Sunday, April 27, 2014

36 Weeks with #3!

Wow!  The end is in sight!

I knew this pregnancy would fly by, but I had no idea how quickly it would really go!

Did I ever write about the time that my pregnancy app told me I had 30ish something days to go until my due date and I had a minor panic attack?! I proceeded to "nest" (read: organize anything and everything I could get my hands on!) for over FOUR hours one night! It was crazy!

Anyway, I must say, I'm feeling overall REALLY good. I look back at my other two pregnancy posts from 36 weeks, and from what I was describing then, I am in good shape now. I don't know if I was really that miserable then, or if I was just in a complaining mood, but honestly, other than the typical feeling you get when you are 36 weeks pregnant, life is good. With Jay I was 36 weeks pregnant at the end of July (HOT HOT HOT). With CK, I was 36 weeks pregnant with a 17 month old and a BIG baby. So, I probably did feel miserable then.

But it's good now to have some perspective.

I had my 36 week appointment and ultrasound this week. It went well! I am not really dilated or effaced (she said a wedge dilated- but didn't even call it a 1/2 cm). Baby Molly looks PRECIOUS and I got some good face-on shots of her! It looks like she has a tiny bit of hair like the other two kids- but nothing major. I've gained about 22 lbs, have regular-ish blood pressure (higher for me but totally normal) at 120/70, and her heart rate was 132!

At my 28 week ultrasound they thought she was measuring around 62%, so fairly big. This time with all the measurements they took they are thinking she is around 38%. I asked if they were concerned by this at all, and my doctor reassured me she was not at all concerned. She said between my growth/weight gain, fluid levels, and baby's growth/weight gain, everything is looking totally fine. They estimated her to be around 5 1/5 lbs (Jay was estimated around 6 lbs at this point and ended up being 7lbs at birth; CK was estimated to be 6 1/2 lbs at this point and was 8.3 at birth).

I am TOTALLY cool with a smaller baby! Especially since I don't want to induce, and I certainly don't want a c-section after two vaginal births. So maybe that's why I'm feeling good this time around!? Or maybe it's just the fact that I have two other children to think about that need me rightthissecond so I don't have time for pity parties!

Symptoms at this point in my pregnancy (I wish I had written this down with the other kids to compare)...
-Back aches (normal normal normal)
-Major tail bone pain
-Swelling in hands and feet and face (more than with the other kids)- my fake "fat" rings (the fake wedding rings I got so people wouldn't look at me funky) are even tight now!!!
-Varicose veins
-Pressure pressure pressure
-Stuffy nose (so weird! It's been like this for weeks!)
-Yucky sun spots since we've been outside a lot lately
-Major carpel tunnel! Definitely didn't deal with this with either of the big kids! I've had it for a couple months now and it's the MAJOR thing that keeps me awake (or wakes me up) at night. As I'm typing now my middle three fingers on my right hand are numb and tingly and my left pointer and index fingers are in their new position- slightly bent. I wake up about every hour with total loss in my hands/arms and tingling. It's pretty awful I must say! I will just be sitting there normally (like at church) and my hands will go numb- so annoying!
-Contractions on and off randomly. Lots of BH, but some real ones thrown in there.
-Have to pee ALL. THE. TIME. I hate this point!

I know it sounds like a lot, but it's really not. I am not overly swollen, don't have cankles, no stretchmarks (yet), no heartburn, etc... I really am thankful for how I'm feeling overall.

I feel like I've been getting so much done yet still have so much to do! I just made Big Sis/Big Bro hospital bags the other day. I have my list of what I want to bring to hospital for baby and me. I am picking up finalized monogramming things. I'm making final hair/nail/waxing appointments. Things are slowly coming together! I think once May hits it will feel REALLY real. Eek!

Some 36 week pics to leave you with!

36 Weeks with Molly! 

36 Weeks with Jay
(I think it's funny that I'm wearing the EXACT same outfit in this picture and in Molly's 36 wk...
Long cotton maxi and ribbed tank!)

38 Weeks with Char


the blogivers said...

Lookin' good and sounds like you're feelin' good, so here's hoping the next several weeks are peaceful and easy on you :)

Dawn Smith said...

Hey! I so enjoy reading your blog. I'm also prego and 34 weeks. Could you let me know where you have your baby items monogrammed? I love that idea and would like a few items.

Jenni said...

Eeeek! She's getting close!! You look great...glad you are feeling well!

kinsey said...

So close to all the crazy fun!! ;)

The Torno's said...

You look great - all baby!