Saturday, April 12, 2014


This one totally deserves a post of its own...

As most of you faithful readers know, Jay's love of elephants has been around for a LOOOONG time. For whatever reason, he loved them starting at 6 months and has held onto that love. He almost always has an elephant with him, and his beloved "elphy" was a part of him for a long time and was carried everywhere.

It's also no secret that Jay (like most 3.5 year old boys) isn't interested in drawing, nor is his fine motor very good. It's just not something that he shows interest in, and not something I push on him. However, the other day we were playing with the sidewalk chalk and he said, "Mom, come look at what I drew!"

He drew an elephant. His first "real" drawing ever. I love it so much.

Body is obvious, legs underneath. Trunk and tusks are on right side. Tail is on left (in sun). 
I am obsessed. 

Oh my sweet sweet little boy. I love him and his elephant love.

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GranDeb said...

Oh my goodness!! I never saw that elephant drawing!!! It is precious!!! That Jay is one sweet boy!!
' I very love him! '