Tuesday, April 29, 2014

My Momma Turned 60!

How is that even a reality?!

I'm not gonna lie, when I was little, I remember my grandparents being 60 and thinking that was SOOO old! Now, I look at my mom and dad and aunt and uncle, and they are so young and vibrant and full of life that it seems like absolutely nothing! I mean, it's crazy to me that they are sixty. That number just sounds so old for some reason, but the people that are living those numbers are so NOT old... Does that even make sense??

Anyway, we had such a wonderful time spoiling my mom this weekend. Her actual birthday was on Saturday which was perfect. She requested no party, no surprises- just good ol fashioned family/hanging out time.

I knew one of the things that would mean the most to her was spending time with her daughters and sister. So we set out on a girls' morning and got pedis and lunched and laughed and talked! It was wonderful!!

After lunch a little shopping around, we all took some naps and got ready for the "party!" We went to this fabulous outdoor, live-music, super kid friendly place so everyone could be there! It was just the most perfect spot to celebrate her! Unfortunately my aunt has most of the pictures, but here are a couple!

Sisters! Makes me so excited for my girls one day! :)

Part of the venue (before the band was on)
Also a sand pit, big field to play in, etc... So fun!

One of the shots of table pre-decorations but eating apps! 

One of the cakes!
Gluten free carrot cake- my mom's fave (and she's celiac). 
One of the best cakes I've ever eaten. EVER. 

Costco cake for all the wussy palate people- JK! 


It was a great day to celebrate a wonderful woman. You talk about someone who has sacrificed her everything for her family. We never lacked in love and attention and life-lessons. And she still gives her all to 7 (going on TEN) grandkids. I am so so thankful for a loving, Godly, servant-minded mother. She deserves the very very best! Happy birthday, Mom!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

36 Weeks with #3!

Wow!  The end is in sight!

I knew this pregnancy would fly by, but I had no idea how quickly it would really go!

Did I ever write about the time that my pregnancy app told me I had 30ish something days to go until my due date and I had a minor panic attack?! I proceeded to "nest" (read: organize anything and everything I could get my hands on!) for over FOUR hours one night! It was crazy!

Anyway, I must say, I'm feeling overall REALLY good. I look back at my other two pregnancy posts from 36 weeks, and from what I was describing then, I am in good shape now. I don't know if I was really that miserable then, or if I was just in a complaining mood, but honestly, other than the typical feeling you get when you are 36 weeks pregnant, life is good. With Jay I was 36 weeks pregnant at the end of July (HOT HOT HOT). With CK, I was 36 weeks pregnant with a 17 month old and a BIG baby. So, I probably did feel miserable then.

But it's good now to have some perspective.

I had my 36 week appointment and ultrasound this week. It went well! I am not really dilated or effaced (she said a wedge dilated- but didn't even call it a 1/2 cm). Baby Molly looks PRECIOUS and I got some good face-on shots of her! It looks like she has a tiny bit of hair like the other two kids- but nothing major. I've gained about 22 lbs, have regular-ish blood pressure (higher for me but totally normal) at 120/70, and her heart rate was 132!

At my 28 week ultrasound they thought she was measuring around 62%, so fairly big. This time with all the measurements they took they are thinking she is around 38%. I asked if they were concerned by this at all, and my doctor reassured me she was not at all concerned. She said between my growth/weight gain, fluid levels, and baby's growth/weight gain, everything is looking totally fine. They estimated her to be around 5 1/5 lbs (Jay was estimated around 6 lbs at this point and ended up being 7lbs at birth; CK was estimated to be 6 1/2 lbs at this point and was 8.3 at birth).

I am TOTALLY cool with a smaller baby! Especially since I don't want to induce, and I certainly don't want a c-section after two vaginal births. So maybe that's why I'm feeling good this time around!? Or maybe it's just the fact that I have two other children to think about that need me rightthissecond so I don't have time for pity parties!

