Monday, April 14, 2014

Just a Recap

It was a good weekend. 

Between the perfect, spring weather and the OD of family time, we had a great one. 

It started Thursday really. We met up with some of Jay's best buds for a play date at a place they have been begging to go to for a while. Both kids had the best time there and at lunch after (thank you Chick Fil A for always being there for us!). 

Thursday night we went to an Easter Egg hunt that some church friends put on each year.  The night was great with wonderful weather, playground fun, and being surrounded by sweet friends. Oh, and the fact that there was a small mulch fire that TWO fire trucks came to put out really put it over the top! A kid's dream come true!

Friday morning we continued the perfect weather streak and went strawberry picking for the first time! Oh it was so great! We came home with waaaaay too many strawberries, but we will make our way through them! 

Friday night we went to dinner with an old high school friend of mine and his fiancé. They were troopers to have dinner with all of us (the kids did a pretty great job I must say!). It was fun catching up and fun meeting her (she was a Chi O at A&M like me!!!). 

My kids were so happy to have daddy home for the weekend that we stayed up a little later than we should have Friday night playing. Those are seriously my favorite times- just the four of us at home totally unplugged. 

Saturday morning we had our neighborhood Easter egg hunt. They had a "petting zoo" which consisted of a 10x10 pen with a few animals in it (you couldn't get in and pet them). They had one pony for pony rides (not waiting in that line!), and one "face painter" that got a teeny stencil and painted over it on your arm or face. Kids are great and they totally didn't notice, but eesh. I'm pretty sure the planners of this event were NOT planning on THAT. 

Charley Kate's funny with her egg hunts. She opens every single egg as she picks them up, then plays with or talks about the contents, and then puts them in her basket. So she only ends up with like five eggs. Her brother, on the other hand, definitely gets it and packs as many in his basket as possible. 

Saturday afternoon was spent at a little league game, napping, and then visiting the cousins before a yummy dinner together (just our little crew) at our favorite greasy burger spot. 

Sunday was church day and playing around the house. After naps we all gathered at my parents' for one big cookout/playtime. My parents live at the end of a cul-de-sac and have a huge array of toys (inside and out). They have a an awesome play structure/swing set in their backyard and lots of room to run, throw the ball, bike, ride scooters, and be silly in the front. It's perfect and always so fun for all the cousins to get to play together. 

Oh, and I made some yummy homemade fresh strawberry Icecream with our pickings from Friday. To. Die. For. So so so creamy and fresh and good! 

My kids almost always cry Monday mornings when they wake up and realize Daddy is back at work and the fun of the weekend is over. I often want to cry, too. ;)


Jenni said...

Sounds like a fabulous weekend!!

Maggie Coleman said...

Jay just keeps looking older and older! Stop growing up buddy!!!