Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter 2014!

Yes, yes.... the obligatory Easter blog post. Every holiday gets one, right? Equal opportunity employer right here...

We had a super fabulous weekend in Dallas. Anthony had Friday off, so we were out and on the road by 845! I was so proud of us! I spent the night before up wayyyy too late washing and folding (and putting away I might add!) three loads of laundry, packing for 3/4 family members, getting Easter basket stuff sorted, collecting eggs, packing food/toys/air mattress, etc... I was pooped to say the least.

About 45 minutes into the car ride, our kids started bickering/fighting/annoying each other. Charley got seriously bored, Jay was all about bothering her... They have never really acted like that since infancy in the car and I was stressed about a terrible trip. But we got over that hump and the rest of the ride was decent (not perfect by any means).

But since we got out the door at a decent time on Friday, we made it into Dallas in time to see my BFF, Cara and her crew! Love getting to visit with her, even if it was short! We also got In N Out which makes every day better- no matter how crazy your kids were on the drive up. We introduced her kids to "What Does the Fox Say"- sorry friend...

Friday we had lots of cousin/family time, ate some yummy pizza, and played and stayed up way too late.

Saturday morning we played at the park, then headed to the Arboretum for a bit. We tried to snap a few pictures, and these are the best we got. Jay was all about it. CK... not so much!

We did not dress them alike on purpose. 
But are you kidding me?! 
I LOVE my boys! 

So the kids did the "petting zoo" while there (pretty lame). The highlight was DEFINITELY the face painting. Jay is OBSESSED. Sweet Charley Kate has never wanted to do it, but today was the day. And you know what she picked- of ALL things- to have painted on her face the first time?! A CARDINAL. WHAT?!?!!? I tried to talk her into princesses, or unicorns, or butterflies... Nope. A "red bird" is what she wanted and a red bird is what she got. Sigh...

I am amazed at how still she was. 
Homegirl didn't move a muscle. 

 Even ferocious white tigers need naps  :)

Saturday night the Easter bunny got busy putting the baskets together once the kids went down. I also stuffed the eggs. I tried something new this year- stuffed pink eggs for Char, blue ones for Jay, and then candy in all other colors. I got some pretty specific things for each kid for the eggs and wasn't sure how it would work out. Well, it was a success. More on that in a bit!

So Sunday morning we woke up (way too early!!). We checked out the loot in the baskets- the kids were SO genuinely excited. I LOVE those looks of discovery and excitement!

Up next was hunting- in our PJs! This is also a first for us. We usually go to early church (when we are in Houston) and hunt once we get back. This year we went to a later service so decided to open and hunt before. The pictures aren't nearly as cute in your PJs (especially when you didn't know this was the plan and didn't order precious Easter PJs! Ha!), but the kids had fun regardless and that's definitely all that matters.

So the whole pink/blue egg thing... Worked wonders! And it helps that my kids are so stinking sweet to each other. I told them ahead of time and as they went around they would try to only get their color. When they found the other one's color, they would say things like, "Hey, Charley Kate! Here's a pink one for ya!" or "Jaybird, here's a blue. I gonna throw it to you!" Ahhhh... melt my heart!

Finally it was time to get dressed and head to church with Andrea and Mike and the rest of the fam. They attend Watermark in Dallas. Everyone there was so so friendly and welcoming. It was a great service! We tried to snag a few pics after but everyone was definitely over pics by that point- including the grown ups! Ha!

First outtake!

Best we could get! Sigh... 

Group shot. A little blurry, but beggars can't be choosers! :)

After church we packed up, ate lunch, and headed home. My kids LOOOOVE visiting their aunt/uncle/cousin and grandparents in Dallas. In fact, they have been looking forward to it and asking about it for weeks. But they are homebodies and were SO glad to be back home. We pulled into our driveway and Jay said, "Ohhhh mommy. I love being home." The funny thing is, his daddy said the same thing about fifteen minutes earlier to me. :)

Anthony's parents had a huge chunk of ribeye they were given and didn't want it to go to waste (it was already thawed and we ate plenty of it the night before). They sent it home with us in hopes that my fam would eat it. I called my brother-in-law (a not-a-real-chef, chef) and asked if he wanted to take it on (he replied with an energetic "OF COURSE!"). Then I texted my mom to see if they wanted to have everyone over Sunday night to eat. Another "OF COURSE!"  So as soon as we got home and unpacked, we headed to my parents' to meet my sisters and their families. These cousins LOVE each other, and we love the fellowship time. It doesn't hurt that they have a great house/yard for kids and the weather was just beyond perfect. Grilling out and eating outside with everyone was wonderful!

Easter was just pretty close to perfect this year. So thankful for that. But even more thankful for the meaning of today. Words could never express...


Brittany Sciba said...

It looks like a wonderful weekend! The kids looked so cute in their Easter clothes! Also, the picture of Jay, Charley, and Sloan made me think about what your family will look like soon with a handsome boy and two precious girls! :)

Leah said...

You look adorable, and I love Jay in the pink shirt!!!