Symptoms at this point in my pregnancy (I wish I had written this down with the other kids to compare)...
-Back aches (normal normal normal)
-Major tail bone pain
-Swelling in hands and feet and face (more than with the other kids)- my fake "fat" rings (the fake wedding rings I got so people wouldn't look at me funky) are even tight now!!!
-Varicose veins
-Pressure pressure pressure
-Stuffy nose (so weird! It's been like this for weeks!)
-Yucky sun spots since we've been outside a lot lately
-Major carpel tunnel! Definitely didn't deal with this with either of the big kids! I've had it for a couple months now and it's the MAJOR thing that keeps me awake (or wakes me up) at night. As I'm typing now my middle three fingers on my right hand are numb and tingly and my left pointer and index fingers are in their new position- slightly bent. I wake up about every hour with total loss in my hands/arms and tingling. It's pretty awful I must say! I will just be sitting there normally (like at church) and my hands will go numb- so annoying!
-Contractions on and off randomly. Lots of BH, but some real ones thrown in there.
-Have to pee ALL. THE. TIME. I hate this point!

I know it sounds like a lot, but it's really not. I am not overly swollen, don't have cankles, no stretchmarks (yet), no heartburn, etc... I really am thankful for how I'm feeling overall.

I feel like I've been getting so much done yet still have so much to do! I just made Big Sis/Big Bro hospital bags the other day. I have my list of what I want to bring to hospital for baby and me. I am picking up finalized monogramming things. I'm making final hair/nail/waxing appointments. Things are slowly coming together! I think once May hits it will feel REALLY real. Eek!

Some 36 week pics to leave you with!

36 Weeks with Molly! 

36 Weeks with Jay
(I think it's funny that I'm wearing the EXACT same outfit in this picture and in Molly's 36 wk...
Long cotton maxi and ribbed tank!)

38 Weeks with Char

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A Year's Difference!

It's absolutely crazy to me that I wrote this post exactly one year ago!

If you don't feel like clicking on the link, I'll paraphrase... I was having a TOUGH time parenting Charley Kate. I was at a loss, she was frustrated... it was an awful mess.

It's funny to me that it was a year ago to the day. A year ago I struggled as a mom. I couldn't figure out my baby girl. Through LOTS of trial and error and even more prayer, I can honestly laugh at that stage. We've come so, so far!

Charley is still Charley. She's stubborn and strong willed and can throw a tantrum. But I have her mostly figured out now. And you know what? She is just absolutely incredibly wonderful. That upset 14 month old probably had a lot more to do with a tired, run down momma of two kids 2.5 years old and under. She wasn't getting what she needed from me, and in turn she was so frustrated. And so was I.

Our little threesome (Jay, CK, and me) have our little world running pretty smoothly these days. We have our morning routines, we have our kinks worked out, we run errands like champs, we do fun things... I absolutely adore my little world right now. It's funny that I'm writing this because I know in a month everything will change. We will adapt. We will figure out the "new norm." But for now, I'm so thankful for what I've got.

I love my babies and can't wait to see what Molly adds to this mix.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

T Minus One Month!

One month from TODAY is my due date! Eeeeek! 

Hard to believe it could be any day that we meet this precious girl! In fact I had a dream last night that she was born (and was 7 lbs, 8 oz- how specific is that?!). I also dreamed that I left her on the bed in the hospital and then forgot about her while I chatted with visiting friends (outside the room!). Yikes. Neglecting her already?! Sorry baby girl! 

Anyway, we are definitely looking forward to meeting Miss Molly soon! 

Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter 2014!

Yes, yes.... the obligatory Easter blog post. Every holiday gets one, right? Equal opportunity employer right here...

We had a super fabulous weekend in Dallas. Anthony had Friday off, so we were out and on the road by 845! I was so proud of us! I spent the night before up wayyyy too late washing and folding (and putting away I might add!) three loads of laundry, packing for 3/4 family members, getting Easter basket stuff sorted, collecting eggs, packing food/toys/air mattress, etc... I was pooped to say the least.

About 45 minutes into the car ride, our kids started bickering/fighting/annoying each other. Charley got seriously bored, Jay was all about bothering her... They have never really acted like that since infancy in the car and I was stressed about a terrible trip. But we got over that hump and the rest of the ride was decent (not perfect by any means).

