which is why it might take longer for this to work). But I can't make either one of them just give theirs up, so we will see where this takes us... 

Stay tuned! 

But here are the last two nights... Proof that they really might need each other! 


Anonymous said...

my second child is exactly like yours. He needs to feel the touch of someone to sleep well. We are just about at our wits end. He is two also. We are about to put our boys in bunk beds in hopes that may help??? I feel your pain :)

Ashley Moses said...

I'm right there with you! What the heck? This 2nd child touch thing is killing me. Ha! My problem with them sleeping together is Connor waking Campbell up at 5:30 when she would normally sleep until 7:30. Lord help us when babies #3 get here!! Love the blog by the way!

Leah said...

Jay looks so big!

Casey Charles said...

Even if it doesn't work it's dang cute! Love how in the bottom picture it looks like they switched blankies!