But since we got out the door at a decent time on Friday, we made it into Dallas in time to see my BFF, Cara and her crew! Love getting to visit with her, even if it was short! We also got In N Out which makes every day better- no matter how crazy your kids were on the drive up. We introduced her kids to "What Does the Fox Say"- sorry friend...

Friday we had lots of cousin/family time, ate some yummy pizza, and played and stayed up way too late.

Saturday morning we played at the park, then headed to the Arboretum for a bit. We tried to snap a few pictures, and these are the best we got. Jay was all about it. CK... not so much!

We did not dress them alike on purpose. 
But are you kidding me?! 
I LOVE my boys! 

So the kids did the "petting zoo" while there (pretty lame). The highlight was DEFINITELY the face painting. Jay is OBSESSED. Sweet Charley Kate has never wanted to do it, but today was the day. And you know what she picked- of ALL things- to have painted on her face the first time?! A CARDINAL. WHAT?!?!!? I tried to talk her into princesses, or unicorns, or butterflies... Nope. A "red bird" is what she wanted and a red bird is what she got. Sigh...

I am amazed at how still she was. 
Homegirl didn't move a muscle. 

 Even ferocious white tigers need naps  :)

Saturday night the Easter bunny got busy putting the baskets together once the kids went down. I also stuffed the eggs. I tried something new this year- stuffed pink eggs for Char, blue ones for Jay, and then candy in all other colors. I got some pretty specific things for each kid for the eggs and wasn't sure how it would work out. Well, it was a success. More on that in a bit!

So Sunday morning we woke up (way too early!!). We checked out the loot in the baskets- the kids were SO genuinely excited. I LOVE those looks of discovery and excitement!

Up next was hunting- in our PJs! This is also a first for us. We usually go to early church (when we are in Houston) and hunt once we get back. This year we went to a later service so decided to open and hunt before. The pictures aren't nearly as cute in your PJs (especially when you didn't know this was the plan and didn't order precious Easter PJs! Ha!), but the kids had fun regardless and that's definitely all that matters.

So the whole pink/blue egg thing... Worked wonders! And it helps that my kids are so stinking sweet to each other. I told them ahead of time and as they went around they would try to only get their color. When they found the other one's color, they would say things like, "Hey, Charley Kate! Here's a pink one for ya!" or "Jaybird, here's a blue. I gonna throw it to you!" Ahhhh... melt my heart!

Finally it was time to get dressed and head to church with Andrea and Mike and the rest of the fam. They attend Watermark in Dallas. Everyone there was so so friendly and welcoming. It was a great service! We tried to snag a few pics after but everyone was definitely over pics by that point- including the grown ups! Ha!

First outtake!

Best we could get! Sigh... 

Group shot. A little blurry, but beggars can't be choosers! :)

After church we packed up, ate lunch, and headed home. My kids LOOOOVE visiting their aunt/uncle/cousin and grandparents in Dallas. In fact, they have been looking forward to it and asking about it for weeks. But they are homebodies and were SO glad to be back home. We pulled into our driveway and Jay said, "Ohhhh mommy. I love being home." The funny thing is, his daddy said the same thing about fifteen minutes earlier to me. :)

Anthony's parents had a huge chunk of ribeye they were given and didn't want it to go to waste (it was already thawed and we ate plenty of it the night before). They sent it home with us in hopes that my fam would eat it. I called my brother-in-law (a not-a-real-chef, chef) and asked if he wanted to take it on (he replied with an energetic "OF COURSE!"). Then I texted my mom to see if they wanted to have everyone over Sunday night to eat. Another "OF COURSE!"  So as soon as we got home and unpacked, we headed to my parents' to meet my sisters and their families. These cousins LOVE each other, and we love the fellowship time. It doesn't hurt that they have a great house/yard for kids and the weather was just beyond perfect. Grilling out and eating outside with everyone was wonderful!

Easter was just pretty close to perfect this year. So thankful for that. But even more thankful for the meaning of today. Words could never express...